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FY22 Agriculture Appropriation Bill: A Good Omen for the Hemp Industry


Felony 240

Federal appeals court rules two-sentence immigration decision insufficient


The US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has ruled that an immigration judge’s two-sentence decision denying asylum to an Ecuadorean man was insufficient.


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Austria Supreme Court refers Facebook data collection questions to ECJ


Austria’s Supreme Court of Justice referred four fundamental questions regarding the legality of Facebook’s collection and use of EU customers’ data to the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) on Tuesday.

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Reminders Work!


Irving Texas work “in recent years to improve its municipal court’s Failure to Appear (FTA) rate shows what is possible when cities invest in foundational data practices and use data-driven evaluations to test and fine-tune new approaches.”

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Building a 5-Star Online Reputation for Your Business

Speaker: Brent Werbeck, GetMoreReviews Co-Founder

Trying to figure out how to turn your happy customer’s comments into 5 star reviews may seem like a daunting task. From internal feedback to Google reviews, what is "really" the way to go? Join Brent Werbeck, Co-Founder of Get More Reviews, in this discussion of how to foster and grow your business's 5-star online reputation.

Supreme Court of Wyoming Finds Statements Were Improperly Admitted Under Prior Consistent Hearsay Exclusion

EvidenceProf Blog

Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d)(1)(B) provides an exclusion to the rule against hearsay for a statement that (B) is consistent with the declarant’s testimony and is offered: (i) to rebut an express or implied charge that the declarant recently fabricated

Court 130

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Why Most Cannabis Businesses Should Ditch Their SOW Models


Lately, in my review of certain cannabis transactional agreements like cannabis intellectual property (IP) licensing agreements, manufacturing agreements, and distribution agreements, I’m seeing a really high number of statements of work (SOWs) attached.

West Virginia Issues RFP for CMS/EDMS/E-Filing


The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia is issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to acquire an electronic court case management solution comprised of case management, document management, and e-file management systems for the new Intermediate Court of Appeals created in 2021 by the West Virginia Legislature.

In New Lawsuit, Nike Says it Cannot Allow “Customizers” to Build Businesses Off of its Famous Trademarks

The Fashion Law

Is It Time to Bring Back ‘Broken Windows’ Policing?

The Crime Report

As transit systems emerge from the staggering ridership losses brought about by COVID-19 lockdowns, they are confronted with more crime and fewer police.

Felony 114

Process Serving Made Easy: Serve in All 50 States Using One Platform

Speaker: PROOF

PROOF has revolutionized service of process. Using our online platform, create serve requests nationwide and receive live updates with mapped verification of each attempt. PROOF’s technology provides users with complete transparency from start to finish.

Cannabis Trademarks: Cointreau Sues Potential CBD Competitor


Last month we discussed the recent lawsuits brought by the Wrigley Company against five cannabis businesses it accuses of infringing its trademarks. Cointreau is now following Wrigley’s lead, suing the maker of Quatreau CBD-infused sparkling water.

Canada dispatches – appointment of Governor General Mary Simon may move Canada closer to Indigenous reconciliation


[Ian Profiri is JURIST’s new Staff Correspondent for Canada, joining JURIST’s existing teams of correspondents already filing from India and Myanmar. This is his first report in his new capacity.]. Mary Simon became Canada’s first Inuk Governor General on Monday.

Term limits emerge as popular proposal at latest meeting of court-reform commission


Share The Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court reconvened on Tuesday to hear from a new set of experts on various ideas for Supreme Court reform. Like the last meeting , various legal experts testified and answered questions from commissioners in a series of panels spread throughout the day.

Canada Goose is Suing Goose Country Over its “Confusingly Similar” Name, Lookalike Wares

The Fashion Law

Canada Goose is facing off against a similarly-named outerwear company that it claims is intentionally mimicking the “look and feel” of its products and logos.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials of Wealth Management

Speaker: Vi Pham, Attorney at Law

Wealth management is a guaranteed practice: as paralegals, it's essential that you know the complexities of wealth management in order to ensure that your client's rights are protected to their fullest extent. Join Vi Pham, Attorney and educator, in this exclusive webinar that will leave you feeling brushed up and ready. This seminar meets the requirements of the NALA Certifying Board for continuing legal education credit required to maintain the CP (Certified Paralegal) credential.

NYC Rikers Closure Called Model for Shrinking Jail Populations

The Crime Report

The planned closure of the Rikers Island jail complex presents an opportunity to reimagine — and reduce — New York City jail populations, argue the authors of a joint report by the Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform and the Center for Court Innovation.

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Ketamine Clinics: What is a “Referral” Under the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute?


In a prior post , we discussed the federal anti-kickback statute (the “AKS”) and the implications for ketamine clinics.

US charges Chinese prosecutor, 8 others with obstruction of justice, international stalking


The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged nine individuals , including a Chinese prosecutor, with conspiring to act as illegal agents of China, international stalking, and obstruction of justice.

Could The Arrest of FBI Agent Undermine The Whitmer Kidnapping Case?


The arrest of an FBI agent would always be newsworthy. Richard Trask of Kalamazoo has gone from making cases to being a case for prosecution. He faces up to ten years for allegedly assaulting his wife with intent to do great bodily harm.

Amazon Marketplace Seller Price Fixed DVDs, Blu-Rays


David Camp pleads guilty to price-fixing on Amazon. News & Politics Amazon Amazon marketplace Blue-rays consumers Department of justice DVDs Justice department mark-up marketplace online sales seller Sherman Act sold violate violations


Unemployment Fraud ‘Exploded’ During Pandemic

The Crime Report

Unemployment insurance fraud has “exploded” during the pandemic — and the scams are more organized, complicated and wide-ranging than previously imagined, according to a ProPublica investigation.

What You Need to Know When Buying a Cannabis Business, Part 5: Structuring the Purchase


Buying a cannabis business does not occur in a matter of days, and transactions fall apart for a variety of reasons, as we discussed in Part 1 of this blog series focused on the buy-side of a cannabis M&A transaction.

Spain president proposes Digital Rights Charter, outlining fundamental rights of individuals online


Spanish President Pedro Sánchez on Wednesday announced publication of the Carta Derechos Digitales , or Digital Rights Charter.

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Tenth Circuit Rules Web Designer Must Create Site For Same-Sex Marriage


There is a new ruling out of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit that could be headed for a major showdown in the Supreme Court. The decision in 303 Creative LLC v.

Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Over 2019 Death at Music Festival


Earlier this month, the city of Hampton agreed to settle a wrongful death lawsuit with the family of Fernando Octavio Rodriguez for $3 million. Lawsuits & Litigation Verdicts & Settlements Atlanta lawsuit Lawsuit Settlement Music festival police custody police-brutality

New York landlords ask court to block state eviction moratorium


Share Telling the justices that “the courthouse door has been barred to New York’s landlords” “for more than sixteen months and counting,” a group of New York landlords asked the Supreme Court to block a state moratorium on residential evictions put in place at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

California Ketamine Clinics: Implications From Epic Medical Management, LLC v. Paquette


The corporate practice of medicine doctrine (“CPOM”) and state anti-kickback prohibitions vary from state to state. While some states have statutory prohibitions, other states rely upon case law for CPOM. These issues are typically not heavily litigated.

UN rights council appoints 3-member team to Israel-Palestine Inquiry Commission


UN Human Rights Council President Nazhat Shameem Khan has announced the appointment of Navanethem Pillay , Miloon Kothari , and Chris Sidoti to the Commission of Inquiry (“the Commission”) on the Occupied Palestinian Territory (“Palestine”), including East Jerusalem, and Israel.

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Former Police Informant Sues Detroit Police, FBI for $100 million

The Crime Report

Richard “Ricky” Wershe Jr.,

LexisNexis Enhances the Lexis+ Ecosystem with the Launch of Legal News Hub


Legal News Hub delivers industry-leading news from Law360 and Law360 Pulse directly into the Lexis+ workflow to keep legal professionals informed. Business Law360 law360 pulse legal news legal news stories LexisNexis

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