The Unfinished Business of Felony Murder

The Crime Report

The penalty for first degree felony murder is life in prison, without possibility of parole. The Massachusetts justices ruled that felony murder will no longer serve as an independent ground for a first-degree murder conviction.

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Can You Obtain a U.S. Passport with a Felony Record?


A felony conviction is not something to be taken lightly. Whether you or someone you know is re-entering society after a felony charge and time served, there is a lot that may be affected.


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Chiropractor is Charged with Felony Sexual Misconduct


Crimes Featured Article allegations care center chiropractor doctor felony female Kenneth Parker lawsuit malpractice Malpractice Lawsuit office patient patients physician practice sexual assault sexual misconduct suit waiver Washington women

Alabama Makes Gender-Affirming Care for Teens a Felony

The Crime Report

An Alabama law that makes it a felony to provide gender-affirming medical treatment to transgender youth has gone into effect after Gov. Kay Ivey signed the bill on April 8, reports Reuters.

Texas Makes Buying Sex a Felony

The Crime Report

A new Texas law taking effect in September, 2021, will make buying sex a state felony instead of a misdemeanor, making the state the first in the country to to charge so-called “Johns” with a state jail felony, reports Click2Houston.

Washington state expands voting rights for individuals with felony convictions


Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill into law Wednesday expanding voting rights for persons with felony convictions. The post Washington state expands voting rights for individuals with felony convictions appeared first on JURIST - News - Legal News & Commentary.

Felony 198

Baltimore Prosecutor Faces Felony Charges for Perjury

The Crime Report

As Inflation Rises, So Do Felonies for Small-Time Thefts

The Crime Report

Advocates are pushing states to create updated felony standards, arguing that outdated laws, which vary wildly from state to state, are unfairly making felons out of people who committed minor crimes such as stealing a pair of shoes, reports Axios.

US Supreme Court rules reckless offenses do not qualify as ‘violent felony’


The US Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit that “reckless” crimes qualify as violent felonies for purposes of the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA). The ACCA mandates a 15-year sentence for those persons found guilty of illegally possessing a firearm who have been convicted of three or more violent felonies in the past.

Felony 167

Sacramento Shooting Suspect Won Early Release on Felony Charge

The Crime Report

Martin was freed in February after serving time for punching a girlfriend, dragging her from her home by her hair and whipping her with a belt, all nonviolent offenses under California law, which considers only about two dozen crimes to be violent felonies.

Amid Cloud Of Secrecy, Judge Charged With Felony And Removed From Position

Above The Law

He's facing a felony menacing charge. Courts Colorado Crime Judge of the Day Mark Thompson State Judges

Felony 103

Court limits definition of “violent felony” in federal gun-possession penalty


Share A fractured Supreme Court on Thursday narrowed the scope of a key phrase in the Armed Career Criminal Act, ruling that crimes involving recklessness do not count as “violent felonies” for the purpose of triggering a key sentencing enhancement.

Felony 106

Judge is charged with felony menacing in incident involving ‘AR-15 style rifle’

ABA Journal

The chief judge of Colorado’s 5th Judicial District has been charged with felony menacing in an incident allegedly involving an "AR-15 style rifle."

Felony 100

San Francisco PD Used a Woman’s Rape Kit DNA to Connect Her to a Felony

The Crime Report

San Francisco police used DNA collected in a rape exam as part of a domestic violence and sexual abuse case several years ago to link a woman to a felony property crime in the city, possibly violating the state’s Victims’ Bill of Rights as well as constitutional laws related to unreasonable searches and seizures, reports The Guardian.

Felony-murder opinion filing tomorrow

At the Lectern

Tomorrow morning, the Supreme Court will file its opinion in People v. Gentile. Briefs here ; oral argument video here.) It will be the first decision in an October calendar case. Opinions in the other three October cases are expected by January 4. All of the cases had a Court of Appeal justice sitting pro tem. In Gentile , the court limited the issues to these: “1. Does the amendment to Penal Code section 188 by recently enacted Senate Bill No.

First Capitol Rioter Charged With Felony Sentenced to 8 Months

The Crime Report

Hodgkins, the first person to have pleaded guilty to a single felony count of obstruction of an official proceeding before Congress by storming the Capitol on Jan. Paul A.

Georgia Makes Porch Piracy, Mail Theft a Felony

The Crime Report

A new law in Georgia is tackling the issues of porch piracy and mail theft by classifying certain degrees of the crimes as felonies, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Wastewater official faces felony charges for using city funds to pay employee’s law school tuition

ABA Journal

A California wastewater official faces felony state court charges of diverting public funds for personal use, after allegedly using municipal money to pay for an…

"Just About Any Felony": Court of Appeals of Georgia Finds Trial Judge Improperly Deemed Burglary a Crime of Dishonesty

EvidenceProf Blog

Similar to its federal counterpart, OCGA § 24-6-609(a) states the following: For the purpose of attacking the character for truthfulness of a witness: (1) Evidence that a witness other than an accused has been convicted of a crime shall be

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Kansas Criminal Justice Bill Makes ‘Sextortion’ a Felony

The Crime Report

The bill also makes it a felony crime to threaten to injure a person or the reputation of a person through the distribution of an image, video or other recordings of a person that is sexual in nature.

California utility charged with manslaughter following deadly wildfire


She announced her office had filed a 31-count complaint against PG&E, alleging eleven felonies and 20 misdemeanors in connection with the fire. In 2017, the utility was convicted of several felonies related to the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion.

Felony 229

Attacking Store Workers for Enforcing Rules on Wearing Face Masks: Now a Felony in Illinois

Nolo's Blog

The post Attacking Store Workers for Enforcing Rules on Wearing Face Masks: Now a Felony in Illinois appeared first on Nolo. By E.A. Gjelten We’ve all seen the news: irate anti-maskers punching, shoving, or spitting on store employees or bus drivers who were trying to get them to cooperate with rules intended to slow the spread of COVID-19. Of course, it’s already a crime in most states to do anything like this (or to attack anyone else, for that matter).

The Housing Bubble and its Discontents


The housing bubble may be great for some investors, but it brings precarity for families while rent increases push low-income earners out on the street.

Democratic Donor Convicted of Nine Felonies, Provided Fatal Meth Doses to Two Men

The Crime Report

Ed Buck, a small-time Democratic donor and political activist, was convicted by a federal jury on Tuesday of nine felonies, including providing fatal doses of methamphetamine to two men who died at his West Hollywood apartment 18 months apart, reports the New York Times.

Former prosecutor faces felony misconduct charges related to alleged inappropriate relationship

ABA Journal

A former Michigan state prosecutor will be charged with two counts of felony misconduct in office after allegedly engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a…

Derek Chauvin Still Has To Do His Time… For Now

Above The Law

Courts Derek Chauvin Felony Murder George Floyd Government Minnesota Supreme CourtThis would be even less of a problem if he was in jail for 1st degree murder.

Felony 101

California Supreme Court: prisoners must get lawyer when challenging convictions for killings committed by others


Human Rights california California Supreme Court criminal justice Darsy Noriega domestic felony murder murder Nancy Skinner prisoner rights right to an attorney right to appeal right to counsel right to lawyer Robert Bacon Senate Bill 1437 Vince Lewis

Three-Part Series: Criminal Case Processing in North Carolina, Part III – Felonies


By the North Carolina Judicial Branch Are you interested in understanding more about criminal court case processing in North Carolina? Courtesy of the North Carolina Judicial Branch, the Paralegal Division blog is publishing a three-part series the first three weeks of February.

Oath Keeper member is the first suspect to plead guilty to Capital riot


Judge Mehta made clear to Schaffer that he could lose constitutional rights, including the right to vote and own firearms, by pleading guilty to federal felony charges.

Felony 188

Starting Salaries for District Attorneys


Business assistant district attorneys criminal justice felonies misdemeanors prosecutorsWhatever you choose to do, make the decision that supports your dreams and, of course, your financial goals.

North Carolina appeals court temporarily enjoins order expanding felon voting rights


The North Carolina Court of Appeals on Friday blocked a lower court order that would restore voting rights to more than 55,000 North Carolinians on parole or probation for a felony.

Felony 130

“Supreme Court Limits Sweep of Law on Mandatory Minimum Sentences; Violent felonies committed recklessly do not count in deciding whether 15-year terms are required under the Armed Career Criminal Act, the justices ruled”


“Supreme Court Limits Sweep of Law on Mandatory Minimum Sentences; Violent felonies committed recklessly do not count in deciding whether 15-year terms are required under the Armed Career Criminal Act, the justices ruled”: Adam Liptak of The New York Times has this report.

Felony 100

Trump Guilty of Felonies, But DA Dropped the Ball, Say Former Prosecutors

The Crime Report

Trump who resigned after District Attorney Alvin Bragg abruptly dropped tghe case, says the office could have convicted Trump of “numerous felony violations” and that Bragg’s decision was “contrary to the public interest” and a “grave failure of justice,” reports the New York Times. Mark F.

Morning Docket: 11.29.21

Above The Law

Let's start with felony murder. [ Morning Docket CROWN Act Department of Transportation Felony Murder Home Insurance Thanksgiving Workplace Discrimination* Thanksgiving turkey have you thinking about home insurance? This might be worth a look.

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Federal jury indicts 3 men in Ahmaud Arbery killing


In June, Cobb County then-District Attorney Joyette Holmes announced that a Georgia state grand jury indicted the three men on nine counts concerning the death of Arbery, from felony murder to false imprisonment.

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