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3 Methods of Preparing a Deposition Summary. Preparing a deposition summary can be time-consuming for a litigation paralegal and costly to the client. What will the deposition summary be used for? Cost of a Deposition Summary. 3 Methods to Prepare a Deposition Summary.

Deposition Summary Examples That Work


There is no doubt that a deposition summary plays a key role not just for lawyers but everyone involved in the trial process. Lawsuits & Litigation deposition deposition summaries deposition summary litigation sworn depositions


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How Does a Well-Prepared Deposition Help Win a Case?


As a well-prepared deposition summary is easy to read and understand, and all the facts are double-checked and verified by the attorney. Lawsuits & Litigation depose deposition summaries legal support services sworn depositions taking a deposition

7 ways to upgrade your strategic approach to depositions


Master the deposition phase of case management with these tips to keep you solution-focused as you seek the best outcome for your client and maintain your caseload. The post 7 ways to upgrade your strategic approach to depositions appeared first on One Legal.

Partner Catches Heat For Turning Deposition Into Group Project

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Legal Ethics Depositions Zoom FailIt's just one little mistake! Done repeatedly. In a small time period.

With Court Authorization, Litigators Discover Remote Depositions


She used it for the first time on April 1, 2020 when taking a remote deposition over Zoom. I’m reminded too of my column from 2014 about the end of the paper chase, thanks to electronic exhibits, which streamline depositions—whether remote or in-person. We’ll consider each deposition.

Top 5 Tips: Taking Depositions in a Post-Pandemic World

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While much of the world stopped last year, depositions didn’t. Cases forged ahead and lawyers scrambled to establish new ways of taking depositions and handling proceedings that, for decades, had been routine. In other words, remote depositions are here to stay.

From Court Reporting to Video to Exhibits, An All-in-One Virtual Deposition Solution Launches


Will remote depositions disappear as legal professionals emerge from the pandemic? ” eLitigate goes beyond point solutions such as Zoom and Box, she said, to handle the entire workflow from calling in to schedule a virtual deposition all the way through to delivery of the transcript.

Conduct depositions remotely with these virtual technologies

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Two years have passed since the onset of the pandemic, and no matter how you look at it, things will never be quite the same …

Preparing Remote Deposition Defenses For Corporate Entities

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As remote depositions will remain common for the foreseeable future, attorneys defending a deposition notice or subpoena to a corporation should implement certain strategies to mitigate unique challenges, such as less planning time and increased difficulty of establishing rapport with witnesses, say attorneys at Sidley.

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Misses Deposition


The presiding judge suggested that Jones could be arrested if he does not appear in court on Thursday. Lawsuits & Litigation Alex Jones defamation Infowars lawsuit Newtown sandy hook shooting

Lawyer is suspended for texting witness during phone deposition; how did opposing counsel find out?

ABA Journal

A Florida lawyer has been suspended for 91 days for texting advice to a witness during a phone deposition and then failing to come clean…

Alex Jones Calls For Fauci’s Execution, While Refusing To Sit For Deposition During Deadly Pandemic

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The post Alex Jones Calls For Fauci’s Execution, While Refusing To Sit For Deposition During Deadly Pandemic appeared first on Above the Law. CHUTZPAH, as the, um, globalists might say.

Lawyer accused of feeding answers to his client in Zoom deposition faces possible sanction

ABA Journal

A Boston lawyer has been ordered to show cause why he shouldn’t face further sanctions for allegedly taking advantage of a Zoom deposition to secretly…

Mortgage modification, deposition testimony opinions filing Monday

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Berroteran raises the issue whether a party against whom former deposition testimony in a different case is sought to be admitted at trial under Evidence Code section 1291, subdivision (a)(2), has a similar interest and motive at both hearings to cross-examine a friendly witness. On Monday morning, the Supreme Court will file its opinions in Sheen v. Wells Fargo Bank and Berroteran v. Superior Court , the last undecided matters from the three-case December calendar.

Federal magistrate judge orders lawyers to ‘not impugn Chinese culture’ in future depositions

ABA Journal

A federal magistrate judge in Georgia ordered lawyers for an injured longshoreman to “not impugn Chinese culture” in future depositions in his lawsuit against a…

Judge Snubs FirstEnergy Deal With Call For Depositions

Law 360

instead calling on the parties to conduct depositions in his courtroom An Ohio federal judge has made it clear that he is not willing to play ball with a $180 million settlement of shareholder derivative litigation against FirstEnergy Corp.,

Lawyer is suspended after claiming he feared ‘untimely death’ if he appeared at police officers’ deposition

ABA Journal

A Florida lawyer has been suspended for two years for unfounded accusations of racial bias, including his assertion that appearing at a deposition with police…

Canada: Why Do We Have Deposits? - Pallett Valo LLP


When buying real property, purchasers typically submit a deposit with their offer to purchase. The deposit is considered part of the purchase price and is ultimately credited towards the purchase price on closing

After Flipping Off Court By Ducking Deposition, Alex Jones Flips Off Sandy Hook Plaintiffs With Insulting Settlement Offer

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The post After Flipping Off Court By Ducking Deposition, Alex Jones Flips Off Sandy Hook Plaintiffs With Insulting Settlement Offer appeared first on Above the Law. When you're in a hole, keep digging.

Australia: Commercial lease security deposits – bank guarantees v cash - Kells


Pros & cons of the 2 forms of commercial lease security deposit – bank guarantees vs vash

5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Mesothelioma Deposition


Depositions can take an incredible toll on people suffering from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses.

Use of other case deposition testimony limited by Supreme Court opinion issued after settlement

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Superior Court , the Supreme Court today holds a statutory hearsay-rule exception that makes admissible some “former testimony” normally doesn’t allow a deposition from an earlier lawsuit to be used against a party who was also a party in the prior action. ” Observing that “[a] discovery deposition. In Berroteran v.

How to Access a Safe Deposit Box in California Following a Loved One’s Death

A People's Choice

When a loved one dies with a safe deposit box, it's important to check what's inside! Often, people store wills, trusts, or other important estate planning documents in their safe deposit boxes.

United States: What's The Deal? – Structured Certificates Of Deposit - Mayer Brown


Structured certificates of deposit – they look and feel like structured notes, but there are important differences, and traps for the unwary

Indonesia deposits its instrument of accession to the HCCH 1961 Apostille Convention

Conflict of Laws

In accordance with Article 12 of the Convention, Indonesia deposited its instrument of accession to the HCCH 1961 Apostille Convention with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands on 5 October 2021. Guest post by Priskila P. Penasthika, Ph.D.

Australia: Release of deposit clause in property sale contracts - Stacks Law Firm


What is a Release of Deposit Clause & what are the risks attached? Links to other relevant articles

Attorneys Beware: Zoom Depositions Are Likely Inadmissible

Law 360

As legal proceedings have moved online in light of the pandemic, lawyers may mistakenly believe that recorded Zoom video depositions can be entered as evidence, but without certain safeguards, the testimony is unlikely to be accepted by courts, says Phillip Zisook at Schoenberg Finkel

Remote Work Is Making Better Lawyers

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Technology Esquire Deposition Solutions Trivia Question of the Day UnprecedentedAnd more productive ones too!

Australia: The property vendor made a verbal agreement to accept a 5% deposit. Now theyre suing me for 10%. Which case won? - Stacks Law Firm


The contract was in writing, and the purchaser was required under a written agreement to pay a deposit of $400,000

Understanding A Company's Duty To Prep For Depositions

Law 360

Companies must take several steps to meet their duty to educate representatives for depositions in corporate and patent litigation, demonstrating to courts that good faith efforts were made to prepare — or else they may face monetary and evidentiary sanctions, say attorneys at Wolf Greenfield

Marvel CEO seeks punitive damages for alleged theft of his DNA during a deposition

ABA Journal

Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter is seeking punitive damages against Chubb insurance for allegedly facilitating a DNA theft during a deposition.

Judge is investigated after he reportedly testifies in divorce deposition about burying $100K in his backyard

ABA Journal

A Nashville, Tennessee, circuit judge’s divorce records must be turned over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation amid an investigation into his deposition testimony, a…

The IRS Is Sued For Seizing And Depositing Collectible Coins Featuring Dead Presidents

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An example of when someone can sue the IRS and potentially win. Courts Tax Law Carrie Willis IRS Steven Chung

After Ga. Ruling, Defense Must Aim To Limit Exec Depositions

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Buchanan, allowing a GM executive to be deposed in a wrongful death case over an alleged vehicle defect, defense attorneys should focus on narrowing the scope of depositions involving high-ranking executives, say Carol Michel and Michael Weathington at Weinberg Wheeler