Just Because Associates Are Working From Home Doesn’t Mean They Should Always Be On Call


Biglaw COVID-19 Health & Wellness Quote of the Day Work From HomeFor the sake of their mental health, give associates a break for once.

Top 5 Mistakes When You Work from Home


If and when the COVID-19 pandemic passes, it’s highly likely that the shift it caused to our work routines is likely to linger on. Business COVID COVID restrictions Covid-19 COVID-19 pandemic COVID-19 restrictions remote remote employee remote work working from home


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Five Tips to Help You Survive Working From Home During this Time of COVID-19


Not only are we dealing with a lot of change in our personal lives but also with our work schedules. Attorneys paralegal management paralegals Coronavirus COVID-19 job paralegals working from home tips for working from home working from home

15 Questions to Ask Yourself (& Your Team!) Before the Work From Home Transition


This is a guest post from Katie Stearns, PR and outreach manager at BeeBole Timesheet. For many companies, switching to remote work was required, but they never considered if remote work was right for their teams. 15 questions to ask yourself before the work from home transition.

How Law Firms Can Master the Hybrid Work Environment 


A well-executed hybrid work policy combines the best aspects of the traditional office and the conveniences of a remote one. Business law firms WFH work from home work from home issues work from home security problems

Working from Home – How do I feel about it?


I’m not new at working from home. A couple of years ago I worked from home for an entire year. … Continue reading Working from Home – How do I feel about it? Current Issues paralegals Professional Issues Time management Working Remote A day in the life of a paralegal working from homeI loved and it was probably the most productive I’ve ever been.

Working from Home? 7 Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Data


Today, the trend of working remotely is all the rage, and more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home to juggle their professional and personal responsibilities. However, working from home exposes employees to a number of cybersecurity risks.

Set Up to Work From Home as an Entry-Level Paralegal?

Paralegal Coffee Talk

Set Up to Work From Home as an Entry-Level Paralegal? The post Set Up to Work From Home as an Entry-Level Paralegal? Achievers Paralegal Career beginner entry-level paralegal paralegal work from home

Remote Jobs - Working from Home | iHire


Starting a remote job and new to working from home? Prep for success with these six tips

The Perils of Working from Home


By Morag Polaski When I first started working from home ten years ago, I really wasn’t sure what exactly that was going to look like.

Working From Home Motivation - WFH Tips - iHire


Follow these tips and tricks to stay productive and motivated when working from home (or anywhere

15 Months


Abraham Lincoln as a young lawyer Stating the obvious, since March 2020 we have seen massive changes in court and work/office organization and communications. Jury Technology UI Web conferencing Work from home

“Supreme Court Seeks Biden DOJ Views on Work-From-Home Taxes”


“Supreme Court Seeks Biden DOJ Views on Work-From-Home Taxes”: Greg Stohr of Bloomberg News has this report

Making The Most Of Your Working From Home Legal Practice


Yes, you can grow professionally in the virtual environment. Midsize Firms / Regional Firms Becky Greenfield Cristina Rodríguez Featured Podcast Featured Podcasts The Jabot The Jabot Podcast Wolfe Pincavage

Lessons Learned Working from Home | iHire


These first-hand WFH tips and remote work anecdotes from our own team will give you a fresh perspective on working from home productively

This and That in Court Technology, October 2020


Announcements Computer Security Conferences Reminder Systems Security (Computer Network) Work from home Lots of news this time on court tech.

How a veteran sketch artist offers a peek into oral arguments in the work-from-home era


In a courtroom devoid of cameras, Lien uses little more than a pencil and paper (and afterward, a bit of watercolor) to capture the court’s work for everyone to see. Aside from a few bungles , the transition has been relatively smooth.

Working from Home - WFH Memes | iHire


These funny "WFH" memes will brighten your day whether you're back in the office or still working remotely

How to Work from Home - Tips for Telecommuting | iHire


Follow these 7 tips to learn how to work from home productively Telecommuting comes with many benefits, but also challenges.

Working From Home With Kids - WFH Tips | iHire


Working from home with kids doesn't have to be daunting. Here's how to balance remote work with your home life

Never Waste a Good Crisis to Update your Court


Court Technology (General) Project Management Self-represented Litigant systems Technology for Judges Teleworking Transcription Videoconferencing Web conferencing Work from homeThe Freakonomics website has a page that discusses the quote in the title of this post.

Lawyers Put In 20 Extra Work Days When Working From Home


Extra work days are not something most lawyers envision as a positive byproduct of the pandemic. If lawyers are able to convert a larger portioon of this additional time into things other than extra work days, we may actually see an improvement in the health of the profession generally.

Top 50 Biglaw Firm Will Allow Lawyers To Work From Home 50% Of The Time


The firm has reached a happy, middle ground as far as flexibility is concerned. Biglaw Coronavirus COVID-19 Dechert Law Firm Reopenings

“How a veteran sketch artist offers a peek into oral arguments in the work-from-home era”


“How a veteran sketch artist offers a peek into oral arguments in the work-from-home era”: Katie Barlow and James Romoser have this post at “SCOTUSblog ”

Explaining Why Court Tech Seemed to Move Slowly in 2020?


Court Technology (General) Courtroom Technology Covid-19 Implementation Online Courtrooms Web conferencing Work from home Recently I heard multiple legal technology writers bemoan the slowness that courts adopt and implement new online and similar services.

6 Ways to Bring Natural and Organic Elements to Your Living Space


We realize that not everyone can afford to completely change their furniture and home décor, but even small, inexpensive natural details can improve your mood and well-being.

Biglaw Firms Are Hiring Remote Associates In This Post-Pandemic World


Biglaw Remote Work Unprecedented Work From HomeThe market for associate talent is so hot right now that firms will hire them wherever they may be.

Laptops as the Court’s Standard Computer


Court Technology (General) Courtroom Technology Implementation Security (Computer Network) Work from home In recent years I have often recommended projects to acquire laptops instead of desktop computers. This recommendation is even stronger today.

Did work-from-home improve gender parity in the workplace in 2020?


By employing more women in the workforce, organizations can proactively work towards bridging the gender gap but is that what’s happening now? These positive trends can be attributed to remote work and flexible hours, allowing women to manage their private and professional lives.

Employees are feeling burned over broken work-from-home promises and corporate culture ‘BS’ as employers try to bring them back to the office


As vaccinations and relaxed health guidelines make returning to the office a reality for more companies, there seems to be a disconnect between managers and their workers over remote work.

Expanding Your Small Business in the Pandemic Age


Business coronavirus Covid-19 small business WFH work from homeNobody can simply wave a magic wand and get their business expansion right during these uncertain COVID-19 times.

How Healthcare Workers Can Stay HIPAA Compliant When Working from Home


In addition to trying to keep up while working in overrun hospitals, doctors, nurses, and medical admins also need to protect their own safety by following social distancing protocols whenever necessary.

Lawyer Tech Tips: Online Business Development Ideas to Try Today

Attorney at Work

Check out these tools and tactics from Sheila Blackford, Brett Burney, Tom Lambotte, Sharon Nelson and John Simek, Juda Strawczynski and Reid Trautz. If you find yourself in the latter category, take heart from your unmet colleagues in my state, Oregon.

What are ethics issues for lawyers working from home and practicing law during the pandemic?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more lawyers have worked remotely from home and practiced law primarily through electronic means. Some of these lawyers live…

Four Tips for Managing a Remote Team


Working remotely is becoming increasingly popular. Remote work benefits both the company and the employee. Why shouldn’t it?

Considering Life After the Pandemic


We're not out of the woods yet, but the light is visible through the trees. What will life after the pandemic bring to us as the future's new normal?

The Ultimate Workplace Safety Checklist for 2021


Business OSHA potential hazards safety in the workplace WFH work from homeWorkplace safety is not to be disregarded and dismissed lightly, so consider these points carefully. Ensure your office is not just up to standard but a place your employees love to be in.