Adding Rush Rates for Legal Services

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As lawyers, we are in a service industry. However, I suspect most of us did not sign up to be on call to provide legal services 24-7. While I am a service provider, I am not at any client’s beck and call. Related Posts and Resources on Legal Fees.

Federal judge authorizes IRS tax evasion inquiry involving offshore legal services


The Department of Justice (DOJ) Tax Division and the IRS released a joint statement on the investigation: This action underscores our Office’s commitment to hold accountable those who use offshore service providers to avoid U.S.


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Alternative Legal Service Providers – An ally to embrace


The legal industry, as with any other industry, faces tough competition. Therefore, legal service providers have been contending to streamline their processes and systems with the aid of technology. Infusing innovation while re-engineering a service.

Arizona Licenses First Three Alternative Business Structures for Delivering Legal Services


The Arizona Supreme Court has approved the first three entities to be licensed as alternative business structures, enabling businesses owned by non-lawyers to deliver legal services under the liberalized licensing rules the court approved last August.

LawNext: Reregulation of Legal Services – A Panel of Five Leading Experts Discuss


There may be no more critical issue facing the legal profession than reregulation of legal services. LawNext Episode 34: Alternative Legal Models – A Panel Discussion (with Patrick Palace and others)(April 9, 2019).

Nonlawyer-owned alternative legal services provider receives Arizona’s approval to integrate with a law firm

ABA Journal

Elevate, a nonlawyer-owned alternative legal services provider, has been approved to operate in Arizona in tandem with an integrated law firm, the company announced…

Consumers increasingly desire remote legal services, Clio CEO says

ABA Journal

When cloud-based company Clio surveyed American consumers in 2018, 23% expressed an openness to working with a lawyer remotely. Fast-forward three years, and 79% of…

Lawyer who helped establish legal services for the poor dies at 86

ABA Journal

Edgar Cahn, a lawyer who helped establish the program that would become known as the Legal Services Corp., has died at age 86. Cahn died…

Legal services providers to soar post-pandemic


All businesses – from manufacturing and information technology to food and legal – have been adversely impacted. The entire legal ecosystem will likely undergo a seismic shift in the way it operates. What’s in store for legal service providers?

Legal services sector gains 4,800 jobs in January

ABA Journal

The legal services industry added 4,800 jobs in January following a loss of 1,500 jobs in December. Despite the improved outlook in January, the industry still…

Launching a Subscription-Based Legal Services Program for My Law Firm

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As an ethics attorney, I am frequently asked about the ethics of subscription legal services. Here is my story of how the practice hatched from an idea to a full-fledged service line. We also found a lot of variance in how they envisioned using the service.

How Your Business Can Benefit by Hiring a Legal Services Expert


A legal advocate can assist with several issues that may arise from the running of your business. Business asset management business law business lawyer intellectual property legal experts

ILTACON Tackles Changing Legal Service Delivery Models


This year, however, there was a noticeable shift towards a discussion of business models throughout the legal industry. Change Management and User Group Lessons Learned from The Roses; The Future of Legal Services Pricing; and The Legal Engineer Consultant.

How a social justice innovation lab is developing new types of legal services

ABA Journal

The Innovation for Justice lab launched at the University of Arizona’s James E. Rogers College of Law in 2018 with the goal of designing,…

The Bar Exam Is A Barrier To Access For Legal Services And Access To Justice For Many

Above The Law

The post The Bar Exam Is A Barrier To Access For Legal Services And Access To Justice For Many appeared first on Above the Law. The largest barrier by far to innovation in this area is the resistance from lawyers.

ABA grants will help legal services providers reach more veterans in Texas

ABA Journal

How to market your legal services to Hispanic clients

ABA Journal

population, and for an enterprising lawyer, serving the legal needs of Spanish-speaking clients seems… Hispanics are becoming an increasingly large segment of the U.S.

Alternative legal service providers continue to increase their market share, survey finds

ABA Journal

Alternative legal service providers continue to make significant inroads in the legal industry, growing their global market share to $13.9 billion by the end of…

Say Hello to ClientCredit, the First Legal Services BNPL Solution from LawPay

Attorney at Work

ClientCredit is the first BNPL solution for legal clients on the market and is exclusively available through LawPay. With ClientCredit, your clients have the ability to pay for legal services in installments while your firm still receives 100% of the invoiced amount upfront.

House’s continuing resolution would give $40M in disaster aid to Legal Services Corp.

ABA Journal

House of Representatives on Tuesday would give $40 million in disaster aid to the Legal Services Corp. A continuing resolution passed by the U.S. to…

Justice Gap Demands Look At New Legal Service Models

Law 360

Current restrictions on how lawyers structure their businesses stand in the way of meaningful access to justice for many Americans, so states should follow the lead of Utah and Florida and test out innovative law firm business models through regulatory sandboxes, says Zachariah DeMeola at the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System

$4.3M in Grants to 36 Legal Services Programs Underscore Role of Tech in Driving Access to Justice


For all the money being poured into legal technology development these days, woefully little gets spent on technology designed to enhance access to justice for low-income Americans. Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut will use a $150,593 grant to create a cloud-based pro bono portal.

Shumaker Announces National Leaders to Reach Growing Demand for Legal Services


Labor law is continuing to grow, especially with the pandemic creating 9.3 million job vacancies and demand for better pay, working conditions and employee protections. Business cybersecurity law ERISA health laws labor laws retirement planning wealth strategies

United States: TTABlog Test: Are These Two "MLG" Marks Confusable For Legal Services? - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.


The USPTO refused to register the mark MLG MACOMB LAW GROUP & Design for "legal services; providing customized legal information, counseling, and advice

Laws 40

Legal Services Biz Epiq Can't Dodge Data Breach Suit

Law 360

A California federal judge has refused to dismiss a proposed class action against legal services company Epiq Systems Inc. over a 2020 data breach, finding that an individual whose personal information was illegally accessed should be allowed to proceed with his allegations

“Professor Aimed to Break Lawyers’ Monopoly on Legal Services; Deborah Rhode, who has died at age 68, worked to help the poor obtain better representation in court”


“Professor Aimed to Break Lawyers’ Monopoly on Legal Services; Deborah Rhode, who has died at age 68, worked to help the poor obtain better representation in court”: This obituary , written by James R. Hagerty, appears in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal

LegalZoom Is Coming For Your Lunch

Above The Law

The online behemoth has been authorized to dispense legal advice in Arizona and Utah. Biglaw Technology Alternative Legal Service Providers James Goodnow LegalZoom

United States: Texas Nonprofit Corporations: Legal Service And Attorney Board Service - Freeman Law


This article provides a high-level review of a lawyer's representation of a Texas nonprofit corporation as well as ethical resposnibilities of the lawyer who serves as an officer or

‘Talk Justice’ seeks to amplify ‘unexpected’ voices in support of civil legal aid


Aiming for a wider reach and audience, the civil legal aid podcast Talk Justice has joined the Legal Talk Network. Produced by the Legal Services Corporation , the podcast features a rotating lineup of hosts covering civil legal aid funding and access to justice.

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Law Firm, Aid Group Sue Indiana Gov. Holcomb for Cutting Pandemic Benefits


Political Litigation erici holcomb federal pandemic benefits Indiana indiana legal services pandemic unemployment assistance pua unemploymentOne labor advocate says that Gov. Holcomb's decision will disproportionately affect minorities.

Zimbabwe: Obscure Legal Services Offered By Lawyers (Part 1) - ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice


Lawyers have a civic duty to uphold the law and passively, to inform the public of the various laws and procedures in the event that you may need legal help

Indiana Court of Appeals: state may withdraw from federal unemployment program


Indiana Legal Services, Inc. , a nonprofit legal services organization representing the unemployment recipients, is yet to indicate whether it will appeal the decision.

The Rise of Non-Law Firm Competitors: Mitigating Concerns of Job Replacement Through Regulatory Sandboxes


Legal services have a reputation of being expensive and are therefore viewed as unattainable. The price tag of legal support is one that many Americans cannot afford.

Yemen: Real Estate Comparative Guide - The Counselor Law Office for Legal Services


Real Estate Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Yemen, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries

Lawsuit: Massachusetts Prison Officials Attacked, Retaliated Against Inmates


Lawsuits & Litigation abuse constitutional violations lawsuit Massachusetts massachusetts department of correction pls lawsuit prisoner abuse prisoner legal services prisoner rights shirley Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center souza-baranowski correctional facility