California Cannabis Supply Chain Contracts: Termination


I will continue publishing a series of posts identifying common issues with cannabis supply chain contracts in California over the next few months. Terrible, No Good California Cannabis Distribution Contracts. Another common problem we see with contract terms is how they are renewed.

How Do You Sue a Company for Breach of Contract?


There are several other requirements for a valid contract, including the legality of the agreement and the freedom of the parties to negotiate or reject the other’s offer. . Lawsuits & Litigation breach of contract lawsuit breached contract contract contract law contract litigation


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California Cannabis Supply Chain Contracts: Recalls


To that end, our California cannabis attorneys regularly draft “supply chain” agreements, which is a broad term that includes cannabis contracts such as purchase agreements, distribution agreements, manufacturing agreements, supply agreements, license agreements, and so on.

Contract Logix Experiences Triple-Digit Percentage Growth in Usage as Organizations Rapidly Digitize Contracts and Processes 


Leading contract management software provider helps customers accelerate digital transformation efforts with data-driven platform. Business CLM contract drafting contract law contract lifecycle contract management contract management software contracts

NLRB retains longstanding contract-bar doctrine


The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided Wednesday to retain its longstanding contract-bar doctrine. However, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 27, the union that represents Mountaire Farms workers, argued that the contract-bar doctrine applied and barred the petition.

KETTLER Upgrades Contract Lifecycle Management Solution to Power Digital Transformation


Leading real estate company leverages Contract Logix’s innovative data-driven contract management software to drive business value and process automation. Business CLM contract lifecycle contract management Contract management group contract management software

California Cannabis Supply Chain Contracts: Fee-Shifting Provisions


To that end, our California cannabis attorneys regularly draft “supply chain” agreements, which is a broad term that includes cannabis contracts such as purchase agreements, distribution agreements, manufacturing agreements, supply agreements, license agreements, and so on.

Contract Logix Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance Certification 


Recognition confirms data-driven contract lifecycle management provider’s unwavering commitment to data security and protecting customers’ sensitive contract data. Business contract contract lifecycle Contract Logix contract management contract review contract software contractlogix

Why Real-Time Collaboration Matters in Contract Negotiations


Companies are under significant pressure to digitally transform their business processes to increase visibility, continuity, and remote operations, and contract negotiation is no exception. .

How Smart Contracts are Changing Legal Contracts


While a world free of lawyers will most likely never come to fruition (to many parties’ chagrin), new technology in the form of smart contracts is changing how legal matters are drafted. A smart contract is a software program that automates the execution of contract terms.

California Cannabis Agency Consolidation Will Affect Cannabis Contracts


There are lots of companies who have entered into contracts with only CDFA or CDPH licensees where they may be considered FIHs. Many of these contracts would turn the same companies into owners under the BCC rules.

California Cannabis Supply Chain Contracts: Inspection and Rejection


Generally, supply chain cannabis contracts follow the same format and the same nuanced provisions seem to pop up time and time again (I wrote about some of them previously in the context of tri-party supply chain agreements here ). The Top 5 Most Dangerous Cannabis Contracts in California.

What the Pandemic Taught Us About the Need for Digital Contract Transformation


Business contract lifecycle Contract Logix contract management contract management software contractlogix digital transformation DXCOVID has changed the world forever.

The new hottest segment in legal tech: Contract Lifecycle Management


Contract lifecycle management (CLM) has become a hot topic in the legal space; a must-have solution for CXOs looking to get a handle on their legal agreements. Given the shift in legal automation, the adoption and implementation of contract management solutions are gaining significant ground.

The Essential Elements Of A Valid Contract


The Indian Contract Act of 1872 holds an exemplary role with respect to codifying principles that are responsible for governing a “contract.” ” An agreement that is identified to be legally enforceable is known to be a contract. Contract

An in-depth guide on successful contract migration and CLM implementation


Contract lifecycle management (CLM) has not been a straightforward exercise and here’s why it requires expert legal understanding and understanding of information that contains legal language. Finally, legal teams are seeing the value in having an effective contract management process.

Why migrating legacy contracts is vital


What are legacy contracts? Legacy contracts are legally binding agreements that are either active or have matured. Sometimes, these contracts can be decades old, making them hard to find or process. What is contract migration? Why do legacy contracts need to be migrated?

Cannabis Litigation Common Counts: Alternatives to a Breach of Contract Claim


In almost every litigation webinar we’ve done, and in many of our past posts discussing breach of contract (the general breakdown of this claim is here ), we’ve stressed the importance of memorializing agreements in writing to save yourself from potential or protracted litigation down the line.

How to create efficiencies in contract management through digitization?


A company’s contracts are its lifeblood. Without contracts, companies would not be able to function efficiently. Contracts facilitate relationships between two or more parties while outlining measures for dispute resolution if required. Benefits of contract digitization.

What’s Your Stage Of Contract Lifecycle Management? 


Technology ATL Non-Event Automation Contract Lifecycle Management Document Management Legal Operations Legal Technology Non-Event Non-Eventcast Practice managementHint: There are three.

How to easily and securely migrate your clients’ contracts to your contract management system or CLM


The pandemic only accelerated our reliance on digital technologies, increasing the adoption rates for contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions in global companies. One of the possible reasons for this gap is the inefficacy of contract migration.

Aker Solutions Accused of Securing Contract Using False Info


Featured Article Lawsuits & Litigation Aker Aker Solutions arrangement business agreement company confidentiality agreement contract Gag Order gas gasoline investigation lawsuit legal case malaysia oil petro petroleum probe solutions suit

Is a Written Contract Better Than a Verbal Agreement?


Contracts govern almost every aspect of life in a society. A contract is simply a legally binding agreement between parties with the capacity to agree to [.]. To read the complete article, please click on the link Is a Written Contract Better Than a Verbal Agreement?

Thomson Reuters Launches AI-Powered Contract Analysis Tool in HighQ


Thomson Reuters is getting into the game of AI-powered contract analysis with the launch today of HighQ Contract Analysis , a contract review tool that uses machine learning to find answers to specific legal questions. This is fast, easy work for HighQ Contract Analysis.”

Cenza Partners with ContractWorks to Support in Contract Extraction and Migration


Now, using a combination of ContractWorks’ built-in artificial intelligence and Cenza’s contract migration services, customers are able to migrate their data cost-effectively and enable the full functionality of ContractWorks even faster.

Contract extraction and migration: should you do it in-house or outsource to specialists?


Legal contracts are the lifeblood of a business and play an integral role in business relationships, be it clients, third-party vendors, business partners, or even service providers. However, remote work and distributed workforce models have made contract lifecycle management that bit harder.

How Contract Analytics Can Unlock Business Value [Sponsored]


This free white paper explores the unique problems that only contract analytics solutions can solve. Biglaw In-House Counsel Sponsored Content Technology DocuSign

5 advantages of migrating legacy contracts to a new CLM system


Legacy contracts are legally binding agreements that are either active or have matured. As the legal space becomes more dependent on technology, many firms are migrating their processes and documents onto one database of sorts, such as contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems.

Noted Legal Tech Expert Bob Ambrogi Interviews Contract AI Company LinkSquares CEO


Last week, legal technology expert and journalist Bob Ambrogi interviewed Vishal Sunak , Founder and CEO of LinkSquares , a leading contract AI company. We provide software to manage contracts. Historically, we worked in the post-signature market – fully executed contracts.

The top players in the AI-powered contract management space


We’ve compiled a list of some of the best companies in the world that operate in the contracts space and leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Akorda offers legal review and contract management software.

Three Ways Contract Analytics Deliver Value Beyond Corporate Legal


They rely on contract analytics engines to better understand their company’s risk exposure – and get a jump-start on agreements headed their way for review. But the need for historical and predictive analysis of in-force and pending contracts isn’t limited to the legal department.

Contract AI Tools Bring Together the Best in Human and Artificial Intelligence


Every formal business and legal dealing starts with a contract. Contracts are a source of valuable information in the event of disputes, renewals, or certain strategic decisions. AI in contract lifecycle management. The human angle to contract AI tools.

The Building Blocks of a Mergers and Acquisitions Contract

Hoban Law Group

Nevertheless, businesses seeking to buy, sell, or merge with, another business will face common contract provisions and structures. This is the very beginning of a contract and sets forth the identities of the parties, the date, and the name of the document.

Now Live At The Non-Event: What The Heck Is ‘Contract Lifecycle Management’?


Technology ATL Non-Event Automation Contract Lifecycle Management Document Management Legal Operations Legal Technology Non-Event Non-Eventcast Practice managementWe all have to ‘do more with less’ these days. Here’s the legal operations software that can help. .

Government Contracts and Ownership of Technical Data


This is a government contract case involving rights to technical data provided to the government from a contractor. Boeing is working on a multi-billion-dollar F-15 Eagle Passive/Active Warning Survivability System (EPAWSS) project subject to a DoD contract. by Dennis Crouch.

Moser and McIlwrath: Negotiating International Commercial Contracts

Conflict of Laws

Gustavo Moser and Michael McIlwrath have just published “Negotating International Commercial Contracts” (with Eleven publishers). approach given to contract interpretation, contract performance, mandatory rules or gap-fillers)?

Elevating the Role of Contracts Within the Enterprise


Eric Laughlin, CEO of Agiloft, talks about the evolution of contract lifecycle management, how the pandemic has heightened awareness of blind spots that many companies have around contracts, and why the most successful organizations think of their contracts as “relationship DNA.”.