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Paralegal Case Management Tips

Paralegal Bootcamp

Most likely, you did not have a class on case management in your paralegal certificate program. Unless the law firm you work for only assigns one case at a time to you (and, let’s be honest, that is not going to happen), then you are going to have to juggle more than one case and keep all of them organized.

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The Most Significant Updates In The Case Management Sphere

Above The Law

Joshua Lenon of Clio and Christopher Lafferty of Caret talk over case management software's role in today's law firm operations. The post The Most Significant Updates In The Case Management Sphere appeared first on Above the Law.


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“Merck shingles vaccine appeal will test controversial mass torts case management tool”


“Merck shingles vaccine appeal will test controversial mass torts case management tool”: Alison Frankel’s “On the Case” from Reuters has this post about an appeal that I will be arguing on behalf of the plaintiffs-appellants before a three-judge panel of the U.S.

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Launching Today: Clarra, A Cloud Case Management Platform Designed for Docket-Driven Litigation Firms


When San Francisco lawyer Todd Schneider’s litigation firm, Schneider Wallace , became frustrated with its options for case management software — finding existing products to be antiquated, inflexible, and better suited to transactional practices — the firm decided to build its own.

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You Deserve a Better Personal Injury Case Management Software

Paralegals are the nerve center that hold the entire Personal Injury practice together. You have an extremely diverse set of responsibilities, from legal research to drafting to administration tasks, and must communicate with all stakeholders (internal and external) at the practice.

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Introducing the Trade Secret Case Management Judicial Guide

Patently O

Menell* who took on the pro bono task of assembling and managing a fabulous team of leading lawyers to create the Trade Secret Case Management Judicial Guide. The guide will quickly become leading the go-to source as Federal Judges manage their growing trade secrecy caseloads. Early Case Management.

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Simplify Immigration Case Management with LollyLaw

Attorney at Work

With LollyLaw, an all-in-one case management platform specifically designed with immigration practitioners in mind, you and your firm can revolutionize the immigration process from start to finish. The all-in-one case management platform for immigration attorneys. Collaborate on USCIS forms from anywhere with LollyLaw.

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10 Must-Have Features of Plaintiff Personal Injury Case Management Software

In 2022, there are dozens of case management software options for law firms to choose from. As a paralegal, you need a case management software that can streamline repetitive processes throughout the entire lifecycle of a case. But the truth is: not all legal software is created equal.

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8 Benefits of Automatic Lawyer Time-Tracking Software

That’s the case with automatic lawyer time-tracking software. Yes, this built-in Smokeball feature captures all the work you do in our case management software, eliminating the need to manually track your time.