5 best practices to Make Your Small Business More Successful


Business financing for small businesses hiring for small business small business administration small business funding small business loans small business marketing small business owners

How to Avoid Legal Trouble in Your Small Business


Business hiring for small business moving your small business small business challenges small business funding small business loans small business marketing


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Robert Trosten on How to Get a Loan for Small Businesses


News & Politics financing for small businesses small business small business administration small business financing small business loans small business owners

Hani Zeini Lists 3 Challenges Every Small Business Owner Must Be Ready to Manage


Avoid the pitfall of a one-person show, which most small businesses happen to be. . Business financing for small businesses hiring for small business small business small business challenges small business marketing small business owners

Tips for Dealing with Petty Theft in Your Small Business


At the end of the day, a business is a business, and all businesses thrive on strong leadership, consistent policies, and trust. Business entrepreneur petty theft small business challenges small business owners theft theft allegations

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Prevent and Recover from Income Loss


Business COVID-19 shutdowns financing for small businesses income income loss small business challengesThe more touchpoints you create and sell through, the more conversions you’ll generate, and the more revenue will come your way.

Mark Elenowitz Says Small Business Entrepreneurs Should Avoid These Financing Mistakes


Business entrepreneurs finance financing for small businesses Mark Elenowitz millennial entrepreneurs small business financingWhen entrepreneurs are opting in for financing, they should also consider origination fees.

Small Business Hiring - Small Business Recruiting | iHire


Wondering how to grow a small business? These 5 tips will help you create a smart small business hiring plan so you can manage your recruitment properly

Small Business: Cyber Security Testing Measures


It is no news that small businesses are one of the main targets of hacks and other cyberattacks. Many cyber criminals focus on small businesses because they haven’t found their footing in their industry and are trying to find their way around the market.

How to Finance Your Small Business Venture


What is keeping you from pursuing your dream, your big idea for a successful small business? There are quite a few methods to consider to finance your future small business. Here are the top ways to finance your small business and what to consider with each.

Small Business Bankruptcy: Know Your Options


Whether you own a small or large business, you will most likely have to choose between Chapters 7, 13, and 11 when filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy chapter 7 bankruptcy small business bankruptcy sole proprietorship bankruptcy bankruptcy documents self employed bankruptcy

Robert Trosten: How You Can Choose the Right Applications for Your Small Business


If you want to see your business touch the highest point of success in the market, you need assistance with the latest software. Business apps apps for lawyers mobile apps Robert Trosten small business

Hani Zeini on How Small Businesses Can Accelerate Growth by Accepting Mobile Payments


Business contactless payments COVID-19 pandemic hani zeini mobile payments small businessesAs people are most comfortable using their smartphones that have become a part of our daily lives, it is only natural that mobile payments will be the most preferred payment mode. .

Outplacement Services - Small Business | iHire


Letting go of team members in a small business can have a lasting impact. Here’s why many SMBs offer outplacement services to transitioning employees

How Sub Chapter V Bankruptcy Is Helping Small Business Owners Recover


The Small Business Recovery Act of 2020 has a very important component to it, Subchapter V. Though the new law went into effect pre-Covid it has turned out to be an important piece to small business COVID recovery. Business Support

Affordable Marketing Tips for Small Businesses from Hani Zeini


Express your gratitude towards customers by sending ‘Thank You’ cards or organizing a special thanksgiving event that bonds them closely with your business and brand. . Business business marketing content marketing digital marketing hani zeini marketing marketing campaign marketing leads

Hiring Tips – Small Businesses | iHire


Starting a new business? Read these tips before you begin hiring your first employees

Small Business Recruiting - White Paper | iHire


Learn how to create a simplified, repeatable, and effective recruitment process for your small or micro business

5 Tips by Marcus Debaise to Reopen Small Businesses after the Coronavirus Pandemic


Many small businesses have shown enough compassion and virtue by supporting their communities during tough times. Business coronavirus Covid-19 Marcus DeBaise reopen america reopened reopening

7 Legal Issues Small Businesses Can Face During COVID-19 and Tips to Reopen


Running a business is hard. Business covid aid covid business protection covid liability COVID restrictions COVID-19 pandemic COVID-19 restrictionsRight now, the pressure of tackling a company is even more challenging. An attorney can help you create strategies that help.

Small Business Hiring Challenges - Survey | iHire


iHire reveals the results of a survey of 250+ small business, showing that 64.2% of small businesses struggle to attract aualified talent

8 Difficult Moves You’ll Need to Make to Save a Business That’s Failing


If your business is in dire straits, take hard steps to turn things around, but think positive. Business financing for small businesses small business small business administration small business challenges small business financing

Employer Branding for Small Businesses - eBook | iHire


Learn how to build a strong employer brand in 10 simple steps

Australia: Being a small business is no excuse for ignorance of employment law - PCC Employment Lawyers


Any breaches can be costly, so small business employers should know their obligations to employees under employment law

Legal Issues for Small and Medium Businesses


Law firms regularly review new business laws. Business financing for small businesses medium business small business funding small business owners small businesses

Michael Osland Discusses How to Maintain Smooth Cash Flow for Small Businesses


Minimizing bad debts is a step towards effective cash management, which you must complement with better business management. Business accounts payable accounts receivable cash flow management payables receivables

5 Common Legal Claims for Small Business Disputes That Require a Lawyer


Having a lawyer at the ready assures you to run your business without worries. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Lawsuits & Litigation contract law Employment Law intellectual property law partnership law personal injury

Canada: Alberta Securities Commission Proposes New Prospectus Exemptions For Small Business: Seeks Comments - Bennett Jones LLP


On March 25, 2021, the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) proposed two new prospectus exemptions to promote investment opportunities for small businesses in Alberta

What Should You Do If Your Business Gets Sued?


When you take the right steps to protect your business, not only will you reduce financial risks but you will also gain peace of mind. Lawsuits & Litigation personal injury small business small business owners workers compensation case Workplace Discrimination Wrongful Termination

The 8 California Laws Every Business Leader Needs to Know About


California currently has over four million small businesses, which employ over 7.1 Business business law business owners overtime issues Sexual harassment small business owners

How to Support Minority-Owned Businesses


Business black asian minority ethnic minority minority groups minority issues small businessAdditional consumer spending strengthens local economies.

Your Legal Checklist for Selling a Business


Selling a business is different than selling something like a car, where you hand the keys to the buyer and go on your way. Business business financial health business owners due diligence sell a business selling a business small business financing

Legal 86

Small Business Hiring Challenges - Infographic | iHire


To understand the most pressing small business recruiting challenges heading into 2020, iHire surveyed 258 hiring professionals from U.S. companies with fewer than 500 employees

5 Ways To Grow Your Business in 2021


Let 2021 be a year of reinvention and hope for a brighter, better, and more successful future for your business! Business business marketing digital marketing email marketing internet marketing marketing marketing campaign small business

5 Effective Tips from Business Growth Expert Robert Trosten


At the end of the day, it’s all about the value your business brings to a community that eventually remains. . Business entrepreneur entrepreneurial growing business millennial entrepreneur small business

What to Look for When Hiring Outside General Counsel for Your Company


An option many business owners find more reassuring is working with a legal firm which specializes in outside counsel. Business general counsel in-house general counsel outside counsel regulatory issues small businesses

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HHS Won’t Enforce Surprise Sanitizer Fee


News & Politics brewery Brian Harrison cares act civic responsibility coronavirus Distillery drug manufacturers FDA fees hand sanitizer HHS pandemic sanitizer small business