What is the Difference Between Class Action Lawsuits and Mass Torts?


The truth is mass torts and class action lawsuits actually have quite a bit in common. Lawsuits & Litigation class action Class Action Lawsuits class action suit class actions lawsuits mass tort mass tort lawsuits mass tort suits

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“Guido Calabresi Lauded at His Final Torts Class”


“Guido Calabresi Lauded at His Final Torts Class”: Yale Law School has published this report

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Judge Recognizes State Tort Claims Act in Mold Case


Verdicts & Settlements act case college court case court documents dorm dorm rooms families Indiana University IU judge judgment legislation moldy conditions parents residence hall Ruling school students tort claims act universityParents upset over judge's ruling.

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Christmas Torts: The 2020 Listing Of Holiday Mishaps and Madness


’Tis the season for the Christmas tort. Thus, each year we gather for the posting of the annual list of Christmas torts and crimes. This year’s Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center had its own inter-species tort when an owl was found in a tree driven from upstate New York.

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Unanimous court issues limited ruling on judgment bar in Federal Tort Claims Act


A unanimous Supreme Court on Thursday issued a limited ruling on the Federal Tort Claims Act’s judgment bar. The post Unanimous court issues limited ruling on judgment bar in Federal Tort Claims Act appeared first on SCOTUSblog.

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Law360's Tort Report: Suit Over Chris Cornell's Suicide Settles

Law 360

The settlement of a suit over the lead singer of Soundgarden's death and the passage of legislation giving Missouri businesses a coronavirus liability shield lead Law360's Tort Report, which compiles recent personal injury and medical malpractice news that may have flown under the radar

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Guest Commentary: Brazilian’s first tort climate case for illegal deforestation in Amazonia

Law Columbia

In the first Brazilian climate tort case, the MPF calculated the climate damage owed due to years of deforestation in an unprecedented way. The petition opens the door for tort-based climate claims in Brazil. By Maria Antonia Tigre *. Brazilian Amazon.

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Number of Tort Trials in Tennessee for the Year Ending June 30, 2020, Including Data By County

Day on Torts

Today we follow up on our previous post about the number of civil trials in Tennessee and we concentrate on the number of trials in Tennessee personal injury, wrongful death and other tort cases. Therefore, the total number of tort trials that year was 337.

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Justice Thomas argues for repeal of doctrine protecting military from tort suits incident to service


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas argued Monday that the high court should have agreed to hear an appeal by a West Point cadet to…

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New York City can’t use tort law to sue oil companies over climate change, 2nd Circuit says


Federal law gives the Environmental Protection Agency, not federal courts, the authority to regulate greenhouse emissions in the United States, a federal appeals court ruled…

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Supreme Court rules suit cannot proceed against plainclothes officers who mistakenly attacked Michigan man


The US Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a Michigan college student is unable to proceed with a Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) lawsuit against two federal officers who tackled him after mistaking him for a fugitive in 2014.

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Texas Bill Will Make It Harder to Sue Companies for Semi-Truck, Other Commercial Accidents


Featured Article News & Politics hb 19 house bill 19 leach liability sb 207 scoggin Texas texas trucking texas watch Tort reform truckingThe bill would make it substantially more difficult to file a lawsuit against negligent transportation companies.

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Rob Riggle Accuses Estranged Wife Of Possible Criminal Conduct


The recent reported discovery by Riggle of a surveillance camera raises some interesting criminal and tort dimensions to a divorce that seems to be snowballing out of control. If true, the conduct would constitute both criminal and tort violations. ” Bizarre Criminal law Torts

Bad Bet: Who Can Gamblers Sue For Losing Money On A Doped Horse?


There is a novel comparison that could be drawn to the tort of “loss of chance” in the failure to diagnose diseases. Such torts are allowed even where there was less than a fifty percent chance of survival. Animals Society Torts

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Indianapolis Police Officer Sues NFL For Defamation in Anti-Racism Campaign


However, this is now a defamation action which could present significant challenges based on the elements for the tort. The Supreme Court ruled that tort law could not be used to overcome First Amendment protections for free speech or the free press. Criminal law Torts

Project Veritas Wins Victory Against New York Times In Defamation Action


The Supreme Court ruled that tort law could not be used to overcome First Amendment protections for free speech or the free press. I expect to be teaching this case next year in my torts class when we deal with defamation. Constitutional Law Media Politics Torts

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The Truth about Safety and Product Liability Laws


Business Product Liability product liability attorneys product liability lawyers product liability litigation product liability suit tort defenses

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Unavailability Civil Procedure Workshop Resumes Tuesday, March 2

LPB Network

Conferences/Symposia Mass Torts MDLsThe Spring 2021 Unavailability Civil Procedure Workshop resumes this Tuesday, March 2, at 3:00pm ET / 2:00pm CT / 1:00pm MT / 12:00pm PT. Beth Burch will discuss Multi-District Litigation. Hope to see folks there!

Houston Man Arrested As Police Continue Search For Missing Tiger


He is facing both criminal and potential tort liability for the tiger incident. On the tort side, Cuevas is liable for any injuries caused by a wild animal in his possession. Animals Bizarre Criminal law Torts

Justified Shooting: North Carolina District Attorney Announces That No Charges Against Officers In Brown Case


Criminal law TortsWe previously discussed the shooting of Andrew Brown, 42, one of a number of recent police shootings sparking protests. The body camera footage has now been released with a decision not to charge any officer.

Supreme Court Deals Loss to James King, Michigan Man Who Was Mistaken for Fugitive, Brutalized


Civil Rights Federal Tort Claims Act Grand Rapids jaicomo james king Police misconduct police-brutalityThe U.S. Supreme Court has dealt a severe loss to James King, a Michigan man who was brutalized by Grand Rapids police officers who mistook him for a fugitive.

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Major Liability? Biden’s Dog Bites Another Employee After Returning From Delaware Seclusion


In the prior column , I noted that under tort law a dog is afforded (at most) “one free bite” before strict liability applies. Alternatively, this could be a matter for the Federal Tort Claims Act as a personal injury occurring on federal property. Animals Bizarre Torts

The Limits of Multitasking: California Surgeon Facing Review After Appearing For Trial While Doing Surgery


I have taught medical malpractice as part of my torts course for decades but I have never seen anything quite like this. Bizarre TortsDr. Scott Green is accused of appearing in Sacramental Superior Court for a trial of a traffic violation during a surgery.

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FBI Investigating The Destruction of 500 Doses Of The Moderna Vaccine


Bizarre Criminal law TortsWe have been discussing curious Covid-related offenses this year, but a Wisconsin controversy raises a particularly challenging such question.

“Outraging Public Decency”: Australian Convicted After Filming And Mocking Dying Officers In Crash


Indeed, he would likely be protected from tort liability. The mere fact that Bigan saw Yania in a position of peril in the water imposed upon him no legal, although a moral, obligation or duty to go to his rescue unless Bigan was legally responsible, in whole or in part, for placing Yania in the perilous position: Restatement, Torts, § 314. Cf: Restatement, Torts, § 322. Bizarre Constitutional Law Free Speech International Torts

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Strikeout at The Boilerplate: Court Rules For Fan Contesting Fine Print On Baseball Ticket


In my torts class, we discuss sports torts and defenses. TortsOne of those issues is the common inclusion of waivers and binding arbitration language on the back of tickets in microscopic type. That issue came up in an interesting case involving the Chicago Cubs.

Nunes Defamation Case Against CNN Dismissed On Procedural Challenge


In my torts class, I teach defamation and often discuss the California retraction law. The Supreme Court ruled that tort law could not be used to overcome First Amendment protections for free speech or the free press. Media Politics Torts

Florida Woman Faces Criminal Charges Of Practicing Without A License After Allegedly Disfiguring Patient


These cases often involve both criminal and tort cases. Bizarre Criminal law TortsWe have previously discussed the criminal and civil liability of those posing as doctors. Alcalira Jimenez De Rodriguez, 56, follows a familiar pattern in doing cosmetic surgeries without a license.

Chopped: Will Seattle Officials Now Claim Immunity From Lawsuits After Opposing Such Defenses For Police Officers?


Columns Criminal law Politics TortsBelow is my column in The Hill on the new lawsuit against Seattle for its allowing the establishment of an autonomous zone within the city called CHOP.

“A Matter Of Public Concern”: Court Dismisses Lawsuit Of Former Rep. Katie Hill Against The Daily Mail


Media Politics TortsI previously wrote about the defamation claims filed by former Rep. Katie Hill has lost a lawsuit against her husband and a variety of other people, including the Daily Mail for reporting on her sex scandal involving a former aide.

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Tarasoff Revisited: Nebraska Court Rejects Liability Of Psychiatrist After Patient Murders Girlfriend


There is a tragic case out of Omaha that has led to a notable decision over tort liability for psychiatrists. Regents of University of California , which I teach in my torts class. Criminal law Torts

Called At The Plate: Umpire Joe West Wins $500,000 Judgment Against Former Catcher Paul Lo Duca


Bizarre TortsWe previously discussed the defamation lawsuit brought by Major League Baseball Umpire Joe West against former catcher Paul Lo Duca after Lo Duca suggested that West took loans of a hot car in exchange for a more generous strike zone.

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Legal Research is Easy

Of course, this is probably why states around the country have enacted things like Tort Claims Acts which are written in favor of government entities and whose sole purpose is to limit liability and protect government employees and the departments they work for.

Yum — See Also


Everything's Bigger In Texas : Including tort liability after absolutely nutty abortion bill signed into law. There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch : Unless you work at Ropes & Gray!

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BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules For Nestle, Cargill In Child Labor Suit

Law 360

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Nestle and Cargill on Monday in a lawsuit claiming the chocolate makers aided and abetted child slavery on African cocoa farms, reversing a ruling that allowed the claims to proceed under the Alien Tort Statute

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Defamation claims against churches and American Samoa’s Deeds of Cession


This week we highlight cert petitions that ask the Supreme Court to consider, among other things, when religious groups are subject to state-law tort claims and whether a federal agency that enacted a new fishing regulation should have taken into account a pair of early.

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Justice Department Will Continue to Defend Trump in E. Jean Carroll Defamation Lawsuit


jean carroll federal tort Justice department lawsuit litigation misconduct sexual assaultThe Justice Department says the issue has less to do with Trump's "crude" language than whether his actions were carried out in performance of his presidential duties.

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