California Psychedelic Law Updates


It’s been a while since I provided an update on the state of California psychedelics law, but there have been a few important updates in the last few weeks, so it’s now that time. Psychedelics are also illegal under California law. So please stay tuned to the Canna Law Blog.

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What Is Probate Law?


You may wonder, what is probate law? Probate California probate law probate law what is probate lawIf you have lost a family member as an adult, then you’ve probably heard the term "probate." How does it apply to my situation?

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JURIST law student staffers launch worldwide law student petition supporting Myanmar law students defending democracy


It calls for the release of all detainees and political prisoners — including Aung San Suu Kyi — and for culpable military officers to be held accountable for their various abuses under international law.

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Happy Labor Day from Canna Law Blog


The post Happy Labor Day from Canna Law Blog appeared first on Harris Bricken Here’s to a great holiday for all of our readers, their friends, and families!

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Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials of Wealth Management

Speaker: Vi Pham, Attorney at Law

Wealth management is a guaranteed practice: as paralegals, it's essential that you know the complexities of wealth management in order to ensure that your client's rights are protected to their fullest extent. Join Vi Pham, Attorney and educator, in this exclusive webinar that will leave you feeling brushed up and ready. This seminar meets the requirements of the NALA Certifying Board for continuing legal education credit required to maintain the CP (Certified Paralegal) credential.

North Carolina court permanently enjoins controversial voter ID law


A three-judge panel of the Wake County Superior Court in North Carolina permanently enjoined the state’s controversial voter ID law, holding that it discriminates against Black voters.

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Law School Students And Faculty Are Fed Up With Emory Law’s Reputation For Hurtful Slurs


Not the kind of rep a law school wants. Law Schools Emory Law School Sasha Volokh Slurs The Jabot

5 Ways to Market Your Law Firm


Law firms need the proper marketing strategies to help you and your potential clients find each other. Business inbound marketing for law firms law firm marketing law firm website law firm website development lead generation for law firms marketing for law firms

Big Myths About Studying Law Many Law Students Believe


Enrolling in law school comes with such a high financial and emotional cost that you should know what to do with your law degree before taking on such a big commitment. News & Politics Atticus Finch Law School law school debt savior complex succeeding in law school

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Practice Law With Humor


Small Law Firms Estate Planning Iffy Ibekwe Solo PractitionersWe are living in very dark and heavy times. Humor is one tool that may work for your practice.

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Tips for Students and Grads Starting a Law Career


Law school is a fun experience, and if you enjoy it, chances are you’ll enjoy the career that comes after. Business Law School law school debt law school outlines law school personal statement succeeding in law school

Oregon’s New Cannabis Laws: 2021 Edition


Thus I am here with our annual update on the state’s new cannabis laws. As a reminder, if the Governor doesn’t sign an enrolled bill within 30 days, it becomes law regardless. The post Oregon’s New Cannabis Laws: 2021 Edition appeared first on Harris Bricken

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Internet Law


This fall I’m teaching Internet Law again after a hiatus. One aspect of law school that is changing is that professors are publishing freely available textbooks and (some) professors are assigning those books for the students. Examples for Internet Law: Prof. James Grimmelmann, Internet Law: Cases and Problems (2021). Eric Goldman, Internet Law: Cases and Materials (2021).

Patent Law


Patent law is supposed to be easy. See Black’s Law Dictionary (11th ed. We all might be working too hard. 2019) (defining “ patent ” to mean obvious or apparent). Patent

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The Habits Of A Law Firm Gunner


The gunner phenomenon is not limited to law schools. Biglaw Small Law Firms Jordan Rothman Law Schools

Iowa governor signs law restricting voting access


Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed into law Monday legislation that makes it more difficult to vote early, among other voting process changes. Formerly under Iowa law, the early voting period was 29 days. The law also changes voting site hours, which will close at 8 PM instead of 9 PM.

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Law Firm Startup Tips


By taking the time to thoroughly review all available options, you will be prepared to enter a successful law practice and conquer any challenges that come your way.

Ken Jennings Asked About One Of Above The Law’s Greatest Law School Moments


Law Schools ASSLaw George Mason University School of Law TelevisionCreating a cultural moment.

Federal judge finds Georgia anti-BDS law unconstitutional


A US federal judge ruled Monday that Georgia’s anti-BDS law, which prohibits state contractors from boycotting Israel, violates the First Amendment and the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

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Understanding California Divorce Laws


Here is a description of some of the most important California divorce laws for your reference! To read the complete article, please click on the link Understanding California Divorce Laws This post appeared first on A People's Choice - Legal Documents - Without the Lawyers.

Why Hire a Lemon Law Attorney?


Once you consult a lemon law attorney, you can build a strong case that will make things faster and be more lucrative when filing a lawsuit. Lawsuits & Litigation lemon law lemon law attorney lemon law claim lemon law claims lemon law lawyer lemon law settlements lemon law verdicts

Parnall Law Scholarship Opportunity


Your essay should encompass the concept of Distracted Driving by formulating a plan for you and your family. Positive News college books college scholarship College Tuition scholarships tuition and books

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Harvard Law Announces Psychedelics Law Research Initiative, Led by Harris Bricken Attorney Mason Marks


Yesterday, on June 30, the Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard Law School announced the launch of a three-year research initiative, the Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation ( POPLAR ) led by Harris Bricken attorney Mason Marks. POPLAR will publish original law and policy research.

Office Dogs Improve Law Firm Morale

Attorney at Work

Of course, a law firm is a professional environment, and my dogs have always been well-behaved. The post Office Dogs Improve Law Firm Morale appeared first on Attorney at Work. Small Law Firm Work-Life BalanceCatch up on Ruth Carter’s posts here. Have you met my Lucy Jane?

The 10 Law Schools With The Lowest Acceptance Rates (2021)


How selective is your law school? Law Schools 0Ls Acceptance Rates Law School Acceptances Law School Admissions Law School Applications pre-law students Pre-laws Prospective Law Students Rankings

Law Revue Video Contest 2021: The Finalists!


Who will win this year's Law Revue Video Contest? Law Schools Contests Law Revue Law Revue Video Contest NYU School of Law Reader Polls University of Texas School of Law University of Virginia School of Law Videos

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An Important First For Law School Professors


Law Schools Law Professors LGBTQ Rights Trivia Question of the DayHistory isn't that long ago.

5 Different Types of Law Practice


The main thing to keep in mind as a citizen in need of a lawyer is that you want to hire someone who knows the special area of law that you need help dealing with. Business business law criminal law environmental law Family law medical law patent law

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Law Practice Today Review: Women in Law


The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division publishes a monthly webzine, Law Practice Today , covering the latest topics in law practice management. This is a new concept for most industries, especially law firms.

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The 10 Most Expensive Law Schools (2021)


Choose your law school wisely. Law Schools Law School Tuition Rankings

Russia human rights organization liquidates over foreign agent law fears


The move comes amidst fears about the country’s foreign agents law. nost Svobody Informace is a non-governmental organization based in the Czech Republic which is listed as an “undesirable organization” under Russia’s foreign agents law.

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Possible Change in Arizona Homestead Law & Refinancing

Diane Drain

Arizonans currently are shielded from creditors on the first $150,000 of equity in homes they own and live in, thanks to a special provision in state law that’s designed to keep people from being thrown out on the streets. As laws change (they do all the time) your rights also change.

Germany top court rules climate change law is insufficient


Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court held Thursday that several provisions in the country’s Federal Climate Change Act of 2019 were insufficient and violate freedoms in the Basic Law.

South Korea passes ‘anti-Google law’


The Telecommunications Business Act has been called the “Anti-Google law” and is the first time such a curb has been imposed by a government on Google and Apple’s payment policies.

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How Attorneys Can Use Legal Data for Strategic Law Firm Positioning

Attorney at Work

Using legal data for strategic law firm planning is no longer reserved for BigLaw. For law firms, it’s critical to gather intelligence about real-time trends that are creating sharp and sudden changes as well as longer-term trends affecting the overall health of your markets.

How Does a CRM Help Law Firms Develop Their Business?


From streamlining client data storage to automating marketing and assisting with follow ups, a CRM tool for law firms can help you with several parameters of your legal business. Business client relationship management crm for law firms CRM software legal software marketing for law firms

Hong Kong Tiananmen Square vigil organizer denied bail on national security law charges


In the court on Friday, Judge Peter Law denied Chow’s bail request, stating that she had violated the law by not submitting information requested by the authorities. Human Rights International China Democracy hong hong national security law Tiananmen Square tiananmen square vigi

Brush Up Research Skills with Law Library Legal Research Seminars

C|M|LAW Library

The C|M|Law Library provides numerous Legal Research Seminars to help you get up to speed. C|M|Law students may also complete the quiz accompanying each Legal Research Seminar to earn points.

Shining The Spotlight On Immigration Law


Immigration Small Law Firms Tahmina WatsonAccess to immigration counsel, especially for Afghan nationals, is incredibly important in these trying times.

Types of Criminal Law


If you are facing criminal charges, then you need to consider hiring a criminal law attorney that is in good standing with the bar association for your state and is ready to fight for you no matter how serious your charges are.