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Arbitration clauses, prejudicial delays, and one justice’s contract-law “nightmare”


It further argues “default” occurs only when a party “violates a clear legal rule or causes prejudice” to the other party – a definition that Justice Elena Kagan suggested was “a bit made up.”. Much of the discussion during oral argument concerned whether and when to apply state contract law to questions arising under the FAA.

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Supreme Court grants certiorari in arbitration clause case


. ” The collective of professors asserts that the Eighth Circuit’s ruling “ignored state contract law and misapplied this Court’s repeated holdings that arbitration clauses should be placed on equal footing with other contracts.”

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Legal Jargon – Plain English or Utter Drivel?


We recently caught up with the Institute of Legal Secretaries (ILSPA) to discover if legal jargon is plain English – or utter drivel! Here is what they said: As the legal profession is one that benefits from clear communication, it is surprising how the language used by lawyers can sometimes be confusing.

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Film Fridays: “Amazing Grace” Documentary Faces Legal Battles

The Hollywood Lawyer

Pessah Law Group filed a lawsuit against media content distributor Neon and its CEO, Tom Quinn because they manipulated the media, so alleges the producers of “Amazing Grace” forced them into a contract for $1.5M “Amazing Grace” has been mired in legal battles since the early 1980s.

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Construction Law Firm Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP Expands with Regional, Nationwide Growth


Smith Currie’s new growth reflects the construction and federal government contract law firm’s commitment to high-quality legal services.

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Out Now: Torsten Kindt, Transnationale Verträge im nationalen Recht

Conflict of Laws

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a significant portion of international commerce is organized around instruments and structures that do not emanate from national states and laws but from private entities. It is highly recommended to anyone working on international business law, legal pluralism, and anything in between.

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What it’s like to be a law student turned legal secretary


We recently caught up with Myfanwy Sequeira, a law graduate who now works at Brockbanks as a legal secretary. Myfanwy kindly shared the path she took as a student, her 3 key pieces of advice for aspiring legal professionals and an insight into life as a student and secretary. Introducing Myfanwy. So, I want to go for it.