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Corporate Governance Gaming: The Power of Retail Investors is delicious snacking, not just for Robinhood and Reddit GenZ’ers, but also for some Boomers who have tried to democratize corporate governance for decades.

Egypt independent human rights organization closes due to government pressure


ANHRI made the announcement in a statement posted to its website, citing government pressure as the reason for its closure. The AP reached out to an Egypt government media officer for comment on the ANHRI’s statement.


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UK Government unveils proposal to restrict conversion therapy


Britain’s Government Equalities Office unveiled draft proposals on Friday to ban conversion therapy for minors and vulnerable adults in England and Wales, seeking to prevent “coercive and abhorrent” practices that try to change sexual orientation or gender identity.

Belarus government proposes legislation to strip ‘extremists’ of citizenship


The post Belarus government proposes legislation to strip ‘extremists’ of citizenship appeared first on JURIST - News. International Belarus belarus government Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs europe rol - civil liberties

Take Control of Your Contracts Without Wrecking the Budget

Manually managing contracts is time-consuming and leaves you prone to errors. Missed dates, overwritten versions, & poor governance leads to frustration & lost revenue. That’s why more businesses are turning to Contract Management Software. Download this checklist to understand what's right for you!

Corporate Governance: Inflation & The FED


News & Politics corporate governance federal reserve Jerome Powell price hikes the fedThat was the Fed’s political Playbook: Help Republicans gain and retain power.

France government to support bill to add abortion rights to constitution


French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne Saturday expressed the French government’s support for a bill to add abortion rights to France’s constitution for future generations. jackson women's health org Elisabeth Borne europe France french government French Prime Minister roe v.

UK election watchdog warns bill with government oversight threatens independence


The UK’s independent elections regulatory agency and watchdog, the Electoral Commission, Monday urged the government to reconsider proposed changes to its oversight arrangements in a public letter. The bill contains changes to government oversight of the Electoral Commission.

Government Building Security: 4 Challenges and Solutions


Thus, government buildings should always be prepared to ensure the government employees, officials, and the civilians around these structures will be safe. . News & Politics arson bombing cyber security government agency government buildings security infrastructure terrorism

What Laws Govern Workers’ Compensation?


In most cases, your employer must pay all the costs associated with your injury or illness. Business workers comp workers comp attorney workers comp lawyer workers compensation attorney workers compensation case workers compensation lawyer

Take Control Of Your Contracts Without Wrecking The Budget

Manually managing contracts is error-prone & time-consuming. Missed dates, overwritten versions & poor governance leads to frustration & lost revenue. That’s why more businesses are turning to Contract Management Software. Download this checklist to understand which features are right for you.

US government to offer abortion services to veterans


The post US government to offer abortion services to veterans appeared first on JURIST - News.

HRW: Cuba government systematically detained and abused protestors


Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported Tuesday that the Cuban government “systematically engaged in arbitrary detention, ill-treatment of detainees, and abuse-ridden criminal prosecutions in response to peaceful anti-government protests in July 2021.”.

Kurdistan Regional Government disregards Iraq Supreme Court oil ruling


The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) judicial council Saturday said that its oil and gas law remains effective despite an Iraq Supreme Court ruling that found the law unconstitutional.

UK government announces plan for new controversial Bill of Rights


The United Kingdom (UK) government announced on Wednesday a new Bill of Rights is to be introduced to strengthen freedom of speech, restrict some human rights lawsuits, and to facilitate the deportation of criminals.

UN poverty and rights expert blames Lebanon government and central bank for humanitarian and economic crisis


UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights Olivier De Schutter, in a report published Wednesday, condemned the Lebanese government and the central bank for the country’s worst economic and financial crisis, which has pushed most of its population into poverty.

Report reveals British Virgin Islands government corruption, suggests constitutional suspension


In January 2021, then-BVI Governor Augustus Jaspert issued an investigation into the governance of the territory, aiming to uncover “corruption, abuse of office and other serious dishonesty.” The inquiry reviewed allegations of government corruption and drug laundering.

UK government announces crackdown on lawsuits intended to silence critics


” Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab stated in the government’s press release: We won’t let those bankrolling Putin exploit the UK’s legal jurisdiction to muzzle their critics. Uncategorized courts International lawsuits Russia SLAPPs uk UK government

US, Australia, Denmark, Norway pledge to control tech exports to authoritarian governments


The White House released a joint statement Friday announcing a partnership with Australia, Denmark, and Norway to try to curb the use of technologies by authoritarian governments that use the products for repression and surveillance.

NV May Let Firms Run Local Governments


Steve Sisolak's bill would let tech companies create and run local governments. Business News & Politics blockchain capitalism company towns Elon Musk employers government indentured servitude innovation innovation zones international law Jeffrey Berns Mars Nevada Steve Sisolak unionize

German government places Russia-owned oil company under federal management


Rosneft holds roughly 12 percent of German oil refining capacity and controls three oil refineries in Germany of which the government will also partial control. ” The post German government places Russia-owned oil company under federal management appeared first on JURIST - News.

U.S. Steps Up Accountability For Companies That Defraud the Government

The Crime Report

The push follows a significant uptick in the number of active FCA investigations, the level of resources the government is putting into them, the number of agents that are working them, and the level of teamwork and coordination between US attorneys and Main Justice.

Corporate Accountability Fall 2021 Online Forum

Corporate Governance

The post Corporate Accountability Fall 2021 Online Forum appeared first on Corporate Governance. Corporate Accountability Fall 2021: Restoring the Balance. This is your chance to discuss the issues with Nell Minow, Michae O’Leary, Andy Behar, Josh Zinner, Doug Chia, Bruce F.

Spain government proposes paid menstrual leave and wider abortion rights


The Spanish government approved a draft bill Tuesday that extends abortion access for teenagers, removes existing obstacles to abortion, and may make Spain the first country in Europe to grant workers menstrual leave.

US government watchdog finds federal use of artificial intelligence poses threat to federal agencies and public


The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a public report Tuesday stating that most federal agencies that use facial recognition technology systems are unaware of the “privacy and accuracy-related risks” that such systems pose to federal agencies and the American public.

Canada indigenous community signs agreement with government to reclaim child welfare jurisdiction


The Cowessess First Nation became the first Canadian Indigenous community on Tuesday to sign an agreement with the Canadian and Saskatchewan governments under Canada’s landmark Bill C-92 passed in 2019.

UK government introduces maternity leave for cabinet ministers


The UK government presented a bill Thursday that, if passed, will give the Prime Minister the power to give ministers six months’ maternity leave. ” The bill will ensure that Braverman remains a member of the government whilst on maternity leave.

Proton successfully appeals government surveillance obligations


The company was also protected by article 271 of the Swiss Criminal Code , which means that data submission for surveillance purposes is supposed to be approved by the Swiss government.

Family Sues Government After C-Section Retractor Left Inside Mother


government after a Navy hospital leaves a C-section instrument inside the new mom. GovernmentServicemember and his wife sue the U.S.

Canada government imposes new sanctions, ban on Russian luxury goods


The Canadian government announced new sanctions against Russia Friday, in addition to the sanctions already in place. The Canadian government, when implementing the new sanctions, cited the need to keep up with other countries such as the US and the UK.

Australia state government introduces pandemic bill enhancing government authority during pandemic


The Victorian government introduced a bill that would give pandemic management discretion to the state’s premier and health minister. The bill would give the premier nearly full authority to declare a pandemic, with no limits to the duration.

EU sanctions Russia government supporters and top military leaders


The European Union (EU) Friday adopted a sixth round of sanctions against Russia, this time targeting government supporters and top military leaders. ” The post EU sanctions Russia government supporters and top military leaders appeared first on JURIST - News.

India government introduces bill giving state governments power to specify SEBCs


The Central Government of India introduced Monday a bill that would empower state governments to specify socially and educationally backward classes (SEBCs) in the Lok Sabha (House of the People).

Is Blockchain The Key To An Efficient E-Government?

Above The Law

The post Is Blockchain The Key To An Efficient E-Government? Government Technology Blockchain Olga V. Let me count the ways. appeared first on Above the Law.

Co-conspirators Charged in Government Health Care Kickback Schemes


The government charges individuals involved in fraudulently billing for unneeded health care products and services.

Sri Lanka government briefly lifts curfew for Buddhist holiday


Sri Lanka lifted a government curfew Sunday for the Buddhist holiday of Vesak on May 16. ” The post Sri Lanka government briefly lifts curfew for Buddhist holiday appeared first on JURIST - News.

India Supreme Court affirms sex workers’ rights, issues directions to government


The bench composed of three judges laid down certain directions to the central and state governments: I. state governments may be directed to check the illegal detention of adult sex workers; V.