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How Paralegals Use CaseFleet for Better Document Review


Risa Beck is the Paralegal Manager at Hutchison & Steffen , a full-service law firm providing legal services in 20 categories of law. Since 2010, Risa has been assisting the firm in all aspects of trial preparation including e-discovery, ESI collection, and document review on various platforms.

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Managed Document Review: The Key to Accurate and Cost-Effective Legal Analysis


In today’s fast-paced legal industry, efficient and accurate document review is crucial for successful case outcomes. However, with the vast amounts of data and documentation involved in many legal cases, traditional manual document review processes can be time-consuming, error-prone, and costly.


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Looking for Eviction Services for Landlords? LDA PRO LEGAL is here for help!


Understanding the intricacies of eviction services for landlords is essential to protect your property and rights. Understanding Eviction Services for Landlords: The Basics Defining Eviction Services Eviction services for landlords encompass the legal procedures and assistance required to remove a tenant from a rental property.

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Law Firms of All Sizes Can Easily Integrate AI Tools Into eDiscovery

Attorney at Work

Artificial intelligence tools have become prevalent in legal practice, particularly in eDiscovery. Despite their benefits, many legal organizations have been hesitant to implement AI tools. Also, some people who were exposed to early AI tools at work had off-putting experiences. AI Hesitation. Why the AI hesitation?

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What is Ediscovery?

Paralegal Bootcamp

Some terms, concepts, products, and services make sense to us instantly. Much, if not most, of what we use today has computing going on somewhere in the background, which leaves or creates system-generated or user-generated files throughout our usage and interactions. There are different tools for different jobs.

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A Natural Evolution: Bringing Document Review In-House


Bill sits down with CCBJ to discuss the importance of document review and how more corporations are bringing document review in-house. CCBJ: What trends are you seeing regarding the importance of document review? Certainly e-discovery review is a key use case. Can you expand on this?

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AI lawyers: Are robots coming for your job?


Law firms are adopting tech, from revolutionary AI tools to document review. Are AI lawyers next? The post AI lawyers: Are robots coming for your job? appeared first on One Legal.