How to Find A Way Out of Paralegal Burnout

Josh Kern

Paralegal burnout can cripple your mental health. Learn how you can find a way out of burnout—including alternative careers for paralegals

Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal

Paralegal Bootcamp

How to Transition from Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal. Career options for paralegals are opening up, thanks to technology and a robust job market. One of those options is to transition from Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal.


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10 WFH Paralegal Technology Tools

Paralegal Bootcamp

Many paralegals have now migrated to the work-from-home status permanently or part-time. Many paralegals have also experienced “burnout” due to the pressures of the times while lacking some tools to sustain productivity and efficiency in our newly set up home offices. Paralegal Tips

Websites Paralegals Should Bookmark (Or At Least Know About)

Paralegal Bootcamp

While that is often true, as paralegals we are in the information business. Research skills are one of the top 10 things attorneys look for in a paralegal. You can fast-track your career with our 3-Step Roadmap to Manage Cases Like a Rockstar Paralegal! Paralegal Boot Camp.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials of Wealth Management

Speaker: Vi Pham, Attorney at Law

Wealth management is a guaranteed practice: as paralegals, it's essential that you know the complexities of wealth management in order to ensure that your client's rights are protected to their fullest extent. Join Vi Pham, Attorney and educator, in this exclusive webinar that will leave you feeling brushed up and ready. This seminar meets the requirements of the NALA Certifying Board for continuing legal education credit required to maintain the CP (Certified Paralegal) credential.

6 Ways to Expand Your Paralegal Education

Paralegal Bootcamp

If such a meme depicted a paralegal’s education, the visible tip of the iceberg would represent the formal, foundational education and essential working skills of that paralegal. . And what would a paralegal do if they wanted to delve into that deeper and wider realm of ice?

Self-Care for Paralegals

Paralegal Bootcamp

As Paralegals, we use books, but most of our research has been streamlined by the amazing legal search engines that are available to us now. As Paralegals, we are constantly exposed to others’ emotions which in turn can elicit emotions within us without our conscious awareness.

Paralegal Case Management Tips

Paralegal Bootcamp

Most likely, you did not have a class on case management in your paralegal certificate program. When you’re starting a new career as a litigation paralegal, these case management tips will help you if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Want more paralegal case management skills?

Paralegal Schools Forget to Mention These Things

Paralegal Bootcamp

Paralegal schools want enrollments, so it’s easy to understand why they present the paralegal profession in a certain light. Here are five things that new paralegal students should consider if they are choosing a paralegal career path. Personal Injury Paralegal.

How Paralegals Can Avoid UPL

Paralegal Bootcamp

Paralegals can avoid the unauthorized practice of law (UPL) by becoming familiar with their state’s rules. Rules against UPL specify that paralegals (or anyone who is not licensed to practice law) cannot provide attorney-client services to people, among other prohibitions.

Paralegal Career Choice: Public Service or Private Practice

Paralegal Bootcamp

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of paralegals and legal assistants is projected to grow 12 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. Paralegals and legal assistants held about 345,600 jobs in 2020. What is a Government Paralegal?

Litigation Paralegal Q & A

Paralegal Bootcamp

Being a litigation paralegal comes with its challenges. From learning how to read your attorney’s mind to staying up to date with the latest paralegal technology, you might feel overwhelmed with questions on how you can become a rockstar at your firm. Paralegal Tips

Paralegal Resume Review

Paralegal Bootcamp

Free Paralegal Resume Review Program. The Paralegal Boot Camp is excited to launch our weekly Paralegal Resume Review program at no charge to unemployed paralegals looking for some feedback on their resume. What is the cost of this paralegal resume review program?

Getting the Most Out of Your Paralegal Internship

Paralegal Bootcamp

Is a paralegal internship worth the time? Put yourself in this situation: you have recently finished your academic studies and are set up at a local law firm to intern as a paralegal for the next few weeks. Paralegal Internship Tips.

What This Paralegal Has Learned After Working With Attorneys for 40 Years

Paralegal Bootcamp

To summarize a list of lessons learned in 43 years of paralegal practice is rather like opening Pandora’s box. I’ve mentioned in previous articles that 43 years ago, the profession of “paralegals” and “legal assistants” didn’t really exist. Paralegal Tips

Paralegal Career Growth

Paralegal Bootcamp

As a new paralegal or someone who has been working as a paralegal for a few years, this is a great time to set S.M.A.R.T.E.R. The same thing can happen to your paralegal career if you’re not careful. When to Start Your Paralegal Career Growth Plan. Paralegal Tips

3 Mindset Shifts for New Paralegals

Paralegal Bootcamp

Your mindset is so important to your success as a new paralegal. Let’s look at 3 mindset shifts you can make early in your paralegal career. Stop calling yourself a “newbie” paralegal. Why not just call yourself a paralegal? Paralegal Training. Paralegal Tip

Paralegal Job Search Q & A

Paralegal Bootcamp

From making sure your resume is up to par to knowing what to say in an interview, you might feel overwhelmed with questions on how you can land the right job for your paralegal career. How many paralegals are in this office/firm or on this team? Paralegal Job Search Tips

Legal Writing Skills for the Paralegal

Paralegal Bootcamp

The basic job function of a paralegal requires professional writing. Whether you are writing a brief, email, correspondence, or research notes, learning to hone your paralegal writing skills will help you save time and become an important asset in your firm.

5 Non-Legal Podcasts For Paralegals

Paralegal Bootcamp

A New Spin on Your Typical List of Paralegal Podcasts. There are already enough lists out there for the top podcasts for paralegals. That’s because there are not very many active podcasts for paralegals out there to choose from. Announcement: Podcasts for Paralegals.

Mobile Notary (Signing Agent) Work As A Paralegal

Paralegal Bootcamp

As a Paralegal, there are an exciting number of opportunities available to make extra income, or even start your very own business as a mobile notary! I went back to school, became a Certified Paralegal, and started my own freelance business. Heather Gonzalez is a Certified Paralegal.

15 Alternative Paralegal Career Options

Paralegal Bootcamp

The skills that you’ve acquired throughout your paralegal career have opened the door to unlimited employment opportunities if you are looking for a paralegal career path that does not have the title “paralegal” that utilize your paralegal skills and experience.

Dealing with Emotional Clients: 9 Strategies for Paralegals

Paralegal Bootcamp

Many paralegals work in practice areas where cases have deep personal importance to their clients. Often, clients with out-of-control emotions directly impact work specific to paralegals. Difficult interactions with emotional clients are a perennial complaint amongst paralegals.

How To Be A Problem Solving Paralegal

Paralegal Bootcamp

I wish paralegal training programs included a course on problem-solving! It’s such an important skill for paralegals to have. Do you know what one of the top skills attorneys tell me they want their paralegals to have? Litigation Paralegal Boot Camp.

Paralegal Tips for Negotiating Client Bills and Liens

Paralegal Bootcamp

As a personal injury paralegal , few things ache my heart more than seeing someone injured in a motor vehicle crash with minimal or no personal injury protection (“PIP”) benefits. There’s a lot of pressure here as a paralegal. Personal Injury Paralegal.

Paralegal Life: Working For A Difficult Boss

Paralegal Bootcamp

As paralegals, we often get difficult cases and even more difficult opposing counsel. We all know that paralegals work in an industry where stress is par for the course. This difficult boss can be an attorney, office manager, or maybe even a paralegal manager. Paralegal Tips

50 Tips for New Paralegals

Ann Pearson

We asked paralegals across the country, and here's their tips for new paralegals. Things they wish someone told them early in their career

What Not To Say in a Paralegal Job Interview

Paralegal Bootcamp

Sometimes it is just as important to know what not to say in your paralegal job interview as it is to know what to say. Here are the five things that you should avoid saying in paralegal job interviews. There is nothing wrong with being a paralegal who wants to become a lawyer.

Paralegal Side Gig Ideas (No driving required!)

Paralegal Bootcamp

I was talking to a paralegal who said she drives for Uber for some side money and it got me thinking about paralegal side gigs out there. Write Articles About Paralegal Topics and More. And it’s not just the Paralegal Boot Camp blog. appeared first on Paralegal Bootcamp.

9 TED Talks For Paralegals to Watch

Paralegal Bootcamp

9 TED Talks For Paralegals. We’ve rounded up nine Ted Talks for Paralegals that you should be watching (not all at once!). You might think this would be about AI taking over paralegal jobs. If you like this TED Talk, check our our 15 Alternative Paralegal Career Paths.

Are Paralegals Meant to Survive This Decade?

The Estrin Report

Is there a bright future for Paralegals? The Bureau of Labor Statistics is out with their 2020 Occupational Outlook for Paralegals and Legal Assistants. Bottom line – it’s not a bad time to be in, or to be getting into, a paralegal or legal assistant position*.

Paralegal Podcast Episode – Interview with Molly McGrath

Paralegal Bootcamp

Ready to hear the cold hard truth about the future of the paralegal job market? Do you know what the MOST sought-after practice area specialty of paralegals is right now? Did you take the “power of the pause” last year to do an assessment of your paralegal career?

Paralegal Spotlight: Peggy Pardue


By the Communications Committee This month’s Paralegal Spotlight is on Peggy Pardue. I am a North Carolina Certified Paralegal at Hampson Family Law located in Raleigh. Paralegal Division

More TED Talks For Paralegals to Watch

Paralegal Bootcamp

Part 2 – More TED Talks For Paralegals. This is Part 2 of a post we did last month on the 9 TED Talks for Paralegals to Watch. . Being a problem-solver is one of the top paralegal skills needed to be successful. Burnout is common in the paralegal profession.

Paralegal Checklist: Countdown to Hitting Send

Paralegal Bootcamp

Paralegals often initiate or respond to dozens of emails, instant messages, and other electronic communications daily. Fortunately, there are methods, like the paralegal checklist below, and proper email etiquette , that will help reduce your exposure to these risks.