Some Biglaw Staff Seem Pretty Pissed About The New Associate Salary Scale

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Uncategorized 2021 Associate Salary Increase Associate Compensation Biglaw Bonuses Money Paralegals Quote of the Day Secretaries / Administrative AssistantsIt's like 'a slap in the face' to staff at all law firms.

DOJ sues Texas county over new redistricting plan


This lawsuit is the third time the DOJ has filed a lawsuit in Texas over voting issues during the Biden administration.


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The Pros and Cons of Going Solo vs. Large Firm

Paralegal Bootcamp

A little research, introspection, and narrowing the field will assist in targeting your search. That may come in the form of legal secretaries, runners, file clerks, copy people, or even assistants whose job it is to schedule, docket, or do document management.

Getting the Most Out of Your Paralegal Internship

Paralegal Bootcamp

I accepted a full-time offer after graduating from a legal assistant program in Canada. Brett is an administrative assistant at a law firm in Alberta, Canada. Is a paralegal internship worth the time?

Is It Time to Steal One of Those Surprising Job Titles?

The Estrin Report

What happened to Attorney, Paralegal, Administrator? I read the job description further: Develops and implements learning solutions to address identified gaps or challenges to assist lawyers with learning about and adopting innovation tools. . Cognitive Recruitment Assistant .

Three Tips on How to be a Great Mentee

Attorney at Work

Is it through an administrative assistant? As a long-time mentor, I have had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of mentees.

Young Lawyers: Making the Most Out of Your Mentoring Relationships

Attorney at Work

This means that the mentee is the one who should reach out to the mentor (or their administrative assistant) to set up meetings that are convenient for the mentor.

Equipping the Rural Lawyer for Success

Attorney at Work

For additional administrative assistance beyond automation, rural attorneys can engage virtual assistants and virtual legal receptionists. Digital Marketing for Law Firms Lead Generation for Lawyers Legal Software Legal Technology Small Law Firm Solo Law Firm Virtual Assistants

Case of the Day: Mohammad v. Consulate of Kuwait


Rasha Mohammad, a Syrian national, was an administrative assistant at Kuwait’s consulate in Los Angeles. The case of the day is Mohammad v. General Consulate of the State of Kuwait (9th Cir. 2022).

Client Portal Software for Law Firms—Features & Uses


By streamlining workflows and client communication, busy legal teams can minimize administrative work and focus on billable tasks that drive law firm profitability. Wasting billable hours on administrative tasks harms productivity and profitability. .

Scale: The Three-Step Formula to Grow a $1 Million+ Legal Practice

Attorney at Work

If you’re spending all your time focused on billing hours and keeping up with administrative tasks, you’ll never have the time to work on the important but not necessarily urgent issues related to building and scaling your practice. Do you have the capacity to be a million-dollar lawyer?

How Do Lawyers Plan for Retirement?


This message lets clients know who to contact for information or legal assistance after you’ve retired. . Be sure they know where they can turn for legal assistance after your retirement.

The lives they lived and the court they shaped: Remembering those we lost in 2020


When Warren Burger became chief justice in 1969, he found that he was spending up to six hours a day on administrative matters in addition to his judicial work. So Congress, for the first time, passed a law authorizing the chief justice to hire an administrative assistant.

The Benefits of Virtual Legal Assistants


“Virtual assistants” is simultaneously one of the most trending and confusable terms of the last ten years. When asked what their virtual legal assistants contribute toward, in one recent online forum thread with 192 (!) Customer Support Duties for a Virtual Assistant.

An HR Leader’s Playbook for Running an Effective Retained Search

The Process Street

– and me, a former visual artist and administrative assistant. You are an HR leader at an executive search firm and you have landed a big client, who has agreed to kick-off a retained search with your company. What’s your next move?

Legal Case Management Software 101: All You Need to Know


This means that all of your firm’s employees, from paralegals and administrative assistants to attorneys, will be in the loop and on the same page regarding tasks, deadlines, and the next steps in the case. What Is Case Management Software and Why Do Law Firms Need It?

Congressional Proposal for Copyright Small Claims Court – What Does It Suggest?

Broadcast Law Blog

The Copyright Office will render legal and administrative assistance to the new Board, but the Officers are supposed to be independent in their decision making. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen almost daily press reports of new lawsuits against media companies being sued for the use of photos on their websites without permission of the photographers.