Marketing For Lawyers 101


In this article, we’ll cover important components of lawyer marketing, as well as best practices, so you maximize client intake and conversions. Important Components of Marketing for Lawyers. Marketing for Lawyers: Get Started Today .

Why Hire Family Lawyers?


Business family family court family dispute family law lawyer family lawyer family membersThey can also assist you with court appearances in case you have been accused or threatened in your family.


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Despite firms’ attempts at inclusion, study finds only moderate growth of female lawyers in private sector


Law360 Sunday released a study showing only a moderate increase in the number of female lawyers working in law firms, despite the efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion. Additionally, female criminal and appellate lawyers were underrepresented.

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What Does a Property Lawyer Do?


In addition, it’s also worth mentioning that in many situations, a lawyer must be present at closing according to local laws. Business buying real estate property law property lawyers real estate law real estate lawyers

Podcasting Tips for Lawyers

Attorney at Work

Although podcasting has been around since 2005, it seems like it has suddenly become “a thing” for lawyers. Lawyers may want to examine common myths, or demystify legal matters, or educate listeners on their area of practice. Considering a podcast for your law firm?

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Cases When You Should Contact Your Lawyer Immediately


A good lawyer will help you during the process of facing a criminal charge and ensure that your rights are protected. News & Politics asking for a lawyer Best Lawyers criminal defense lawyers defense lawyers drug possession lawyer injury lawyer

How to Best Work with Your Lawyer for Positive Outcomes


Business bankruptcy lawyers Best Lawyers best lawyers 2022 business lawyer corporate lawyers estate planning lawyer medical malpractice lawyerIt's normal for an average individual to get confused with legal jargon.

Law360 Pulse Releases Lawyer Satisfaction Survey


One common complaint from lawyers is poor work/life balance. Business lawyers and addiction lawyers and clients lawyers and mental health lawyers and substance abuse work life balance for lawyers work-life balance

Managing Stress: 6 Steps to Becoming a Healthier Lawyer

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The pressure of being a lawyer takes its toll on your health and happiness. Pace Yourself Becoming a Healthier Lawyer Requires a Strategy. Most lawyers don’t make their own health and wellness a priority because other, more urgent things demand their attention.

Building Confidence: Strategies for Lawyers

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It may seem obvious, but during COVID, I’ve observed that successful lawyers have confidence while those who are not successful — or don’t feel successful — lack confidence. I was the sole attorney for my clients, up against a room full of corporate defense lawyers.

How a Lawyer Helps with Medical Compensation


Lawsuits & Litigation personal injury personal injury attorneys personal injury claims personal injury damages personal injury lawsuits personal injury lawyersUnlike what TV shows and movies will have you believe, court processes are not as quick and dramatic as most legal dramas.

3 Critical Social Skills You Will Need as a Lawyer


Business attorneys Law School lawyers social skills for attorneys social skills for lawyersYou have to be adept at understanding people well and making yourself understood.

9 McKeen & Associates Attorneys Named Super Lawyers


Positive News Brian McKeen McKeen & Associates McKeen and Associates Medical Malpractice super lawyers 2022“This recognition from such a prestigious organization endorses our commitment to civil justice,” said Brian McKeen, founder and managing partner of McKeen & Associates. “We

40 Wellness Tips For Lawyers


Wellness tips for lawyers are in great demand for a profession that has struggled with the health and wellbeing of its members. “Stress is one of the defining characteristics of becoming and being a lawyer. Careers Being a Lawyer Career Tips for Lawyers

5 Top Resources on Mental Health for Lawyers


Lawyers’ mental health is an issue that must be taken care of, but more importantly, it has to be communicated and acknowledged. Mental Health lawyers and mental health lawyers mental health resources mental health resources for lawyers mental health treatment teaching resources mental healt

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When Should You Hire a Denver Real Estate Lawyer?


If you’re looking for a property for your new business venture or if you’re lending your property for commercial use, you definitely need a good lawyer. Business commercial property commercial property market property law property lawyers real estate real estate attorneys real estate lawyers

The Real Cost of Getting a Lawyer


Lawyers can also accept cases without requiring their clients to pay anything upfront. Business billable hours contingency fee costs of hiring a lawyer lawyer costs legal fees

Summer Reading List For Lawyers


If you are looking for a reading list for lawyers to enjoy this Summer, BTI Consulting has pulled together a helpful post with selections to choose from. Careers Being a Lawyer Career Tips for Lawyers

What Exactly Do Police Brutality Lawyers Do?


Civil Rights News & Politics police brutality attorneys police brutality case police brutality complaints police brutality lawsuit police brutality lawyers police brutality settlementKeep in mind that illegal searches are a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Chatbot Lawyer: Legal Chatbots Guideline


A chatbot lawyer helps by providing 24/7 assistance to all of your firm’s website visitors. This article covers a general overview of chatbot lawyers, how chatbots can positively impact your firm’s productivity and lead intake, and practical tips for integrating a chatbot into your firm. .

Helpful Tips for New Lawyers


Business future lawyers lawyers mentor mentorship program negotiationsIf you aren't confident negotiating, you should start working on building this skill.

Alaska Immigration Lawyers Help Clients


News & Politics american immigration lawyers association asylum immigration law immigration lawsuit immigration lawyersForeign nationals persecuted in their country on racial, religious or nationality grounds are allowed to seek asylum in the US.

The Difference Between a Defense Lawyer and a Trial Lawyer


Considering defense attorneys and trial lawyers defend their clients in different ways, they also have different skill sets. Business civil trials criminal defense lawyers criminal trials defense lawyers trial lawyers

Marketing Basics for Lawyers

Rocket Matter

You… Read More » Marketing Basics for Lawyers. The post Marketing Basics for Lawyers appeared first on Rocket Matter. When you’re building up your firm, it can be tough to get the word out about the services that you have to offer.

Private vs. Public Lawyer: The Pros And Cons


Although private lawyers tend to be more thorough, public lawyers are much cheaper or won’t cost you a thing. Likewise, even though public lawyers know various court environments quite well, private lawyers devote their time and effort to your cases.

How to Make Money as a Lawyer


Many people study to become a lawyer because they covet a high salary—but where does that money come from? Those outside the legal field (or new to it) may not be familiar with how lawyers get paid or know that not all payments are created equal. How Do Lawyers Bill Clients?

How Do Lawyers Plan for Retirement?


Whether your retirement is around the corner or further down the road, retirement for lawyers requires extensive preparation. There are certain lawyer retirement rules and regulation requirements you’ll need to follow—and they vary from state to state. . When Do Lawyers Retire?

Do I Need a Probate Lawyer in California?

A People's Choice

Wondering, "Do I need a probate lawyer in California to make my life easier?" California Courts Legal Document Assistants Probate Real Property Do I Need a Probate Lawyer in California? Probate Lawyer in California probate lawyer

Lawyers: Why Is It So Hard to Ask for Help?

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Lawyers are expected to always know the answers, handle the pressure and not make mistakes. If we know this, why then do lawyers often have a hard time asking for help? And the reasons are exacerbated by our profession’s expectations of how we present ourselves as lawyers.

Music Mondays: Warner Music Sues Bang Energy Over TikTok Advertising Videos

The Hollywood Lawyer

The post Music Mondays: Warner Music Sues Bang Energy Over TikTok Advertising Videos appeared first on THE HOLLYWOOD LAWYER. Warner Music Group is seeking damages in a current lawsuit against Bang Energy, the third-best-selling energy drink in the U.S., and its CEO Jack Owoc.

Make Money Monday:  Should Lawyers Use TikTok?

My Shingle

Interesting data, but should lawyers be using Tiktok? particularly after seeing these examples of early adopting lawyers who’ve gone viral with several… Marketing make money monday make money mondays

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Should You Hire a Lawyer for Naturalization?


Seasoned immigration lawyers have the innate ability to spot trouble before it even starts. News & Politics immigration immigration and naturalization act naturalization attorneys naturalization fee naturalization lawyers

4 Indicators That You’ve Hired a Bad Lawyer


You are entrusting your future to this individual, and the least you can do for yourself is to hire a lawyer who will do their best to champion your cause. Lawsuits & Litigation bad lawyer good lawyer hiring a lawyer lawyers overpromising results of a case peer reputation

Upright Lawyering

Above The Law

The post Upright Lawyering appeared first on Above the Law. Yes, our world feels like a literal dumpster fire at times. However. Small Law Firms Iffy Ibekwe Mental Health Solo Practitioners

3 Types of Specialty Lawyers You May Need


Business employment lawyer government lawyer intellectual property Intellectual property attorney intellectual property law Intellectual property lawyer lawyerLegal trouble is never ideal, but it helps to know how to face it should it arise.

Lawyers on TikTok: Tips for Short-Form Video Marketing

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How Do Lawyers Use TikTok? Recently, lawyers have increasingly started to use TikTok to educate their audience and promote their services by: Creating compelling videos and capturing attention through fast-paced content.

A Productivity Hack For In-House Lawyers


A productivity hack for in-house lawyers courtesy of the venerable Sterling Miller! Careers Being a Lawyer Career Tips for Lawyers