How It Works: LAWCLERK, Where Attorneys Hire Freelance Lawyers


In today’s episode of How It Works , we learn about LAWCLERK , where attorneys go to hire freelance lawyers and virtual associates.

Freelance for Law wins ABA Techshow 2021’s Startup Alley competition


Freelance for Law , an online platform that connects law firms with legal professionals who can handle a variety of tasks, won the Startup Alley…


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A Rallying Cry Against Rogue Paralegals


Continue reading → Aspiring Paralegal Experienced Paralegal Freelance Paralegal General Uncategorized article attorney bad behavior best blog chat room conduct ethical ethics firm jamie collins law lawyer learn legal notice office paralegal report rogue see social forum top unethicalWhen the time to stand up and fight presents itself to a person who is called to a cause: the soldier picks up his rifle; the boxer, his gloves; and the blogger, her keyboard.

Judge Albright is not “So Unreasonable or Egregious”


In re Freelancer Ltd. ( This case : August 2020, GreatGitz sued Freelancer for patent infringement and then filed an amended complaint just before Thanksgiving (November 23, 2020). Two months later (January 21, 2021) Freelancer filed a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. At that time, Freelancer also moved to stay all other proceedings in the case until the 12(b)(6) motion was decided. Freelancer Mandamus Petition ].

Paralegal Profile: Heidi Stephens


Heidi Stephens is a freelance paralegal who resides in Griffin, Georgia. Freelance Paralegal Heidi Stephens Liberty University NALS Paralegal Paralegal CareerHer clients include Imerys,, and various other companies. Heidi has an AS/Paralegal Studies from Liberty University and will receive her BS/Paralegal Studies from Liberty University in 2015. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. What prompted you to choose a paralegal career? I love the research. I love the writing.

How to Get Work as a Paralegal


This is specifically designed to teach you the practical skills needed to work as a freelance paralegal. Once the course review test is completed successfully, you are emailed a ‘Guide to Finding Work as a Freelance Paralegal’. Freelancing.

Vietnam journalists jailed for ‘anti-state propaganda’


A court in Vietnam on Tuesday sentenced three freelance journalists known for their criticism of the government to between 11 and 15 years in prison. The three, Pham Chi Dung, Nguyen Tuong Thuy and Le Huu Minh Tuan are prominent members of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam (IJAVN), a politically independent journalist organization. Dung is IJAVN’s founding president, while Thuy is the vice president and Tuan is an editor.

Editor’s Picks: Can vaccines be mandated? | Marketing speak decoded | Pandemic-era holiday shopping from bizarre to trendy


The wide-ranging discussion, in Godin’s signature tweetable and relatable style, covers the difference between entrepreneurs and freelancers, niche practices that spark passion, and making the leap to solo. . Vaccines for COVID-19 are headed to the market at lightning speed.

Quantum Lunacy: Physics Professor Calls For The Abandonment Of “Quantum Supremacy” As Anti-Racism Measure


Anselm College), freelance journalist Daniel Garisto, and Math Professor Karoline Wiesner (University of Bristol) all agree that the term is not racist but still believe that it must be changed to avoid “adding insult to injury.”

Trainee and newly qualified solicitor salaries for UK law firms


Author Charlotte Banks is a freelance blogger and an educator. The reasons why many choose to take a solicitor career path are that it is a respected and exciting profession, highly rewarding, and with great career progression opportunities. However, that’s not all.

Discover New Practice Areas That Can Scale


Identify potential new practice areas and seek to expand into growing markets on a lean budget by making use of freelancers and contractors at first, and ultimately hiring new employees as the practice areas grows.

5 Top legal podcasts in the UK you should be listening to


Author Charlotte Banks is a freelance writer and a blogger. Podcasts are growing in popularity and becoming one of the most widespread forms of gathering information, finding entertainment, and learning about your interests.

Women of Legal Tech: Catherine Bamford


I have been freelancing for seven years now and the BamLegal team all work flexibly and remotely. The Legal Technology Resource Center ’s Women of Legal Tech initiative is intended to encourage diversity and celebrate women in legal technology.

Legal 91

Working from Home? 7 Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Data


The key is to use a secure VPN that protects the online privacy of remote workers and freelancers. Gone are the days when remote employees have had a bad reputation.

Discover New Practice Areas That Can Scale


Identify potential new practice areas and seek to expand into growing markets on a lean budget by making use of freelancers and contractors at first, and ultimately hiring new employees as the practice areas grows.

Mashing Up Two Highly Coveted Watches, Is This “Genius” Timepiece the Next Luxury Lawsuit in the Making?

The Fashion Law

A budding new watch company is beginning to make waves online after teasing a timepiece that combines two highly coveted watches in the luxury market.

ABA TECHSHOW 2021: It’s a Wrap!


ABA (Virtual) Techshow 2021: All You Need to Know (MyCase Blog)Freelance for Law wins ABA Techshow 2021’s Startup Alley competition (ABA Journal). Another year, and a whole new – and very different – ABA TECHSHOW has now concluded. It was unusual because this year’s conference was virtual due to the pandemic. But by all accounts, it still had that “Techshow” feel that we all know and love.

Marketing Agency vs. Marketing Consultant: Which is Better for Project Managers?


In some cases, the line between consultant and agency is blurred – and this has become more common as freelance and remote work emerges as the norm and teams get more agile.

5 Ways COVID-19 Will Transform Law Firms


As a freelance writer, she specializes in marketing trends and graphic design. We recently caught up with guest blogger, April Brown, to discover how Covid-19 will transform law firms.

With COVID, ‘Liquid Workforce’ Presents Alternative to Traditional Legal Help


Having worked closely with the IT department of these businesses, many of which rely on “freelance” experts for certain projects, Gogniat sees similarities between that model and the one offered by companies like Flex Suisse. . “As Tuesday, July 7, 2020.

Why Prison Lockdowns Can’t Protect Incarcerees From Deadly Viruses

The Crime Report

The prison where I reside was built over 100 years ago and has very poor ventilation,” wrote Christopher Blackwell, a freelance journalist incarcerated in Monroe Correctional Complex in Washington State, in an email to Solitary Watch. “If

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Paralegal Offsite


In the world of technology and freelancing , remote workers can be seen in numerous industries, including the law system. The I nternational Virtual Assistants Association classifies virtual paralegals as independent contractors who support multiple clients from a remote location, usually their home, offering technical and administrative services.

Top Three Paraphrasing Tools Online


Whether you are a freelance content writer, student or blogger, time would be a key factor for you. There is a big difference between using an online source to collect information and copy the content without changes.

Blog: So You Want To Be The Perfect Paralegal?


Sheffield is a freelance paralegal helping solos and small law firms in civil litigation. I have been thinking about my career goals. I would like to be the perfect paralegal, wouldn’t you? Hmmm, what would make me the perfect paralegal? For starters, I would like to always know what the attorney wants; never make a mistake; only work on big cases; know how to do everything possible; and never get emotional about a case. Let’s see how this would play out in real life….

The Short Guide to Paralegal Career Options


Freelance Paralegal. Many lawyers and businesses use freelance sites to find help with specific cases or projects. If you’re thinking about going to school to become a paralegal, I have great news for you! There are more career options for paralegals than ever before. In this article, we’re going to discuss some exciting career options and you’ll learn how to tell if that career option is right for you. One more note before we dive in.

UX Research Methods: Behind the Scenes At Process Street


Initially, I bounced between various agencies doing what you’d expect any freelance graphic designer to do: logos and websites. Jonathan Bond is a Process Street Staff Product Designer, Star Wars fan, and human problem solver. Reach him on Twitter @jrbond.

How to Use Technology to Overcome Workplace Anxiety-Related Productivity Issues


This is a guest post by Hazel Bennett , a freelance writer and blogger. She has a degree in communications and lives in Northeastern Ohio. Hazel loves writing about numerous topics and showcasing her expertise with words. Follow Hazel on Twitter.

Building a Content Marketing Strategy: Tips to Get Your Team Excited


He and his team help startups, small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs reach their marketing goals through keyword-informed and customer-driven articles, as well as innovative social media content.

The Key to Productive Meetings? Cancel Them! 7 Meetings to Scrap


Plus, if you’re inviting freelancers who bill by the hour, this is one less hour they can actually get work done. Dave Nevogt is the CEO and co-founder of Hubstaff Have you ever been enjoying a productive streak when — out of nowhere — a meeting invite interrupts your day?

Upgrade the Customer Journey with User Experience Maps and Reduce Churn


This is a guest post by Ray Slater Berry, a freelance writer for Chameleon with over nine years of content marketing and social media experience. He specializes in product tech , travel, and SaaS. Ray is also a published fiction writer, with his first novel titled Golden Boy.

Where Can I Find a Virtual Paralegal to Match My Practice?


You probably know at least one other attorney who has used a freelance, temp, or virtual paralegal. “There just are not enough hours in the day to do everything myself! I want to improve my work-life balance by delegating tasks, but no one is available. I keep reading and hearing about virtual paralegals and virtual assistants as affordable options, but I wonder: Where can I find virtual support which meets the needs of my law practice?”.

DACI: Group Decision-Making Made Easy With Our Free Template


Depending on the permission settings , you can also control whether they are able to view the entire checklist, or only a single task, which is beneficial if you have freelance contributors or external vendors who are only necessary for a specific task.

Global Legal Hackathon 2019


The Global Legal Hackathon, now in its second year, just completed the first round of its latest competition. Over the course of last week and through the weekend, 6,000 participants from around the world in 46 cities across 24 countries engaged in a focused “sprint” to create new products and services for the legal profession.

Legal 40

Legal Talk Network Takes the Show on the Road to ABA TECHSHOW


I recorded a UBH with Greg Harmon of LawClerk, a company that hires out freelance lawyers. For the third year running, we at Legal Talk Network have all packed up our bags and flown from around the country to Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW. In addition to recording our regular series of On The Road episodes from the conference, we dipped our toes into the world of video with TECHSHOW Today, touched base with many of our podcast hosts and regular guests, and got some time to bond internally.

Starting at a Remote Start-Up: My First Month at Process Street


This is the second remote start-up I’ve worked at – not including my years as a remote freelancer. Process Street is growing like crazy. Every day I open up Slack, there’s someone new to welcome to the team. It’s like a mini virtual party every day with less cake.

5 ways a Virtual Assistant can ramp up your law firm marketing


Fielding out and interviewing a great freelance copywriter is time consuming, but worth the headache in the long run. Attorneys and law firms need to focus on the world of online marketing, otherwise they are missing out on a large pool of potential clients. A Virtual Assistant well versed in the legal profession can help improve marketing efforts.

How to Scale Content Marketing: Building a System for Growth


If you don’t have the budget or workload to justify hiring a whole team, consider using freelancers. Brad Smith is the CEO at Wordable and the founder of Codeless (a content production agency).