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Top 7 Tips for Litigation Paralegals in 2024

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These were the top 7 actionable strategies and tips for litigation paralegals to accelerate their paralegal career in 2024. How to Get Up to Speed Fast on Your Cases I think one of the tips for litigation paralegals that could help here is what I had recommended in our three-step roadmap for new litigation paralegals.

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The 2024 ‘Guide to Litigation Financing’ is Available


As we all know, litigation is expensive—and it can cost more than money. The strain on cash flow can limit your options, reduce the amount of new business you take on and—most importantly—impact strategy on your current cases.


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What is a Litigation Paralegal?

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WHAT IS A LITIGATION PARALEGAL? A litigation paralegal is someone who works under the supervision of an attorney who practices in criminal or civil litigation. A litigation paralegal assists the attorney with many case management duties, from the complaint through the trial and the appeal. Draft pleadings and discovery.

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“Of College Football, Legal Realism, and Constitutional Litigation”


“Of College Football, Legal Realism, and Constitutional Litigation”: Eric Segall has this blog post at “Dorf on Law.” ” The post “Of College Football, Legal Realism, and Constitutional Litigation” appeared first on How Appealing.

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Empower Your Firm: The Modern Guide To Litigation Financing

Litigation is expensive. This guide simplifies the complex world of litigation financing and compares different models and how they can impact the access to justice your firm provides to clients. Expert witnesses, depositions, staffing, and a long list of other expenses can limit your firm’s options.

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Exploring An Alternative Model Of Litigation Finance

Law 360

A new model of litigation finance, most aptly described as insurance-backed litigation funding, differs from traditional funding in two key ways, and the process of securing it involves three primary steps, say Bob Koneck, Christopher Le Neve Foster and Richard Butters at Atlantic Global Risk LLC.

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Transitioning to Litigation from Another Practice Area

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If you want to transfer to the litigation department at your firm, or you want to find a new position as a litigation paralegal even though you’ve been working in another practice area, how do you do that? Can you do that? The answer was an easy yes. It most definitely will help her do that. Make a List.

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Visibility Into the Strategy & Supporting Documents of Major US Law Firms

Trellis data is maximized in a revolutionary and unique way to provide users an exclusive look into a law firm litigating in state trial courts. Features Include. At a Glance Tab : Overview Metrics of Cases Over Time, Cases by Practice Area, Cases by Role, and Clients with Persistent Filtering.

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Stay On Top of Newly Filed State & Federal Litigation: Curated Just for You!

Trellis Daily Filings Reports provide direct access to newly filed state and federal litigation curated just for you. Each new case will include all case metadata like judge, parties, counsel, practice area, and even direct links to the full docket and complaint.

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The Ultimate State Trial Court Research & Analytics Platform

As a platform, it enables you to analyze the behavior and history of your judge, opposing counsel, prospects, and clients to gain crucial insights into ruling tendencies and litigation history, as well as marketing and BD intel.

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Streamlining Your Success: How to Efficiently Scale Your Paralegal Career

Speaker: Jacqueline R. Jackson, J.D. - Litigation Paralegal at Morgan & Morgan

To put yourself in a position to succeed, you must be willing to take initiative. Learn to efficiently streamline your workflow, become confident in your work, and operate as a partner rather than an employee.