Resume Writing Tips - Career Advice | iHire


A brief look at the pitfalls of asking everyone in your network for advice on resume writing

Professional Experience - Resume Writing 101| iHire


In Resume Writing 101: Professional Experience, learn how to write the work experience section of your resume and present your achievements


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Resume Don'ts - Resume Writing Tips | iHire


An examination of common resume writing mistakes such as overuse of bold, italics, and underline as well as the inclusion of too much personal or confidential information

Unpaid Experience - Resume Writing | iHire


Unpaid experience such as internships or volunteer work can play a critical role on a resume

Professional Resume Writing - iHire Resume Services | iHire


Find the right iHire resume writing service for your situation – from professional resume writing to cover letter writing and resume formatting assistance

Proofreading - Resume Writing | iHire


Basic proofreading advice for job seekers to utilize as they review their resumes

Resume Writing Tips - Applicant Tracking Systems | iHire


How to optimize resumes for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS

Career Change Resume - Resume Writing Tips | iHire


Need to know how to write a resume for a career change? Check out these career change resume examples that use the functional and hybrid strategy

Core Competencies - Resume Writing 101 | iHire


Learn how to use core competencies in a resume to get past the ATS and stand out from other candidates

Reference Sheet - Resume Writing Tips | iHire


Let iHire’s expert resume writers walk you through how to utilize this important job search resource Not sure what to do with your list of references?

Resume Writing Toolkit - Resume Help | iHire


Browse this collection of resources to learn how to create a polished resume that helps you snag your next job

Resume Title and Summary - Resume Writing 101| iHire


Learn what sould go in the summary section of a resume and how to use a resume title to win over recruiters and score more interviews

Supplemental Information on Resume - Resume Writing 101 | iHire


Supplemental information on your resume can help you stand out. Learn how to list education, volunteer work, and professional memberships on your resume

Resume Writing Tips - Formatting and Strategy | iHire


Improve the content, format, and overall strategy of your resume by following the tips and advice in this short webinar

Resume Writing Tips - Resume Rules | iHire


Common resume elements and how to present them correctly

Resume Writing Tips - Keyword Optimization | iHire


Tips and tricks job seekers should use to increase the chances their resumes will be noticed by hiring managers and recruiters

Resume Template - Resume Writing Tips | iHire


There are many different resume templates available on the internet, but a job seeker's objective should drive the resume's strategy and format

Resume Writing Tips - Resume or CV | iHire


There are a number of differences between a resume and a curriculum vitae, also known as a CV

Resume Writing Tips - Repetitive Content | iHire


Including repetitive content on a resume can have a negative impact

Resume Writing Tips - Employment Gaps | iHire


A brief look at how to address gaps in employment and overcome the stigma of being out of work

Applicant Tracking Systems - Resume Writing Tips | iHire


Applicant tracking systems are software programs used by human resources personnel to increase the efficiency of the hiring process

Job Ad Keywords - Resume Writing Tips | iHire


Learn how to customize your resume for a specific job by finding important keywords employers include in their job ads Get more interviews!

Resume Writing Tips - Unpaid Experience | iHire


A guide to building a resume with relevant unpaid experience

Resume Writing Tips - Resume Lies | iHire


A look at five examples that prove lying on a resume is not a good idea

Resume Writing Playbook - Resume eBook | iHire


Download iHire's free eBook to learn tips and tricks for writing a winning resume

Resume Writing Tips - File Types and Formats | iHire


A brief look at the three most common file formats used for resumes: Microsoft Word.doc or.docx, PDF, and plain text

Top 10 Resume Mistakes - Resume Writing Tips | iHire


A look at the top ten mistakes job seekers make in their resumes

How to Update Your Resume - Resume Writing Tips | iHire


Use our handy guide to update your resume so you'll be ready for any opportunities that come your way

Using Quotes on a Resume - Resume Writing Tips | iHire


Can you use quotes in a resume? Find out more about using quotes on a resume from the experts at iHire The answer might surprise you.

How to List Internal Promotion on Resume - Resume Writing Tips | iHire


Wondering how to list an internal promotion on your resume or how to write a resume with multiple jobs at the same company? Read our resume tips

Resume Writing Rules – What Makes a Good Resume | iHire


Knowing what makes a good resume will help your job search. Check out iHire’s resume rules infographic and learn resume writing tips everyone should know

iHire Resume Writer - TORI Nomination | iHire


Freddie Rohner, an iHire Senior Resume Writer, was nominated as a finalist in the 2014 Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Resume Writing Competition

Should You Hire a Career Coach? Know What to Look for First

Attorney at Work

Coaches who help with specific tasks like resume writing and interview preparation. For example, you may all be working on assessing your professional skills and updating your resumes. How do you know it’s time to hire a career coach?

National Webinar on “Steering Through the Paradigm of Placements and Internships” by the Training and Placement Cell of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad Campus


The webinar intends to cover the topics required for the purpose of getting a placement in top tier law firms and companies giving special focus on resume writing and interview preparation.

10 Ways to Instantly Improve Employee Development


Laura, also known as the Career Coaching Expert, works with CraftResumes and helps individuals with their resume writing. This is a guest post by Laura Garber. What’s the hallmark of a successful business? Well, from a consumer standpoint, it’s exceptional customer service.