Podcasting Tips for Lawyers

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Although podcasting has been around since 2005, it seems like it has suddenly become “a thing” for lawyers. Lawyers may want to examine common myths, or demystify legal matters, or educate listeners on their area of practice. Considering a podcast for your law firm?

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Private vs. Public Lawyer: The Pros And Cons


Although private lawyers tend to be more thorough, public lawyers are much cheaper or won’t cost you a thing. Likewise, even though public lawyers know various court environments quite well, private lawyers devote their time and effort to your cases.


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Helpful Tips for New Lawyers


Business future lawyers lawyers mentor mentorship program negotiationsIf you aren't confident negotiating, you should start working on building this skill.

Afghanistan dispatches: “Now there are no clients for lawyers…”


JURIST EXCLUSIVE – Law students and lawyers in Afghanistan are filing reports with JURIST on the situation there after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban. The courts are closed, and many judges, prosecutors, and lawyers have already left the country.

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Lawyers Behaving All Kinds Of Badly


What's with lawyers these days? Courts Amy Coney Barrett Featured Podcasts Legal Ethics Supreme Court Thinking Like A Lawyer Podcast

4 Indicators That You’ve Hired a Bad Lawyer


You are entrusting your future to this individual, and the least you can do for yourself is to hire a lawyer who will do their best to champion your cause. Lawsuits & Litigation bad lawyer good lawyer hiring a lawyer lawyers overpromising results of a case peer reputation

Lawyer Networking: Are You a Spoke or a Hub?

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With my travel picking up, recent experiences have made me think about lawyer networking. A neighbor is looking for an estate planning lawyer. The post Lawyer Networking: Are You a Spoke or a Hub?

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Preventing Compassion Fatigue: When Lawyers Care Too Much

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Lawyers care. However, lawyers can become overwhelmed by the trauma and stresses of their clients. In medical terms , this is known as compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic stress, or vicarious trauma, and it is common among medical care professionals, first responders and lawyers.

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Young Lawyers: Making the Most Out of Your Mentoring Relationships

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Looking back, I definitely remember how much lawyer mentorship was preached to me when I was a law student and a young lawyer. Three Ways to Make the Most of Lawyer Mentorship Relationships. In-House Lawyer Legal Career Development New Lawyers You At Work

Robots Are Coming For The Lawyers


Robots are coming for the lawyers, as they have come for many other sectors of the economy, according to a recent article. If there is to be a robot apocalypse that radically transforms the legal industry , humanoid lawyers must prepare for co-existence which hopefully will be peaceful.

How a Lawyer Can Help with Your Workplace Accident Claim


Workers' Compensation workers comp workers comp attorney workers comp lawyer workers compensation attorney workers compensation case workers compensation lawyer workplace injuriesWorkplace injuries may result in debilitating consequences that impact you for the rest of your life.

3 Types of Specialty Lawyers You May Need


Business employment lawyer government lawyer intellectual property Intellectual property attorney intellectual property law Intellectual property lawyer lawyerLegal trouble is never ideal, but it helps to know how to face it should it arise.

Three Tips for Owning Your Career as a Young Lawyer

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One of the most pernicious myths for young lawyers is that someone will teach you everything you need to know about practicing law, and as long as you keep your head down and “do what you’re supposed to,” success will come. In-House Lawyer Legal Career Development New Lawyers You At Work

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Myanmar dispatches: ‘lawyers are starting to think that there is no point searching for justice when it does not exist anymore’


The professional life of lawyers in Myanmar was not easy even before the coup, Now, it’s worse. In Myanmar – especially for litigation lawyers – popularity, social connections and the favor of court clerks play a greater role in their success than specialization and lawyering experience. Due to their lack of legal knowledge and guidance, the majority of Myanmar people do not know what kind of lawyer they should choose for the legal matter they’re facing.

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The Best Times Lawyers Should Call Or Email Other Lawyers


Lawyers should keep a few things in mind about other lawyers' schedules. Small Law Firms Jordan Rothman

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5 Organizational Skills for Lawyers

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When you think of organizational skills for lawyers, you probably think first of the physical things: an uncluttered office, pristine case files, and the ability to find exactly what you’re looking for exactly when you need it. Lawyer Organization Tip No.

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Top 5 Things to Ask Your Lawyer


Lawsuits & Litigation Best Lawyers best lawyers 2020 best lawyers 2021 best lawyers lawyer of the year 2021 contingency oneflare practice areas

When Do You Need a Maritime Lawyer?


Act quickly after any sort of boating accident and talk to a maritime lawyer about your next steps. Lawsuits & Litigation admiralty admiralty law boat accidents cruise ship lawyers maritime law

4 Questions You Should Ask When Consulting a Family Lawyer


When you're going through this difficult time of your life, your chosen lawyer should contribute to a better flow of your case and situation and not add to the anxiety you're already going through.

Should You Contact Family Lawyers During a Breakup?


Family lawyers are a critical part of breakups. Lawsuits & Litigation Divorce Family law family law attorney family law lawyer family lawyer

Lawyer Well-Being Is In Decline, Survey Reports


Lawyer well-being is in decline, according to a recent Bloomberg Law survey. Lawyers are one of a few groups that suffer disproportionately from mental health, substance abuse and stress-related issues. Careers Being a Lawyer Stats Surveys & Awards

California Supreme Court: prisoners must get lawyer when challenging convictions for killings committed by others


The California Supreme Court held Monday that prisoners are entitled to a lawyer before a trial court can consider their record of conviction in determining whether the prisoners may challenge their murder convictions for killings committed by others.

Lawyers, Implicit Bias and Burnout: 5 Steps to Self-Discovery

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The post Lawyers, Implicit Bias and Burnout: 5 Steps to Self-Discovery appeared first on Attorney at Work. Law Firm Culture Lawyer Anxiety and Depression Lawyer Stress Well-Being You At Work

Lawyers On Lockdown Calling Helplines


Lawyers on lockdown are increasingly reaching out to helplines to manage stress, anxiety and other mental health issues. Like many struggling with lockdown issues, lawyers are not immune from the daily stressors that the lockdowns have brought.

The Lawyers of Substack


At least one lawyer is in this pantheon of top-paid publishers on Substack – Glenn Greenwald , the former litigator turned Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author of four New York Times bestselling books on politics and law, including No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S.

Top 10 Secrets of Criminal Defense Lawyers


Crimes criminal criminal cases Criminal Charges criminal defense attorney criminal defense lawyer criminal justice public defendersWhile winning or losing is never guaranteed, there are certain tricks of the trade that can help you receive a favorable verdict. .

How Federal Employment Lawyers Protect Federal Employees’ Futures


Lawsuits & Litigation discrimination EEOC federal employment laws federal employment lawyers OPMNo one should have to work through debilitating illnesses or injuries because they are unsure of their eligibility to receive OPM disability retirement.

Reasons for Needing a Family Lawyer in 2021


Family lawyers who are hired for years certainly feel like part of your family after a while. Business adoption lawyers divorce lawyer Family law family law attorney marriage prenuptial agreement

Social Media For Lawyers


Have a strategy lest you find yourself just hanging out on social media. Small Law Firms Iffy Ibekwe Social Media Solo Practitioners

Business Lawyers are a Must-Have to Grow Your Venture


Business business attorney business law business lawyer corporate counsel partnershipsEvery business venture requires direction. Ignorance won't keep the business floating, nor will it protect the firm and prevent all threats and vulnerabilities.

How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help with Your Investments


A real estate lawyer is not a luxury. Business Commercial real estate real estate agents real estate company real estate investing real estate investments real estate law real estate lawyersThey’re a necessity.

Lawyers Examining Key Questions Surrounding Vaccine Mandate

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The post Lawyers Examining Key Questions Surrounding Vaccine Mandate appeared first on Intelligize. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington famously ordered mass vaccinations of American troops against the smallpox virus.

The Easy Button For Lawyers


We lawyers must take better care of ourselves. Running a law office can be highly stressful, endless, and thankless work. Small Law Firms Iffy Ibekwe Solo Practitioners Stress

What Is A Probate Lawyer?


California Courts Estate Planning Probate estate planning probate probate lawyerIt is very hard to deal with the loss of a loved one. There are many memories and emotions to process right after they are laid to rest.

Workspace: 8 Things Every Lawyer Needs to Get the Work Done

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So, as someone who has worked virtually for over two decades and has been helping lawyers do and work better my entire career, here are my tips on five of those basics, along with a few of my favorite things to help make your office a pleasant place to be.

What Must You Consider While Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Check to see if the lawyer you're considering has experience in cases similar to yours.

Lawyer Suspended For ‘Intend[ing] To Incite Intensified Racial Conflict’


Legal Ethics David Traywick George Floyd Lawyers Behaving Badly Social MediaHis social media posts were described as 'troubling.'.

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Lawyers Make Formidable Litigants


Perhaps most obviously, lawyers make daunting litigants because they know the law better than other litigants. Litigators Small Law Firms Jordan Rothman Litigation

Do I Need a Lawyer to Create a Valid Will?


Business estate planning estate planning attorneys estate planning lawyers trust willAlthough you may not be immortal, you can live forever in the eyes of those you love when you leave them something to remember you by.

Secrets of a Personal Injury Lawyer


The headline from the website or billboard brought you in: “Over $100 Million Recovered” and you thought ‘I could be 1 of that $100 Million’. Statistically that’s far from reality.