Analog Attorney’s Analog Gift Guide for Attorneys Who Whiskey

Attorney at Work

This year’s annual Analog Gift Guide for Attorneys Who Analog has taken the concept of analog onto a new path to offer you, our discerning readers, a collection of small-batch, hard-to-find, mostly unknown, rather extraordinary and award-winning American whiskies. Analog Attorney Gifts

Cyber Monday 2021 Deals for Analog Attorneys

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I’ve thought long and hard about the annual edition of Analog Attorney’s Cyber Monday gift guide. So, because I want you to take full advantage of this insane sale day, this year’s guide highlights an Analog Attorney favorite: Levenger. Analog Attorney Gear Gifts Guides


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Signs You Need a New Attorney in 2022


An ideal attorney helps their clients combat their fears during a lawsuit by reassuringly addressing their problem. Business access to attorney Attorney Fees attorney-client privilege attorneys near me private attorneys

Attorneys general announce $26B settlement with opioid distributors


New York State Attorney General Letitia James, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and other bipartisan attorneys general announced Wednesday that a proposed $26 billion settlement will resolve claims against several large opioid distributors.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials of Wealth Management

Speaker: Vi Pham, Attorney at Law

Wealth management is a guaranteed practice: as paralegals, it's essential that you know the complexities of wealth management in order to ensure that your client's rights are protected to their fullest extent. Join Vi Pham, Attorney and educator, in this exclusive webinar that will leave you feeling brushed up and ready. This seminar meets the requirements of the NALA Certifying Board for continuing legal education credit required to maintain the CP (Certified Paralegal) credential.

Attorney Burnout: 4 Traps to Avoid

Attorney at Work

The road to attorney burnout is the same as the road to success — the difference is attitude and perspective. I burned out after 27 years of being a trial attorney. It was a classic case of attorney burnout. I had followed the road to attorney burnout with the best of intentions.

What This Paralegal Has Learned After Working With Attorneys for 40 Years

Paralegal Bootcamp

If they become a repeat abuser, I take the situation to the lawyer (because of course, you know this is a true principle, they do NOT behave that way with the attorney). I was blessed early in my career to have worked with some attorneys who loved to teach and share their knowledge.

Attorney at Work’s Top 20 Articles of the Year

Attorney at Work

The most-read articles on Attorney at Work this year focused on personal technology how-tos, along with law firm management, productivity and profits. Here, then, are the most popular, spark-tacular posts published by Attorney at Work in 2021, based solely on page views.

What Makes a Great Bankruptcy Attorney?

Diane Drain

Reprint from a great California bankruptcy attorney – Cathy Moran. Just like you should check out the licensing agencies for your contractor, doctor or plumber, you should also check out the State Bar for your prospective attorney. Nothing is More Expensive Than Hiring a Cheap Attorney.

Your Guide to Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Texas


When interviewing potential attorneys for personal injury lawsuits, you must have a set of attributes in mind. Lawsuits & Litigation personal injury attorneys personal injury claims personal injury damages personal injury lawsuits personal injury lawyers

Services Offered by Immigration Attorneys


As the case progresses, your attorney will offer advice about resolving problems or avoiding unnecessary delays. News & Politics federal immigration policy immigration attorneys immigration courts immigration issues immigration lawyers

Federal district court rules trans discrimination violates Illinois attorney ethics


Transgender Attorney Sheryl Ring Monday won a lawsuit in US district court with a stipulation that Illinois attorney ethics rules do not allow discrimination based on gender identity.

Non-unanimous acquittals and attorney-client privilege


Law firm asks justices to consider the scope of attorney-client privilege for dual-purpose documents. Circuit, a dual-purpose communication may fall under attorney-client privilege so long as legal advice represents a significant purpose for the communication, even if not the primary purpose.

Judge Disciplined For Popping Off To Attorney Is Now Facing Said Attorney In Election Runoff

Above The Law

The post Judge Disciplined For Popping Off To Attorney Is Now Facing Said Attorney In Election Runoff appeared first on Above the Law. Life comes at ya fast.

Polster Caps MDL Attorney Fees at 15% of Settlement


Opioid Drugs addiction addiction crisis attorney attorneys attorneys fees Cleveland court case crisis Dan Polster Deal epidemic fees lawyer lawyers litigation Ohio payout payouts problem represent representation settlement

What are the Qualities of a Criminal Defense Attorney?


The first and foremost job of the criminal defense attorney is to strive to learn as much as possible about the case in particular. Crimes criminal allegations Criminal Charges criminal defense attorneys criminal defense lawyers criminal defense strategies

Scott Michael Forrester Disbarred Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney – Effective 5/5/2021

Diane Drain

You must understand the law and work with an attorney who knows their job and treats you with respect. Several other good attorneys did the same. Forrester was positive we were trying to “poach” his clients, rather than trying to help him be a better attorney.

Disgraced Former Attorney General Arrested. Again.

Above The Law

The post Disgraced Former Attorney General Arrested. Government Attorney General DUI Kathleen KaneThe convicted criminal has another legal problem. Again. appeared first on Above the Law.

Attorney Compensation: Taking Your Firm From Good to Great

Attorney at Work

No topic gains more attention than attorney compensation. Value-based Attorney Compensation. How to Create a Modern Attorney Compensation Plan. The post Attorney Compensation: Taking Your Firm From Good to Great appeared first on Attorney at Work.

Are Impaired Attorneys Insurable?


Several concerned lawyers recently reached out to me each wanting to discuss attorney impairment. What is your definition of the phrase “attorney impairment” and why is this definition important? The post Are Impaired Attorneys Insurable? Attorney Wellness

Virginia court disbars defense attorney for Oath Keepers, Proud Boys


A Virginia state court has disbarred Jonathon Moseley, an attorney who has represented January 6 Capitol riot defendants, finding that Mosely violated six of the Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct.

Beginners Guide to Understanding Criminal Attorneys


Crimes Criminal Charges criminal defense criminal defense attorneys criminal defense lawyers criminal defense strategiesWhen there is a suspicion of child abuse or any related investigation, criminal lawyers play an important role in any cases relating to children.

Difference Between Power of Attorney and Conservatorship

A People's Choice

At A People’s Choice, we have helped California residents prepare power of attorneys or file a court conservatorship so they can handle the financial and medical desires of a loved one.

How to Choose a Good Criminal Defense Attorney


Crimes criminal allegations Criminal Charges criminal defense attorneys criminal defense lawyers criminal defense strategiesWhile a public defender is free, they typically try to negotiate plea deals instead of fighting for your rights and your innocence.

LexisNexis Expands Award-Winning Context Platform with Context Attorney Analytics


Build stronger arguments, anticipate strategies and neutralize opposing counsel’s arguments with legal language analytics that focus on attorney arguments linked to written judicial opinions.

Attorney ‘Act’ Law

Above The Law

The post Attorney ‘Act’ Law appeared first on Above the Law. What would happen if you learned skills that were far removed from your immediate field and figured out ways to integrate them into your work life? In-House Counsel Improv Olga V.

Assistant District Attorney Goes On Anti-Vax/Mask Screed… No Longer Assistant District Attorney

Above The Law

The post Assistant District Attorney Goes On Anti-Vax/Mask Screed… No Longer Assistant District Attorney appeared first on Above the Law. Government Anti-Vaxxers COVID Governments Melinda Katz Queens County District Attorney Shannon Stephens Vaccines

Attorney Fired After Pro-Putin TV Appearance

Above The Law

The post Attorney Fired After Pro-Putin TV Appearance appeared first on Above the Law. Government Jennifer DeMaster Milwaukee City Attorney Ukraine Vladimir PutinThis wasn't the only controversy she was involved in.

How to Choose a Competent Immigration Attorney

Chugh LLP

A good immigration attorney can make all the difference in your chances for success. Our experts discuss what you should consider during your attorney selection process, including: The value added by an attorney in developing your immigration strategy.

US attorneys general sue Google over deceptive location tracking practices


Google falsely led consumers to believe that changing their account and device settings would allow customers to protect their privacy and control what personal data the company could access,” read the statement issued by the office of the Attorney General Karl Racine for the District of Colombia.

Why Do You Need an Attorney After a Workplace Injury?


Lawsuits & Litigation workers comp workers comp attorney workers comp lawyer workers compensation attorney workers compensation case workers compensation lawyer

On Car Accidents and Attorneys in Virginia


Lawsuits & Litigation car accident attorney car accident compensation car accident insurance car accident lawyer car accident settlement Car Accidents police car accident reports

3 Situations That MAY Require a Probate Attorney

A People's Choice

If you are the executor of an estate wondering whether you need to hire a probate attorney, check this out! In this article, we list three of the top signs the will or estate you're working with requires an attorney's advice.

Attorneys Beware: The Check Scam


The result is greater efficiency and ease for both the attorney and client in most cases. Unfortunately, however, we see situations where attorneys are too trusting of purported clients and fall victim to fraud. If the attorney responds, the PC requests a retainer agreement.

10 Things Attorneys Look For in a Paralegal

Paralegal Bootcamp

Things Attorneys Look For In a Paralegal. Do you want to know what things attorneys look for in a paralegal? The easiest way to find out what attributes and skills your attorney values the most is to ask them. Pro Tip from an Attorney. Attorneys are not the grammar police.