Paralegal Job Search Q & A

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The obligatory job search we all must go through at some point in our lives can be stressful. From making sure your resume is up to par to knowing what to say in an interview, you might feel overwhelmed with questions on how you can land the right job for your paralegal career.

What Not To Say in a Paralegal Job Interview

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Sometimes it is just as important to know what not to say in your paralegal job interview as it is to know what to say. Here are the five things that you should avoid saying in paralegal job interviews. Paralegal Training.


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Paralegal Jobs- Are They Out There?

Paralegal Alliance

Bureau of Labor Statistics, the paralegal and legal assisting field is expected to grow at a rate of 17% between 2012 and 2022. Blog Learn Paralegal JobsAccording to the U.S. This is 6% faster than the average industry growth rate. Now, here’s where most of you reading this, say “No Way! I don’t believe that for a second!” […].

Getting the Most Out of Your Paralegal Internship

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Is a paralegal internship worth the time? Put yourself in this situation: you have recently finished your academic studies and are set up at a local law firm to intern as a paralegal for the next few weeks. Paralegal Internship Tips.

Your Top 5 Paralegal Job Search Questions Answered

How To Become A Paralegal

One of the most frustrating parts for paralegal students is finding that first job. There’s a lot of information out there online about finding a professional job in an industry. The problem is that not all of the information available is written from the perspective of someone who went through the process of finding that first job in the legal field. Because of that, we’ve put together this list of the top 5 paralegal job search questions and answers!

A day in the life of a magic circle corporate paralegal


Amy Law is an LPC/LLM student at Northumbria University and a corporate paralegal in a magic circle firm. What path have you taken to become a corporate paralegal? . I then completed a 3-month placement as a Conveyancing Paralegal at Browell Smith & Co Solicitors.

What’s an Employer Looking for?

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I cannot speak for the others in my trade, but I know what I as an attorney want in a paralegal. Nothing like observing paralegal at work to determine whether he or she will fit into the team. Developing yourself as a paralegal job seeking hiring paralegals LinkedIn paralegal skills ParalegalsNot everything I want has to do with their training or education. Some of the things I look for have to do with who they are as a person. Honesty.

Paralegal Podcast Episode – Interview with Molly McGrath

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Ready to hear the cold hard truth about the future of the paralegal job market? Do you know what the MOST sought-after practice area specialty of paralegals is right now? Did you take the “power of the pause” last year to do an assessment of your paralegal career?

Paralegal Schools Forget to Mention These Things

Paralegal Bootcamp

Paralegal schools want enrollments, so it’s easy to understand why they present the paralegal profession in a certain light. Here are five things that new paralegal students should consider if they are choosing a paralegal career path. Job Interview Questions.

Five Law Firms Named to Fortune Magazine Top 100 List

Paralegal Mentor

Job seekers who are rude to receptionists don’t get hired. Alston Bird Arnold Porter Baker Donelson Cooley Fortune Magazine 100 Best Companies to Work For Paralegal Jobs Paralegals Perkins CoieFortune magazine has released its latest list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. Fortune based its rankings on a survey sent to a random sample of employees, as well as a "culture audit" that gathers information about pay, benefits and workplace programs.

3 Mindset Shifts for New Paralegals

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Your mindset is so important to your success as a new paralegal. Let’s look at 3 mindset shifts you can make early in your paralegal career. Stop calling yourself a “newbie” paralegal. Why not just call yourself a paralegal? Paralegal Training. Paralegal Tip

3 Basic Skills for the New Paralegal

Paralegal Coffee Talk

3 Basic Skills for the New Paralegal. Microsoft Word – Basic and Advanced Skills for the Paralegal. While you might already possess basic Microsoft Word skills, it’s simply not enough when you land your first Paralegal job.

8 Steps to Be the Rockstar Personal Injury Paralegal

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The backbone of all good personal injury law firms is its paralegals. Paralegals are essential to a personal injury law firm, whether for a solo practitioner or a large firm with many lawyers. It may be more critical for the paralegal to know the medicine than the law.

Litigation Paralegal Q & A

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Being a litigation paralegal comes with its challenges. From learning how to read your attorney’s mind to staying up to date with the latest paralegal technology, you might feel overwhelmed with questions on how you can become a rockstar at your firm. Paralegal Tips

Best Advice I’ve Ever Received as a Paralegal

Paralegal Coffee Talk

Best Advice I’ve Ever Received as a Paralegal. It was just a 9-5 job to them. In the beginning of my Paralegal career, I was seriously lacking in word processing skills. Entry-Level Paralegal Job Hunt Class. Achievers Paralegal Career advice paralegal career

Paralegal Career Choice: Public Service or Private Practice

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of paralegals and legal assistants is projected to grow 12 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. Paralegals and legal assistants held about 345,600 jobs in 2020. Paralegal Career Choice.

How to standout when seeking paralegal roles


Extra-curricular activities to set you apart from the crowd when seeking paralegal roles. Like many other applicants seeking paralegal roles, when I began job-hunting I had to understand what set me apart from other candidates. Paralegal job searching . Browse jobs.

9 TED Talks For Paralegals to Watch

Paralegal Bootcamp

9 TED Talks For Paralegals. We’ve rounded up nine Ted Talks for Paralegals that you should be watching (not all at once!). You might think this would be about AI taking over paralegal jobs. As a paralegal, you’re under stress. Paralegal Tips

Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal

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How to Transition from Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal. Career options for paralegals are opening up, thanks to technology and a robust job market. One of those options is to transition from Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal.

An interview with a paralegal at Hogan Lovells


We recently spoke with Samuel Tahir, Samuel is a paralegal at international law firm, Hogan Lovells. He kindly shared his path to becoming a paralegal, including how he secured his position at a global law firm and advice for aspiring legal professionals. Browse jobs.

Planning Your Contract Management System

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When paralegals are looking at alternative paralegal careers outside the popular litigation paralegal field, contract management does not usually come to mind. However, there seems to be an increase in paralegal job opportunities in the field of contract management.

Paralegal Side Gig Ideas (No driving required!)

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People pick up side gigs for all kinds of reasons (including but not limited to): making up for a low salary from your day job, getting extra income for the holidays, saving for a downpayment on a house or car, or just earning something extra for doing something they’re passionate about.

Paralegal Billable Hours – The Important Numbers

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If you are a paralegal working in a law firm with an annual billable hour requirement, there are a few numbers that you should be tracking every month. Because it’s important to your paralegal career. That’s 7,500 hours less than the law firm budgeted for their paralegals.

What Really is the Distinction In between Paralegal and a Litigator?


The distinction between various job titles among legal practitioners is a typical source of misunderstanding for individuals outside the legal community. So, what’s the distinction between a lawyer and a paralegal? The difference between a lawyer and a paralegal .

15 Alternative Paralegal Career Options

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The skills that you’ve acquired throughout your paralegal career have opened the door to unlimited employment opportunities if you are looking for a paralegal career path that does not have the title “paralegal” that utilize your paralegal skills and experience.

How to become a paralegal if you have a law degree


By Amanda Hamilton, Chief Executive of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP). Or maybe you have had second thoughts, and have noticed how the Paralegal Profession has gained momentum over the last few years? You should learn the differences in working as a paralegal.

How have paralegals faired during the pandemic


Our partners NALP, the longest running professional membership body for paralegals in England, have gained an insight into the lives of their members and how they have been affected by the pandemic and lockdown generally. . The role of a paralegal within the firm . Browse jobs.

Solicitors and Paralegals – what’s the difference?


In this article, our partners NALP discuss the difference between solicitors and paralegals, and how paralegals are now undertaking more of the work needed at a fraction of the cost, however, there are six key areas only to be undertaken by a solicitor. Search all legal jobs.

What salary you may expect as a paralegal


By Amanda Hamilton, Chief Executive of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP). The first point to make when it comes to paralegal salaries is that they vary dramatically depending on where your employer is located, who your employer is and the kind of work they do!

What is a paralegal and what do they do?


Many are now seeing the benefit in taking a route as a paralegal either as a long-term option or as a path towards other roles within the law. Paralegals are an essential part of any law firm, so here, we take a look at what they do and why they are so important. What is a paralegal?

What Is A Litigation Paralegal

The Paralegal Resource

If you are considering becoming a paralegal, currently studying to become a paralegal or have recently graduated and are looking for a job in this field, you may want to consider becoming a litigation paralegal. This is one of the more demanding paralegal jobs, but it is also one of the most exciting and rewarding

19 Tips to Streamline Records Retrieval

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Many paralegals are tasked with managing this process across multiple attorneys – sometimes even multiple departments. Implementing these tips at your firm may greatly increase the overall efficiency of your records retrieval process as part of your paralegal job responsibilities.

How I became a dispute resolution paralegal at a magic circle firm


In this article, we interview Annabelle Proepstl, a dispute resolution paralegal at magic circle firm Freshfields. Can you detail what path you have taken to become a (dispute) Paralegal? What skills and strengths do you need to be a good Paralegal? Browse jobs.

What does it take to become a paralegal?


Khalsa, a paralegal who kindly shared what it takes to become a paralegal. Bhajan shared key tips for aspiring paralegals, his path to a paralegal position, and why he chose to pursue a career in the legal industry. What path you have taken to become a Paralegal?

How to become a paralegal with no experience


Our partners NALP, uncover how you can become a paralegal with no experience. Training to become a Paralegal could be the answer! . Fully recognised paralegal qualifications available online. In fact, there is a broader spectrum of jobs available than if you were a solicitor.