Qatar orders arrest of finance minister on corruption charges


The state Qatar News Agency announced Thursday that the Qatari attorney general has ordered the arrest of Finance Minister Ali Sharif al-Emadi on charges related to the abuse of his office.

Pakistan anti-terrorism court sentences 5 for terror financing


Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Lahore on Saturday sentenced five persons who led Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD), an organization founded by Hafiz Saeed with financial support from Osama bin Laden, each to nine years’ imprisonment for terrorism financing.


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Finance Q&A: Nota’s Paul Garibian


Finance ATL Finance Finance Docket fintech In-House Q&A Jonathan Wolf TechnologyThe fintech executive weighs in on personalized software and the future of legal tech.

Mark Elenowitz Says Small Business Entrepreneurs Should Avoid These Financing Mistakes


When entrepreneurs are opting in for financing, they should also consider origination fees. Business entrepreneurs finance financing for small businesses Mark Elenowitz millennial entrepreneurs small business financing

Litigation Finance And State Bars — What Should Counsel Know? (Part II) [Sponsored]


We can expect that additional state bars will weigh in on litigation finance in due course and that the discussion of ethics in relation to funding will continue to evolve. Litigation Finance Sponsored Content Lake Whillans Lake Whillans Litigation Finance

How Technology Is Reshaping Litigation Finance


Luckily, changes in litigation finance may be changing the terms of engagement. The best way to understand litigation finance is by looking at the arc of its development over the last decade – but why such a short timeline? In The Know feature finance litigation finance

Litigation Finance And State Law — What Should Counsel Know? [Sponsored]


There is a clear trend among courts across the United States towards removing obstacles to commercial litigation finance. Litigation Finance Sponsored Content Lake Whillans Lake Whillans Litigation Finance

How to Finance Your Small Business Venture


There are quite a few methods to consider to finance your future small business. Here are the top ways to finance your small business and what to consider with each. Traditional Bank Loans Traditional bank loans are the most popular method to finance small businesses.

Mortgage Financing 2021: The UK Forecast


If you are a mortgage debtor, you could still potentially benefit significantly from an opportunity for debt refinancing. Business Covid-19 housing market mortgage lender mortgage refinancing refinancing mortgage

Florida Man Fails To Executive Crypto Fraud, Incredibly Succeeds At Two Others


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketAllegedly.

Law School Dean To Lead SEC's Corporation Finance Division

Law 360

Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday appointed a law professor to head the agency's Division of Corporation Finance, leading a key department that oversees the quality of corporate disclosures as the SEC looks to beef up its rulebook The U.S.

Norton Rose Names New Heads Of Corporate, Finance

Law 360

Norton Rose Fulbright LLP has named new global heads of its corporate and finance practices, the firm announced Wednesday

Kodak CEO May Not Have Known The Shares He Just Bought Were About To Soar 1,000%, A Fact Which May Not Matter In Court


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketThe Martin Act strikes again.

Risk Management Lessons From Recent Finance Co. Failures

Law 360

Investor exposure to Archegos Capital and Greensill Capital before their high-profile collapses earlier this year show puzzling lapses in internal controls and highlight key risk management considerations for investors, says Benedict Roth at Martello Financial Services

House Would Like To Make Insider Trading Slightly More Illegal


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketJust a bit, though.

Switzerland: Lending & Secured Finance 2021 - Baer & Karrer


2021 has been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and a statebacked credit support programme for Swiss companies implemented by a Swiss bank-driven initiative. M&A activities remained a

“An appeals court upheld a campaign finance conviction for Bob Brady’s onetime political guru”


“An appeals court upheld a campaign finance conviction for Bob Brady’s onetime political guru”: Jeremy Roebuck of The Philadelphia Inquirer has this report on a ruling that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued yesterday

Deutsche Bank May Have Killed A Whistleblower Program, But It Didn’t Break Any U.S. Laws In The Whole 1MDB Mishegas


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketIncredible, we know.

The Hoban Minute – 140 | Alternative Finance Network’s Scott Jordan | What’s on the Horizon for Cannabis Banking & Finance in 2021?

Hoban Law Group

Bob and Eric sit down with Founder of the Alternative Finance Network, Scott Jordan to discuss how cannabis banking has changed over the last decade, how attitudes toward cannabis finance have changed since the 2020 election, and why MSOs are positioning for cannabis industry consolidation.

Mammoth Tech Bill Clears Senate With Bipartisan Support


A huge round of financing aimed at keeping U.S. Finance Government ATL Finance COVID-19 Finance Docket Jonathan Wolftechnology competitive with China advances with 68 votes.

3 Questions For An IP NFT Pioneer (Part II)


Intellectual Property ATL Finance Finance Finance Docket Gaston Kroub NFTsThe legal issues around NFTs are myriad and complex.

Legal 76

How To Compare Your Bosses To The Brutal, Genocidal Former Head Of The KGB And Thrive


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketThe Jeremy Barnum story.

People Whose Job It Is To Make Money Taking Whatever Job Pays Them The Most Money


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketGood news for hedge funds, bad news for skinflint banks.

Elizabeth Holmes’s Courtroom Vacation Ends


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketIt was fun while it lasted. Useful, too.

Russia And China Versus US And Its Partners In New Tech-Focused Space Race? Bring It On


Finance ATL Finance China Finance Docket Jonathan Wolf Russia Space Race TechnologyThe budding international space rivalry isn’t without its thorns.

Greece: Ministry Of Finance Announces New Tax Relief Measures - Eurofast


The Ministry of Finance announced on April 22nd new tax cuts and the abolition of the special solidarity contribution for natural persons engaged in business activity, legal persons and legal entities

Is The Economy Recovering Too Quickly?


Finance ATL Finance COVID-19 Finance Docket UnprecedentedSome fear prospect of market shortages, inflation, and tighter monetary policy.

Goldman Not Relying On Divine Revelation To Determine Who’s An Anti-Vaxxer


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketIt’s got one teensy, tiny, HIPAA-triggering request.

Dan Kamensky Couldn’t Go To The Office So Instead He’s Going To Jail


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketThe pandemic lockdown is at least partly to blame for that rather unfortunate instant message.

Hedge Fund Manager Who Said ‘I’m Going To Jail’ Is, In Fact, Going To Jail


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketBut at least he’s not going to jail for 18 months.

Ken Griffin Not Willing To Share His Secrets Even To Punish Those Who (Allegedly) Stole Them


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketIf GSA Capital can’t unsee Citadel’s code, can a judge?

SEC Says Not To Take Investment Advice From Celebrities


Finance ATL Finance Finance Docket fintech Jonathan Wolf Securities and Exchange Commission TechnologyA prescient warning for our times.

Why Most People are Financially Illiterate and 6 Steps to Become More Literate


Then consider teaching others about finances. Business art of finance family finances finance finances financial education financial health financial help financial information financial problems financial protection

Exxon Shakeup Shows Climate Activists’ Boardroom Power


Finance ATL Finance Finance Docket fintech Jonathan Wolf Securities and Exchange Commission TechnologyA surprising coup sends a tremor through corporate America.

Everyone Makes Mistakes, But The FBI’s Not Sure Pension Funds Make Such Convenient Ones


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketWhich is another way of saying, it thinks it might not be a mistake.

‘Billions’-Based Costume Courtroom Drama To Return Long Before ‘Billions’


Finance ATL Finance Finance DocketShull v. Sorkin is coming back to a courtroom near you (if you live in Manhattan), and to a livestream for everyone else.

Freedom of association case could have impact on campaign finance disclosures