Four things you should know about paralegal services in Sacramento


California is one of the prominent states for paralegals, offers dependable paralegal assistance. Legal Document Assistants or LDAs offering Paralegal Services are registered based on their competence and qualifications. An LDA is not exactly a paralegal.

Best Practices for Starting Your Own Paralegal Services


While the law firms and legal departments across the nation adopt measures to counter recession by cutting overhead costs and delegating their work to freelancing paralegals, it?s s time for the paralegal force to make hay while the sun shines


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How to Get a Divorce without Going to Court


Though you are not going to court but still you are going to need a professional divorce paralegal service to help you with paperwork. . There are two ways you can get a divorce outside of a courtroom with the help of your divorce paralegal service: Collaborative Law Divorce.

What Really is the Distinction In between Paralegal and a Litigator?


After all, in many countries, there are already paralegal businesses that provide services that may appear to everybody to be comparable to those provided by an attorney. So, what’s the distinction between a lawyer and a paralegal?

Is a Qualified Process Server Competent Enough to Notarize Documents?


Only an attorney may provide legal advice, not a paralegal or a notary with process server Sacramento service. Can a paralegal be competent enough to notarize documents? If the paralegal works as a notary public, he or she is qualified to notarize the papers or certificates.

How Do I File for Divorce on My Own in Sacramento


However, by acquiring the divorce services by an expert paralegal will of great help. After you complete the initial divorce forms by attaining the Sacramento paralegal services , you ought to file them in the local court.

Why Should You opt for a Professional Eviction Service?


If you are also suffering from this, get professional eviction services now! Here are the reasons why should you hire a professional eviction service. So for a better time, and health management you should hire professional eviction services.

Seven Problems Landlords Face with Tenants


In such cases, the owner can give the tenants a legal notice with the help of paralegals, demanding damage costs or leaving the property. With our paralegal service team , you can have a successful eviction process. The landlord-tenant relationship has always been complicated.



You have to take help from Residential Tenant Eviction Services to be precise and shorten the eviction process. . Residential Tenant Eviction Services will be helping you in this process. Your Residential Tenant Eviction Services will help you in this process and guide you through it.

How Paralegals Can Avoid UPL


Paralegals can avoid the unauthorized practice of law (UPL) by becoming familiar with their state’s rules. Rules against UPL specify that paralegals (or anyone who is not licensed to practice law) cannot provide attorney-client services to people, among other prohibitions.

Process Server Near Me: Checklists To Mark While Hiring


In general, an automobile and a cell phone are all required to get started with a process service. Persistence services. But with paralegal services , you can trace them! Substituted service. Get reliable process serving services with us .

The Process Servers: Introduction, history and their job


Service of process may be done by anybody over the age of 18 who is not a party to the litigation. The process servers are responsible for knowing and interpreting the state’s laws governing the service of legal papers. Here is all the information about a service of process.

Filing for divorce in Citrus Heights


Reliable support of a competent paralegal. Presenting a positive approach, we want you to understand the role of paralegals in the divorce filing. Despite glossy advertisements, you need to ensure if the selected paralegal assistant is genuine or not.

Top 4 benefits of paralegal assistance in divorce cases


People may not be aware of the necessity of paralegal assistance in divorce cases. Dependable Service. This loyalty and coordination is an advantage when hiring a legal professional for paralegal services.

Making Time to Celebrate the Victories!


In 2009 I ventured out of my comfort box and formed Digital Paralegal Services, LLC®. I began offering my services to attorneys across the country on a virtual basis from my home in Guthrie, Oklahoma. This year marks a major milestone for Digital Paralegal Services. From the beginning of business, paralegals throughout the country have reached out to me seeking their own freedom from traditional career boundaries. Working with e-Paralegals

An insight into some of our services


Eviction services for landlords only. Our financial conditions include that payment needs to be made prior to service. Filing the proof of service in the court, over the counter or drop box or by fax, is an extra charge. Prices can change according to service location and circumstances. Our paralegal services are sure to relieve you from the troubles of accessing these documents via a lawyer.

Attorneys: Why eDiscovery Support Staff Is Critical


All of these reasons are enough to pick up the phone or send an email to Digital Paralegal Services, LLC to assess your eDiscovery needs, but we have even more good news. Be even more agile and cost-efficient when you add an independent, virtual eDiscovery professional with Digital Paralegal Services, LLC. Not sure what tasks an eDiscovery paralegal consultant can do? Attorneys: Why eDiscovery Support Staff Is Critical. By: Angela Masciulli, ACP.

Why Do Lawyer Coaches Suggest Outsourcing to a Virtual Legal Assistant?


Some take it a step further and retain professional services of a lawyer coach. From time to time in my 6-year virtual paralegal practice, I have been privileged to receive referrals from lawyer coaches. After consulting with a number of lawyers who are prospective clients for Digital Paralegal Services, I find some common threads. So, exactly why did your coach or mentor suggest you consider outsourcing tasks to a virtual legal assistant or virtual paralegal?

Blog: So You Want To Be The Perfect Paralegal?


I would like to be the perfect paralegal, wouldn’t you? Hmmm, what would make me the perfect paralegal? The perfect paralegal can read minds. POSTED BY/FROM: Misty Sheffield - Atlanta Paralegal Services. Sheffield is a freelance paralegal helping solos and small law firms in civil litigation. I have been thinking about my career goals.

5 Things Lawyers Need Paralegals to Do


Yet, I’ve also provided virtual paralegal services and worked in a traditional law office. with one of my clients, Megan Zavieh, to discuss what she looks for when she needs to hire a paralegal. Here are the five things she expects out of her paralegal. A proactive paralegal knows what an attorney needs and they don’t need to be asked or reminded to do it. Having a paralegal who can tell them what’s happening and when it extremely valuable.

Back to School Series: Class Rules


Although kids are the ones going back to class, attorneys and paralegals could use a curriculum refresher too. The post Back to School Series: Class Rules appeared first on Digital Paralegal Services, LLC®. September is almost here and the new school year is upon us. Lessons learned in kindergarten are often forgotten, but are proven to be fundamental to the building blocks of success in life and business. Legal professionals would do well to remember those early lessons.

Paralegal Ranked #15 in the Best Social Jobs Category Rankings in the USA


News and World Report has ranked Paralegal work #15 in the best social jobs category, for the year 2017. There is a popular saying in the legal world and it goes something like, “behind every prodigious lawyer, is a prodigious paralegal.” Many will argue that there is truth in this saying because the paralegal is the one who aids attorneys in practically every aspect of the legal profession. BSL also reports that the average annual salary for a paralegal stood at $48,810.

Small Beginnings from Deep in the Heart of Texas


After a short period of time greeting clients, issuing paychecks, and managing the firm’s law library, I was given the opportunity to train as a legal secretary for the senior partner and his paralegal. Although I never expected to leave my home state of Texas, my paralegal career took a detour up Interstate 35 following my husband’s relocation to Oklahoma City. Through social media, I was introduced to the term virtual paralegal. Working with e-Paralegals

Where Can I Find a Virtual Paralegal to Match My Practice?


I keep reading and hearing about virtual paralegals and virtual assistants as affordable options, but I wonder: Where can I find virtual support which meets the needs of my law practice?”. For both groups, virtual paralegal or virtual assistant support is often the perfect solution provided you find the assistant who matches your needs. You probably know at least one other attorney who has used a freelance, temp, or virtual paralegal. Paralegal Professional Associations.

Back to School Series: Connecting the Dots


The post Back to School Series: Connecting the Dots appeared first on Digital Paralegal Services, LLC®. Much of early education is spent trying to tackle the skill of writing, specifically the intimidating task of the child’s name. Parents and teachers may use any number of techniques to tackle this ability, including the most common method of connecting dot-to-dots on a lined paper tablet.

The Professional Rules for Paralegals


Although the paralegal profession is still relatively young, approximatelytwo thirds of all attorneys use the services of a paralegal. Various national associations have been formed for paralegals, which have published rules regarding professional ethics and responsibility. Two such organizations that have published rules include the National Association Of Legal Assistants (NALA) and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA).

What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial: Six Things Your War Room Must Have


What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial: Six Things Your War Room Must Have. Trial Team: Lead Attorney, Associate Attorney, Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Technology Assistant. An effective trial team has a paralegal and legal assistant. The post What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial: Six Things Your War Room Must Have appeared first on Digital Paralegal Services, LLC®. By: Christina Roberts, CP. Going to trial can sometimes seem as if you are going to war.

What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial: Pre-Trial Organization


What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial (Series). Most paralegals never get the chance to go inside a courtroom. Approximately half of the paralegals in the Civil Litigation job category of the National Association of Legal Assistants 2012 Job Analysis Study listed Trial and Pretrial work as important in their day-to-day activities. That could be because their cases never go to trial, or because the attorney may not realize how helpful a paralegal can be during pre-trial and trial.

The Short Guide to Paralegal Career Options


If you’re thinking about going to school to become a paralegal, I have great news for you! There are more career options for paralegals than ever before. You don’t have to stick with one career option for paralegals for your entire professional life. One of the most obvious career options for paralegals is working in a traditional law office. A traditional law office is a great career choice for both new and experienced paralegals. Freelance Paralegal.

Six Reasons Technology Is Important To Your Paralegal Career


Six Reasons Technology Is Important To Your Paralegal Career. Now is the time for paralegals to adapt to a rapidly changing legal market, not only to do their best in their current positions, but potentially expand their career. Attorneys should also encourage the paralegals they work with to advance their technology knowledge, as well seek tech savvy paralegals to assist them with their cases. Legal project management is also an emerging profession for paralegals.