Where Your Litigation Career Path Can Take You

Paralegal Bootcamp

Whether you’re a new litigation paralegal or have been on your litigation career path for years, Kim’s story is the perfect inspiration for welcoming mobility into your paralegal career and seeing the possibilities of where it can take you. ARE YOU NEW TO LITIGATION?

Transitioning to Litigation from Another Practice Area

Paralegal Bootcamp

If you want to transfer to the litigation department at your firm, or you want to find a new position as a litigation paralegal even though you’ve been working in another practice area, how do you do that? Litigation Paralegal Boot Camp. Litigation Paralegal Tips


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eDiscovery Matters to Your Litigation Career

Paralegal Bootcamp

For those litigation paralegals who embrace it and learn everything they can about it, eDiscovery matters and has been a game-changer for their careers. In fact, I’m also hosting a free masterclass next week on it because of how important eDiscovery is to litigation paralegal careers.

Litigation Paralegal Q & A

Paralegal Bootcamp

Being a litigation paralegal comes with its challenges. In our latest podcast episode, Ann answers your litigation questions so you can fast-track your paralegal career today. Will it be difficult for me to find a litigation paralegal job in Florida? Litigation is litigation.

The Ultimate State Trial Court Research & Analytics Platform

Trellis offers state trial court records for legal research with analysis on judges, verdicts, opposing counsel, motions, dockets & legal issues. Discover how judges have ruled on similar motions, or gain insights on opposing counsel, prospects, or clients. Download the guide and request a demo.

Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal

Paralegal Bootcamp

How to Transition from Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal. One of those options is to transition from Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal. Once you have hands-on experience in your litigation paralegal job, should you get certified by an e-discovery organization?

What Exactly is Commercial Litigation?


In a nutshell, commercial litigation deals with the disputes between commercial entities or between commercial entities and regulatory agencies.

Speaking Litigation Finance [Sponsored]

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The post Speaking Litigation Finance appeared first on Above the Law. Litigation Finance Sponsored Content Commercial Litigation Funding Glossary Lake Whillans Capital Partners Lexicon Litigation Funding

Advance Your Litigation Paralegal Career

Paralegal Bootcamp

How to Use Investigative Analysis Skills to Advance Your Litigation Paralegal Career. One way to advance your litigation paralegal career and take on other roles is to add new skills. When properly trained, a litigation paralegal can quickly learn the investigative analysis process.

How to Find a Good Lawyer for Business Litigation


This is a great way to see how good or bad the attorney is for business litigation. Business complex litigation contract litigation intellectual property litigation litigation litigation lawyers trade secret litigation

Proactive Litigation Paralegal Tip

Paralegal Bootcamp

A proactive litigation paralegal is a valuable addition to any litigation team. How can you be a proactive litigation paralegal? To be a proactive litigation paralegal, you must know what is going on in all of your litigation cases.

Types of Litigation Software to Know

Paralegal Bootcamp

Litigation Software as a New Litigation Paralegal. As a new litigation paralegal, it is not expected that you will have mastered all of these technologies. Discovery/Litigation Software. The post Types of Litigation Software to Know appeared first on Paralegal Bootcamp.

Lex Machina Releases 2022 Employment Litigation Report


Business employment litigation attorneys employment litigation lawyers Lex Machina lex machina 2022 employment litigation report Lex Machina data LexisNexis

Lex Machina Releases 2022 Patent Litigation Report


Judge Albright continued to lead in patent filings with his highest number of patent cases yet in 2021 (23% of patent litigation overall). Lawsuits & Litigation Lex Machina 2022 Patent Litigation Report Lex Machina data patent litigation patent report patents

COVID Has Permanently Changed Litigation

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Litigators Biglaw COVID Litigation Trivia Question of the Day UnprecedentedChange is here to stay.

The Litigator’s Lament

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The post The Litigator’s Lament appeared first on Above the Law. In-House Counsel Litigators Mark HerrmannIf you lose at trial, you're the only one to blame. Learn it, live it, love it.

Lawyers Make Formidable Litigants

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Perhaps most obviously, lawyers make daunting litigants because they know the law better than other litigants. Litigators Small Law Firms Jordan Rothman Litigation

Lex Machina Releases 2022 Insurance Litigation Report


News & Politics data-driven insurance litigation Lex Machina lex machina 2022 insurance litigation report Lex Machina data2021 was a record year for insurance case filings with increases in cases concerning hurricanes, automobiles, and business liability.

Guest Post: Climate Litigation in Japan: Citizens’ Attempts for the Coal Phase-Out

Law Columbia

The Supreme Court of Japan may soon weigh in on a growing field of climate litigation in Japan against coal-fired power plants. Judgments and English summaries are found in the Sabin Center’s Climate Change Litigation Database.). By Yumeno Grace Nishikawa, LLM*.

Lex Machina Releases 2021 Patent Litigation Report


Patent litigators saw record damages and increased case filings despite the pandemic. Lawsuits & Litigation intellectual property Intellectual property attorney intellectual property law Intellectual property lawyer intellectual property litigation

Unanimous verdict litigation


In United States v. Ferreira. ARMY MISC 20220034 (A. 28, 2022) The government has filed for and received a stay of proceedings in this case based on the military judge’s decision in United States v.

Court 83

The Latest In Litigation Hotness? Pure Pettiness.

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This bit of vindictiveness is not a typical litigation strategy. The post The Latest In Litigation Hotness? Courts Hal Weidenfeld In-House Counsel Litigation Tactics Madison Square GardenPure Pettiness. appeared first on Above the Law.

Nerve-Wracking Aspects Of Litigation

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It's a stressful field, so litigators need to be level-headed and cool under pressure. Small Law Firms Jordan Rothman Litigation

Lex Machina Releases 2021 False Claims Litigation Report


False Claims litigation is a unique practice area with fascinating trends that reflect multiple factors including patterns in government, attorney, and court behavior.

Corporate Litigation 101

Chugh LLP

. Corporate litigation can strain your company’s resources and time. Chugh, LLP’s legal team works hard to help your company manage litigation quickly and effectively if it does arise. Alternatives to litigation. The post Corporate Litigation 101 appeared first on Chugh LLP

Fiduciary Litigation Opportunity [Sponsored]

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Fully remote litigation position with an extensive experience in Texas state court. The post Fiduciary Litigation Opportunity appeared first on Above the Law. Asia Chronicles Sponsored Content Asia Job Posting Kinney Recruiting Litigation Remote Work Texas

Tracking The Evolution Of Litigation Finance

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Litigators and in-house counsel: Share your insights about litigation funding. The post Tracking The Evolution Of Litigation Finance appeared first on Above the Law. Litigation Finance Lake Whillans Litigation Finance Survey

How To Choose A Litigation Funder [Sponsored]

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Some empirical evidence on considerations in funder selection and advice gleaned from experience in the litigation finance market. Litigation Finance Sponsored Content Lake Whillans Lake Whillans Litigation Finance

Litigation Funding In Limine

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A recent decision is in line with a developing consensus that patent cases are crowded enough with issues requiring adjudication so as to make spending time on litigation funding arrangements a hard sell.

Tips for Winning Personal Injury Litigation


Personal injury litigations are lawsuits that get filed against individuals who are responsible for injuries or damages. More than 1.5 million personal injury cases are filed every year all across the globe.

Lex Machina Releases 2021 Contracts Litigation Report


Business contract contract law contract litigation contract mediation contractsContracts case filings over the last three years showed a slight but steady increase through the pandemic, while franchise case filings fell sharply and damages awarded continued to climb.

3 Questions For Litigator Turned Litigation Risk Insurance Broker (Part I)

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It is imperative that IP lawyers educate themselves on the litigation risk insurance space. The post 3 Questions For Litigator Turned Litigation Risk Insurance Broker (Part I) appeared first on Above the Law.

Resolving Business Disputes: Mediation, Arbitration & Litigation


Lawsuits & Litigation adr alternative dispute resolution arbitration litigation mediationMediation and arbitration are known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)—and involve finding a mutually acceptable resolution outside of a courtroom.

Guest post: Brazil will have first climate litigation trials in the Supreme Court

Law Columbia

Two climate litigation cases are included on the docket on March 30th: PSB et al. The cases will be the first climate litigation cases to receive a judgment by the Supreme Court. Litigation climate litigation Global Climate Litigation Global South

First plaintiff in Zantac litigation drops suit against drug manufacturers


The post First plaintiff in Zantac litigation drops suit against drug manufacturers appeared first on JURIST - News. Uncategorized cancer class action litigation contaminated Domestic drug manufacturers FDA Food and Drug Administration health science United States us