Arbitration clauses, prejudicial delays, and one justice’s contract-law “nightmare”


Section 2 directs that arbitration contracts are enforceable in federal court, except “upon such grounds as exist at law or in equity for the revocation of any contract.”

The Basics of Contract Law: What Business Owners Should Know

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Businesses will need strong contracts to protect their interests throughout their lifecycle. Contracts must meet the following conditions. Intent: Both parties want to enter the contract. Capacity: Both parties are of sound mind to enter the contract.


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Artificial Intelligence Might Make Us Rethink Contract Law

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As technology advances, boilerplate may need some work. Technology AI Artificial Intelligence Casepoint

Top National Construction and Government Contracts Law Firm Expands to Nashville


National construction law firm Smith Currie responds to Tennessee construction growth and commercial real estate expansion by opening new Nashville office. Business Commercial real estate construction Construction Industry construction law construction law firm

Looking for Skilled Business Lawyers in Orlando, Florida?


Business business law contract law Employment Law entrepreneurs Tax LawIf you decide to hire someone to manage your business, their responsibilities as well as their rights need to be clearly specified.

Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lawyer for Your Business


If you need assistance with tax law or require only a trademark, you should consider choosing a lawyer specialized in these areas. Business business law business lawyer contracts law intellectual property law Tax Law

Lex Machina Releases 2021 Contracts Litigation Report


Contracts case filings over the last three years showed a slight but steady increase through the pandemic, while franchise case filings fell sharply and damages awarded continued to climb. Business contract contract law contract litigation contract mediation contracts

Film Fridays: Stan Lee’s Likeness Licensed for 20 Years

The Hollywood Lawyer

Marvel Studios and Stan Lee Universe have entered into a new contract for a 20-year authorization to license new merchandise in films, television, and theme parks with Stan Lee’s name, voice, and likeness.

Music Mondays – Shenseea Faces Copyright Lawsuit Over New Song “Lick”

The Hollywood Lawyer

Music producer Anastas’ Pupa Nas-T’ Hackett, and his company Travelling Man Productions, LLC, filed a $10M copyright lawsuit against Jamaican singer Shenseea and her label Interscope Records over her song “Lick,” in collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion.

Music Mondays: Ed Sheeran Wins $1.1M in Copyright Lawsuit

The Hollywood Lawyer

To cover his legal fees, Sheeran won a $1.1M award after years of an embattled copyright lawsuit over his 2017 “Shape of You,” Grammy-winning single.

Music Mondays: Justin Timberlake Sued by Documentary Director

The Hollywood Lawyer

Justin Timberlake is facing a breach of contract lawsuit over a 2012 documentary featuring the making of his “The 20/20 Experience” album by the film’s director, John Urbano.

Ways of Resolving Contract Breach in Business in 2022


Revocation allows the non-breaching party to terminate the contract as a breach remedy. Business Breach of Contract breach of contract lawsuit breached contract contract law contract litigation contract management

Contract Negotiation: Important Things to Know


Business CLM contract lifecycle contract lifecycle management contract lifecycle management software contracts contracts lawThoroughly scrutinize the possible outcomes, risks, and liabilities to ensure that your business doesn't get a raw deal.

Supreme Court grants certiorari in arbitration clause case


The case concerns arbitration clause waivers in contract disputes. According to the contract between Morgan and Sundance, Sundance could have compelled arbitration. The Supreme Court granted certiorari in Morgan, Robyn v. Sundance, Inc. in an order list released Monday.

Court 164

5 Common Legal Claims for Small Business Disputes That Require a Lawyer


Lawsuits & Litigation contract law Employment Law intellectual property law partnership law personal injuryRemember, prevention is better than cure. Having a lawyer at the ready assures you to run your business without worries.

Music Lawsuit: Jay-Z Settles Copyright Infringement Over NFT Sale

The Hollywood Lawyer

Jay-Z and Damon Dash settled a lawsuit against Dash for his attempt to create an NFT of Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” album. Minting a non-fungible token would amount to copyright infringement.

Film Fridays – “Game of Thrones” Stuntwoman Suing Over Production Injuries

The Hollywood Lawyer

“Game of Thrones” stuntwoman Casey Michaels is suing Fire & Blood Productions, the HBO-owned U.K. subsidiary, for $5M, over a “serious fracture-dislocation to her left ankle” during the final season of “Game of Thrones” in 2018.

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution: Make Contract Management Foundational to the Business


Business CLM contract lifecycle contract lifecycle management software contracts contracts law digital transformation of medical contracts digitally transforming healthcare contracts

Film Fridays: “Top Gun: Maverick” Caught Up In Copyright Lawsuit

The Hollywood Lawyer

The heirs to the “author whose article inspired” the original “Top Gun” movie have sued Paramount Studios, stating that the distribution company “did not reacquire the rights for the recently released sequel.”

Film Fridays: H.E.R. Sues To Be Released From Contract

The Hollywood Lawyer

Entertainment, which she signed with in 2011 at 14, is to be released from her contract. Sues To Be Released From Contract appeared first on THE HOLLYWOOD LAWYER. H.E.R. filed a claim against the management company, M.B.K.

Music Mondays: 60 Music Promoters Sue The Small Business Administration Over COVID-19 Relief

The Hollywood Lawyer

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) faces 60 lawsuits over its Covid-19 relief program, Shuttered Venue Operators Grant, for promoters, movie theatres, talent agencies, and other cultural centers that could prove they lost 90% of revenues during the pandemic.

How Do You Sue a Company for Breach of Contract?


There are several other requirements for a valid contract, including the legality of the agreement and the freedom of the parties to negotiate or reject the other’s offer. . Lawsuits & Litigation breach of contract lawsuit breached contract contract contract law contract litigation

Music Mondays: Mariah Carey Faces Copyright Infringement Over “All I Want for Christmas is You”

The Hollywood Lawyer

Megastar Mariah Carey finds herself in a copyright infringement suit brought by Canadian Songwriter Andy Stone over her 1994 song “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

5 Benefits of Having a Contract Drafted


To ensure that a written contract is sound, it needs to be reviewed by legal counsel, and a written contract is a lot easier to enforce than a verbal contract.

Music Mondays: Kendrick Lamar’s New Music Video Receives Copyright Criticism

The Hollywood Lawyer

Copyright laws do […]. Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 5” music video pushes copyright consent. Lamar uses deep fake technology to superimpose life-like images of Will Smith, Jussie Smollett, O.J. Simpson, Kobe Bryant, and Nipsey Hussle.

Film Fridays: Japanese Film Studios File Copyright Lawsuit Against Trendy “Fast Film” Companies

The Hollywood Lawyer

Japanese film production companies behind the film Shin Godzilla and zombie film I Am a Hero, and others have sued companies for condensing feature films into new “10-minute fast movies” that are a growing market and concern for the anti-piracy organization, Content Overseas Distribution Association, based in Tokyo.

Considering a Cannabis Business in NM?


appeared first on Law 4 Small Business, P.C. Business Tips anonymous llc business law cannabis business cannabis license contracts Law 4 Small Business new mexico recreational cannabis small business lawAttorney Larry Donahue set to be a Guest Speaker at local Expo.

Music Mondays: Bieber and Dan + Shay Face Copyright Lawsuit Over “10,000 Hours”

The Hollywood Lawyer

International Manufacturing Concepts, Melomega music, and Sound Gems sued Justin Bieber and Dan + Shay over a copyright infringement. The suit alleges that Bieber, country duo Dan Smyers, and Shay Mooney “stole the core portion” of their song “10,000 Hours.”

Music Mondays – H.E.R. Sued For Copyright Infringement Over Debut Song “Could’ve Been”

The Hollywood Lawyer

H.E.R. faces a copyright lawsuit over their song “Could’ve Been,” featuring Bryson Tiller, off her debut album. The Grammy-winning group filed the lawsuit, Take 6, names David A. Harris, David A. Harris d/b/a Progressive 86, Jeff Robinson d/b/a SLIH Songs, Sony ATV Sounds, L.L.C.,

Film Fridays – Netflix and “Stranger Things” Creators Sued for Copyright Infringement

The Hollywood Lawyer

Netflix and “Stranger Things” creators Matt and Ross Duffer are being sued for copyright infringement and unspecified damages by Irish Rover Entertainment.

Film Fridays – “Jeepers Creepers” Lawsuit Holds Up Release Date

The Hollywood Lawyer

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn has faced delays since 2021 due to a lawsuit filed by Kirk D’Amico, head of Myriad Pictures. Plaintiffs in the suit, Infinity Films, another production company responsible for Jeepers Creepers 3, has been sued.

Contract Logix Revolutionizes the Way Businesses Negotiate Contracts with Groundbreaking Collaboration Room Technology


Major new product release makes contract collaboration fast, simple, and frictionless regardless of where parties are located. Business collaboration contract contract law contract lifecycle contract management contract review contract software remote collaboration

Music Mondays: Shenseea Sued $10M For Copyright Infringement

The Hollywood Lawyer

Shenseea and Megan Thee Stallion’s single, “Lick,” is under scrutiny for using an unlicensed track and possibly acting “in violation of the United States Copyright Act.”

UK: Misrepresentation: Negligent And Innocent Statements In Contract Law - Andrew Jackson Solicitors


Some may become terms of the contract and others may have no legal effect During pre-contractual negotiations, many things may be said in advertising, during discussions or in correspondence.

Legal 40

Music Mondays: West and Universal Music Group Sued Over Streaming Royalties

The Hollywood Lawyer

Declan Colgan Music Ltd (DCM) has sued Kayne West and Universal Music Group for sampling part of a track that he did not have a license for and had reaped profits subsequently from in 2010 without paying royalties.