What is the Difference Between a Misdemeanor Traffic Offense and a Felony Traffic Offense?


The distinction between a misdemeanor and a felony depends on the severity of the crime. When it comes to traffic offenses, some are more serious than others. Crimes traffic accidents traffic cameras traffic citations traffic collision traffic fines traffic laws

US federal judge finds man guilty of four misdemeanor charges relating to Capitol breach


A US District Court for the District of Columbia judge Friday found a man guilty of all four misdemeanor charges against him relating to the US Capitol breach on January 6 last year.


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“Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Confiscating Man’s Entire Net Worth Over A Misdemeanor”


“Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Confiscating Man’s Entire Net Worth Over A Misdemeanor”: Nick Sibilla has this post online at Forbes about a ruling that the Supreme Court of Ohio issued earlier this month. ” The post “Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Confiscating Man’s Entire Net Worth Over A Misdemeanor” appeared first on How Appealing

More Money for Cops Produces More Misdemeanor Arrests: Study

The Crime Report

cities is correlated to an increase in misdemeanor arrests for crimes like loitering, trespassing, and drug possession, Slate reports. cities and towns over a 29-year period, tracking how the local police departments spent money related to staffing and misdemeanor arrests.

Court declines to endorse warrantless entries in all “hot pursuits” for misdemeanors


Share The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that when police are pursuing someone for a misdemeanor, that pursuit does not automatically create the kind of emergency that allows the officer to follow the suspect into a home without a warrant.

NY Gov Cuomo Summoned to Court Nov 17 to Face Misdemeanor Sex Charge

The Crime Report

17 to face charges on a misdemeanor sex crime relating to an allegation that he “forcibly” touched a staff member. The charge, a Class A misdemeanor, carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail, reports The City.

Judge Makes Example of Jan. 6 Rioter Sentenced to 45 Days for Misdemeanor

The Crime Report

Chutkan acknowledged that Mazzocco had pleaded guilty only to one misdemeanor count of “parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building,” a common charge for many of the rioters.

SCOTUS rules for fleeing misdemeanor suspect charged after police entered his garage

ABA Journal

Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police officers who are pursuing a misdemeanor suspect aren’t necessarily entitled to enter a home without a… Developing: The U.S.

“Supreme Court to debate whether misdemeanors can be a foot in the door for warrantless home search”


“Supreme Court to debate whether misdemeanors can be a foot in the door for warrantless home search”: John Fritze of USA Today has this report

St. Louis Couple Pleads Guilty to Misdemeanors After Pointing Guns at Protesters

The Crime Report

couple who made headlines for pointing guns at demonstrators during last June’s protests over the death of George Floyd, pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanor charges, and agreed to give up the weapons they used during the confrontation, the Associated Press reports. The St. Louis, Mo.,

Wisconsin Supreme Court broadens eligibility to possess license to carry concealed weapon


The case traces back to 1993 when petitioner-appellant Daniel Doubek received a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence after he broke into his estranged wife’s home and proclaimed threats.

SCOTUS Holds “Hot Pursuit” for Misdemeanors Doesn’t Always Justify Warrantless Entry into Home

Constitutional Law Reporter

It held that, under the Fourth Amendment , the pursuit of a fleeing misdemeanor suspect does not always (or categorically) qualify as an exigent circumstance justifying a warrantless entry into a home. The State charged Lange with the misdemeanor of driving under the influence.

Judge is accused of wrongly using coercive detention to get misdemeanor defendants to pay fees, costs

ABA Journal

An Ohio municipal judge has been accused of ignoring state law by jailing unrepresented defendants for failure to pay fees and fines without holding a…

Protests Arise at UW-Madison After Alleged Assailants of Chinese Student are Charged with Misdemeanors in Brutal Attack


There is a controversy at the University of Wisconsin this week after the Dane County District Attorney’s Office in Wisconsin filed misdemeanor battery charges against three teens suspected in the brutal assault of a UW-Madison Chinese PhD student.

The McCloskey Plead Guilty To Minor Misdemeanors in Conclusion of St. Louis Protest Case


Now, the couple has been allowed to plead to two minor misdemeanors in the conclusion of a highly politicized case. Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault while Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment. YouTube Screenshot.

Three-Part Series: Criminal Case Processing in North Carolina, Part II – Misdemeanors


By the North Carolina Judicial Branch Are you interested in understanding more about criminal court case processing in North Carolina? Courtesy of the North Carolina Judicial Branch, the Paralegal Division blog is publishing a three-part series the first three weeks of February.

Starting Salaries for District Attorneys


Business assistant district attorneys criminal justice felonies misdemeanors prosecutorsWhatever you choose to do, make the decision that supports your dreams and, of course, your financial goals.

How to File A Petition for Expungement in California

A People's Choice

Miscellaneous california expungement process do it yourself expungement expunge a california misdemeanor expungement costs expunge a felony convictionIndividuals with criminal records can “clean their slate” through expungement.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson pardons gun-wielding lawyer couple


Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750. Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was fined $2,000.

Judicial candidate faces charges after video shows him swinging belt at girlfriend

ABA Journal

A judicial candidate in Michigan has been charged with misdemeanor domestic assault after an office worker recorded him removing his belt and swinging it multiple…

Crimes And Misdemeanors A Cultural Reflection

The Paralegal Resource

Many of those accused of crimes involving drugs and alcohol choose to roll the dice and face jail or prison, rather than embrace a healthy sober lifestyle when advised to do so by their attorneys and the Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange County courts. High end rehabs can be a cushy alternative to jail. However, low income alternative sentencing facilities often require living in close quarters with an emotionally challenging cast of surly characters.

County attorney takes responsibility for 180 botched cases after first blaming her staff

ABA Journal

Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel in Arizona has said she takes full responsibility for 180 misdemeanor cases that were dropped because prosecutors failed to file…

Former elections GC pleads guilty to charges stemming from wrestling with job seekers

ABA Journal

A former general counsel for the New York City Board of Elections has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors for allegedly subjecting job seekers to a…

Florida lawyer arrested for removing her clothes at a bar; it was second arrest in 2 days

ABA Journal

A Florida lawyer was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor disorderly conduct after she allegedly stripped naked at a bar and refused to leave. Police…

What Laws are Meant to Help Prevent Accidents in Arkansas?


The state of Arkansas has made reckless driving a criminal misdemeanor. News & Politics car accident attorney car accident compensation car accident insurance car accident lawyer car accident settlement car accident survivors Car Accidents police car accident reports

Bail Reform Leads to Drop in Jail Time, Recidivism: Study

The Crime Report

Under the new policy, authorities released 13 percent more people within 24 hours of their misdemeanor arrest. The Quattrone researchers examined 517,000 cases covering all misdemeanor and felony cases in Harris County, which includes Houston, one of the largest cities in the U.S,

Reporting Sexual Harassment at Garland Institutions of Higher Learning


If the employee takes measures to purposely hide the occurrence, they could face a Class A misdemeanor charge. Business quid pro quo sexual harassment same sex sexual harassment Sexual harassment sexual harassment attorneys sexual harassment lawyers

Former Michigan governor is charged in Flint water crisis; is conviction a longshot?

ABA Journal

Rick Snyder has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect in decisions that caused lead to contaminate the water supply… Former Michigan Gov.

Five Connecticut Officers Charged for Paralyzing a Man in a Police Van

The Crime Report

The officers were charged with felony cruelty to persons and a misdemeanor charge of second-degree reckless endangerment, according to state police.

Penalties for Driving While Intoxicated in White Plains


Most of the offenses are misdemeanors and these are punishable up to a year in jail and fines up to $1000. The penalties for DWI are significant. Crimes DUI dui arrest DUI checkpoints first offense DUI prescription drugs and DUIs underage dui

Hawaii Edges Closer to Ending Cash Bail

The Crime Report

Hawaii state legislators have voted to advance a bill that would allow suspects accused of nonviolent misdemeanors and some felonies to go free without bail, reports Honolulu Civil Beat.

How to Communicate Criminal History to Potential Employer


Law firms typically refrain from reviewing or selecting candidates with a misdemeanor or felony conviction for drugs, assault, theft, burglary, trespass, and any offenses involving weapons.

Lawyer charged with phone harassment after partner tweets resignation and his jet is repossessed

ABA Journal

Prominent San Antonio lawyer Martin Phipps is facing a criminal misdemeanor charge and complaints by a former law partner who resigned on Twitter. Phipps, 51,…

Manhattan district attorney dismisses 188 convictions following officer misconduct investigation


Thursday moved to vacate 188 misdemeanor convictions tied to eight New York City Police Department officers. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Jr.

DOJ arrests three Florida residents in connection with Capitol riot


The complaint filed in the District of Columbia stated: “Gray is charged with civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding, both felonies, as well as misdemeanor offenses. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) Wednesday announced the arrest of three Florida residents.