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The Importance of Having Legal Documents in Order


Most people often overlook the importance of having legal documents in order. According to statistics, 60 percent of Americans lack a will or legal estate plan. Some may think that they don’t need them or that they are unnecessary, but the truth is, legal documents are essential for everyone.

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10 tips for editing legal documents


How do you go about editing legal documents? The post 10 tips for editing legal documents appeared first on One Legal. Discover new strategies to improve and make your filings more compelling than ever.


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How to Quickly Redline Legal Documents With Word’s Built-In Compare Feature

Attorney at Work

Danielle DavisRoe | Learn to use Word's built-in compare feature to redline legal documents and you'll know exactly what changes are made by reviewers. The post How to Quickly Redline Legal Documents With Word’s Built-In Compare Feature appeared first on Attorney at Work.

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What is the Most Effective Font for Legal Documents?


As an attorney, you probably never imagined legal document font as an important element of your casework. In this article, we’ll cover why legal fonts are essential, law fonts to avoid, and the elements of choosing the right fonts (for clients versus court officials). Why is it Important to Choose the Right Legal Font? .

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Contract Lifecycle Management: A Business Enabler Exploring On-Ground Challenges

But the complexities of digitising a legal document are numerous. The current scenarios in business development have shown that having a fully automated CLM has become a mandate for every law firm and in-house legal department. CLM tools have always strived to push contract management into the digital age for almost 30 years.

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6 Benefits of Legal Document Automation

Rocket Matter

Legal document automation is one area that’s completely ripe for the DRY principle. Document automation allows lawyers to easily convert existing documents into flexible,… Read More » 6 Benefits of Legal Document Automation. It’s the DRY principle, and it stands for Don’t Repeat Yourself.

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Legal Document Automation Software Explained


Lawyers can automate many of these necessary but non-billable tasks by relying on legal document automation software. . In this article, we’ll cover: An overview of legal document automation software. The top benefits of using automated legal forms and documents . What is Legal Document Automation Software?