The Author Of Your Constitutional Law Textbook Thinks Supreme Court Justices Are ‘Partisan Hacks’


This law school dean knows what he's talking about. Courts Amy Coney Barrett Erwin Chemerinsky Politics Quote of the Day Supreme Court

“Some Not Very Focused Preliminary Thoughts About the Shadow Docket (But Leading Up to Some Fundamentals about Constitutional Law)”


“Some Not Very Focused Preliminary Thoughts About the Shadow Docket (But Leading Up to Some Fundamentals about Constitutional Law)”: Mark Tushnet has this post at the “Balkinization” blog


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Texas Tech University School of Law Seeks Visitors to Teach Constitutional Law, Evidence, and Criminal Procedure

EvidenceProf Blog

Texas Tech University School of Law, Lubbock, Texas Texas Tech University School of Law invites applications from exceptional individuals to fill a visiting faculty position for the 2021-22 academic year (Requisition 22902BR/Visiting Professor). It is anticipated that the law school

“Leading scholar of civil procedure, constitutional law, Stephen Sachs joins HLS faculty”


“Leading scholar of civil procedure, constitutional law, Stephen Sachs joins HLS faculty”: Harvard Law today has a report that begins, “Stephen E. Sachs, a leading scholar of civil procedure and constitutional law, will join the faculty of Harvard Law School as the inaugural Antonin Scalia Professor of Law, effective July 1

Court Dropkicks FL Law That Redefined Protest As Illegal Riot


Government Constitutional Law Mark Walker Ron DeSantisNice try, DeSantis.

Laws 105

“California’s Shifting Relationship With the Supreme Court: A conversation with the constitutional law expert Erwin Chemerinsky about what Californians can expect from a conservative court.”


“California’s Shifting Relationship With the Supreme Court: A conversation with the constitutional law expert Erwin Chemerinsky about what Californians can expect from a conservative court.” ” Jill Cowan has this discussion online at The New York Times

Ron DeSantis Signs New Social Media Law Designed To… Cost The State Tons Of Money


Government Constitutional Law First Amendment Ron DeSantis TechnologyGreat job!

Laws 113

O’Reilly Accuser Booted From ‘The View’ After Court Issues Restraining Order


Government Bill O'Reilly Constitutional Law Free SpeechPrior restraint, FTW.

Eviction Moratorium Faced… Third Amendment Challenge?!?


Courts Constitutional Law Eviction Third AmendmentSwing and a miss.

Local Newspaper Brings Not-So-Subtle Attack On Basic Constitutional Rights


Listen lawyers: no matter what work you do, you have a role to play in how criminal law gets reported. Crime Constitutional Law

High School Students At School That Banned BLM Flags Treat Black Classmates Like Slaves


Education / Schools Black Lives Matter BLM Constitutional Law First Amendment Slave TradeDid the kids do this during History or Economics?

Stop The Presses! — Just Kidding, You Can’t


Constitutional Law Small Law Firms Defamation Diana Warshow First Amendment NewspapersIt is not a perfect system, but it is difficult to limit the press without overly limiting the press.

Private National Guard Field Trips To The Border May Be Useless But At Least They’re Also A Constitutional Crisis!


Government Constitutional Law Kristi NoemGovernors whipping up private armies is a very bad thing.

FL And TX Govs Agree: No To Gay Wedding Cakes, Yes To COVID Cruises


Government Constitutional Law COVID-19Culture war now, culture war tomorrow, culture war forever.

“Canadian Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella appointed Pisar Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School; Justice Abella is world-renowned for her decisions and theories on equality, human rights, and constitutional law”


“Canadian Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella appointed Pisar Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School; Justice Abella is world-renowned for her decisions and theories on equality, human rights, and constitutional law”: Rachel Reed of Harvard Law Today has this report

Eighth Circuit Holds RTs = Endorsements In Nunes Defamation Suit


Government Constitutional Law Defamation Devin Nunes First AmendmentNice First Amendment you got there. Be a shame if something were to happen to it.

Shut Up And Stop Heckle Vetoing Me, Law School Prof Yells At Clouds


Botching the Constitution for fun and profit! Law Schools Constitutional Law First Amendment Free Speech George Washington University Law School Jonathan Turley

Quinn Emanuel Delivers The ‘Find Out’ To Ron DeSantis’s ‘F Around’


Biglaw Constitutional Law Government Quinn Emanuel Ron DeSantisNorwegian Cruise Lines is having none of this nonsense.

India top court rules women can take defense academy admission exam


The petition filed by Kalra raised issues of violations of the right to equality adn freedom of profession guaranteed under Articles 14, 15, 16 and 19 of the Constitution of India by denying eligible women candidates the opportunity to join the NDA.

The Missed Opportunities Haunting The Supreme Court’s Abortion Move


Courts Abortion Constitutional Law Supreme CourtThere were a lot of points where Democrats could've tried to fix the Court instead of leaning into "winning" it. Now that strategy has burned us all.

Court 109

India court stays new technology rules for violating free speech


The order was passed while hearing petitions challenging the rules for violating the parent legislation known as the Information Technology Act (“IT Act”) and the fundamental rights of equality, freedom of speech and freedom of profession guaranteed by the Constitution of India.

Biden Eviction Moratorium Isn’t Illegal No Matter How Many Law School Professors Whine About It


Government Brett Kavanaugh Constitutional Law COVID-19 Joe Biden Supreme CourtKavanaugh's concurrence is not precedent and it's bad for the country to pretend it was.

What Is The Appropriate Response To Speech That Causes Harm?


Constitutional Law First Amendment Tyler BrokerMy work was recently involved in a larger debate about the power, and harm, of certain words.

Heckler’s Veto: Sixty-Six Percent of College Students Say Stopping Speech Is Free Speech


So the dean of one of the premier journalism schools now supports censorship.Free speech advocates are facing a generational shift that is now being reflected in our law schools, where free speech principles were once a touchstone of the rule of law. Constitutional Law Free Speech

The First Amendment: Bonkers Or A Blessing?


Constitution. Small Law Firms Constitutional Law Diana Warshow First Amendment Free SpeechAn overview for anyone, including royalty, who may not fully understand the First Amendment to the U.S.

Bubble Wrapping History: The National Archives Moves To “Reimagine” The Founding


Reimagining the founding documents comes at a time when many are calling to “ reimagine the First Amendment ” and other constitutional guarantees. The Constitution itself is like a codified stratigraphic record of our struggle with own values. Columns Constitutional Law Politics

“What Goes Around Comes Around”: Justice Breyer Again Warns Against Court Packing


Congress Constitutional Law Politics Supreme CourtJustice Stephen Breyer has been a target of liberal groups for months as billboards and commentators call for his immediate resignation.

Court 94

How Can Nonbelievers Defend Themselves Against Religious Persecution?


Constitutional Law First Amendment Texas Tyler BrokerReligious fear and hatred of nonbelievers is real, the question is whether legal mechanisms exist that nonbelievers can utilize to defend themselves. .

Legal 105

Federal Court Rules Against SUNY-Binghamton in Important Free Speech Challenge


I discuss this type of failure to protect public forums in my forthcoming law review article, Jonathan Turley, Harm and Hegemony: The Decline of Free Speech in the United States , 45 Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy (2021). Academia Constitutional Law Free Speech

“Who Watches the Watchmen?” Infowars Case Raises Difficult Question For Both The Biden Administration and The Media


Constitutional Law Media Politics“Who watches the watchmen”? That question from a federal judge this week came in a confrontation with the Justice Department over its targeting or charging journalists.

Thousands of Doctors and Health Professionals Sue the Biden Administration Over New Gender Transition Policy


There is an interesting constitutional challenge brewing in Tennessee where 3,000 physicians and health care professionals are suing the Biden Administration over the mandate for doctors to perform gender transition procedures. Constitutional Law Politics

The Lethality of Free Speech: Biden Denounces Big Tech as “Killing People” By Not Censoring Speech


Constitutional Law Free Speech MediaPresident Joe Biden slammed Big Tech companies this week for “killing people” by failing to engage in even greater censorship of free speech on issues related to the pandemic.

Tenth Circuit Rules Web Designer Must Create Site For Same-Sex Marriage


Elenis could force a hitherto evasive Court to rule directly on the conflict between anti-discrimination laws and the religious clauses. The new case is also out of the 10th Circuit and involves the same law. Constitutional Law Courts Free Speech Politics

Could The Arrest of FBI Agent Undermine The Whitmer Kidnapping Case?


convincing him that he had or should have the right to engage in the very behavior proscribed by law.” 369 (1958), in showing that the crime would not have occurred with the involvement of the law enforcement officials. Constitutional Law Criminal law

“I Do Solemnly Swear”: Biden Calls tor Extending the Eviction Moratorium Despite Being Unconstitutional


President Biden acknowledged that his legal experts overwhelmingly told him that any extension would violate the Constitution. The unconstitutionality of the law was treated as simply inconvenient or irrelevant given the expiration. Constitutional Law Politics

The Shadow State: Embracing Corporations As Surrogates For Government Action


From supporting the largest censorship programs in history to privately mandated vaccine “passports,” liberals are looking to companies like Apple or American Airlines to carry out social programs free from constitutional and political limits imposed on the government.

No, They’re Not Going To Stop Teaching Dred Scott


The article, written by Harvard Law School prof Jeannie Suk Gersen — we’ll get back to why that’s significant in a second — leans into the sad state of […]. Law Schools Constitutional Law Harvard Law School Jeannie Suk Gersen

Texas Democratics Sue Over Effort To Force Them Back To Austin To Vote


After fleeing to Washington, the legislators claim that the criticism and threats made by the governor and other infringed on their constitutional rights to free speech and to petition the government for redress of grievances. Constitutional Law Lawyering Politics

“No Safe Haven”: University of Iowa Again Found To Be Discriminating Against Religious Groups


2021) where the court held that we held that the law was clearly established that the University could not engage in viewpoint discrimination involving a Christian club. But in June 2018, Andrew Kutcher charged that InterVarsity’s constitution violated the Human Rights Policy.

Sports 100

Federal appeals court reinstates Tennessee abortion waiting period


According to supporters of the law, this time constraint was intended to ensure that the woman receiving the abortion gave informed consent. The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on Friday reinstated a 48-hour waiting period for women seeking abortions in Tennessee.

Court 158