Buyer's Guide: Evaluating and Selecting the Best CLM Solution for Your Organization


Evaluating and selecting the right contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform can be complicated. However, by getting the right people involved, prioritizing your business needs, and testing your technology options, you can make it easier.

Forrester Wave™ Contract Lifecycle Management for 2023


In The Forrester Wave™ Contract Lifecycle Management, Q3 2023, Evisort has debuted as a Strong Performer.

Stay On Top of Newly Filed State & Federal Litigation: Curated Just for You!


With Daily Filings Report by Trellis you will receive an email and csv file daily with all new cases filed in the jurisdictions you're tracking. Each new case will include all case metadata like judge, parties, counsel, practice area, and even direct links to the full docket and complaint. Trellis Daily Filings Reports provide direct access to newly filed state and federal litigation curated just for you.

Personal Injury Law Firm Paralegal Toolkit

Paralegals are essential to Personal Injury law firms; they are the backbone, the glue that holds things together, whether for a solo practitioner or a large firm with many attorneys. The challenge of being a Personal Injury paralegal is handling the vast range of responsibilities, from research to documentation to intake to reporting to multiple stakeholders on multiple cases.

Buyer's Guide: Evaluating and Selecting the Best CLM Solution for Your Organization


Evaluating and selecting the right contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform can be complicated. However, by getting the right people involved, prioritizing your business needs, and testing your technology options, you can make it easier.

Legal Software Buyer's Guide for Personal Injury Law Firms

Paralegals are the nucleus of Personal Injury law firms. You are the nerve center of the entire practice, with the most diverse responsibilities. The right legal software has the potential to help Personal Injury firms focus more on the most important elements of their “jobs” and help streamline and automate the administrative side of the business. Our “Legal Software Buyer's Guide for Personal Injury Firms” will assist PI attorneys (and their staff) with choosing the right software that can man

2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Contract Life Cycle Management Report


A Visionary in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Contract Life Cycle Management. Gartner, a company that delivers actionable, objective insight to executive and their teams, has positioned Evisort in the Visionaries Quadrant of the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contract Life Cycle Management. Read the report to learn why Evisort is a Visionary provider in the market.

Top 3 Data Privacy Challenges for Contract Compliance in 2022


The data privacy regulatory landscape is quickly becoming hyper-fragmented with dozens of new, updated, or proposed laws. Outdated compliance practices expose businesses to legal landmines that damage reputations and cost millions of dollars. Contract intelligence can help. Download this whitepaper to learn: Which new and emerging data privacy regulations might have the biggest impact on your contracts.

10 Zen Ways to Manage Cash Flows with Contract Intelligence


When you have instant access to your contract data, making strategic decisions in tough times (and good times) becomes much easier. Cash flow management especially can be a top priority for finance, procurement, and other business leaders. In this guide, you will learn 10 key ways to get a better handle on cash flows using your own contract data, including: Getting ahead of auto renewals to renegotiate proactively.

6 Best Practices to Maximize Value from Vendor Contracts


Supply chain disruption is having a major impact on many businesses’ bottom lines. Shipping delays, limited production, diminishing supply, and inflation are having major impacts on goods and services worldwide. With uncertainty on the rise and margins and operating budgets stretched thin, there are a range of obstacles threatening to sap value from deals with vendors.

8 Benefits of Automatic Lawyer Time-Tracking Software

Capture all your billable time and grow more efficient and profitable. Using the right tech tools for your firm can be a real game-changer — especially if you want to grow more efficient. And if you buy a piece of software with a specific goal in mind, you’ll often uncover even more benefits for your business. That’s the case with automatic lawyer time-tracking software.

10 Must-Have Features of Plaintiff Personal Injury Case Management Software

In 2022, there are dozens of case management software options for law firms to choose from. But the truth is: not all legal software is created equal. Plaintiff personal injury law firms need a specific set of features and tools that don’t necessarily apply to other practice areas. As a paralegal, you need a case management software that can streamline repetitive processes throughout the entire lifecycle of a case.

Take Control of Your Contracts Without Wrecking the Budget

Manually managing contracts is time-consuming and leaves you prone to errors. Missed dates, overwritten versions, & poor governance leads to frustration & lost revenue. That’s why more businesses are turning to Contract Management Software. Download this checklist to understand what's right for you!

Visibility Into the Strategy & Supporting Documents of Major US Law Firms


Law Firm Intelligence by Trellis aggregates state trial court data across the Trellis platform enabling users to: look up a particular metric related to a specific law firm (such as, how many cases a law firm had or has against another law firm), and see the actual dockets and documents supporting the metric. Trellis data is maximized in a revolutionary and unique way to provide users an exclusive look into a law firm litigating in state trial courts.

Generative AI for Contracts Is Here: New Tools to Accelerate Drafting and Editing


The emergence of generative AI is reshaping the landscape of contract management, enabling businesses to generate and negotiate legal agreements with greater ease and speed. In this on-demand webinar, Hal Marcus, VP of Product Marketing at Evisort discusses how Evisort's generative AI transforms contract creation and negotiation, empowering legal teams to streamline processes while reducing risk.

You Deserve a Better Personal Injury Case Management Software

Paralegals are the nerve center that hold the entire Personal Injury practice together. You have an extremely diverse set of responsibilities, from legal research to drafting to administration tasks, and must communicate with all stakeholders (internal and external) at the practice. Paralegals need a robust system that can organize information, automate many mundane tasks, and save time every day.

The Complete Guide to Contract Lifecycle Management


Are you tired of juggling contracts and missing deadlines? Do you want to ensure compliance and avoid costly disputes? Gatekeeper's Complete Guide to Contract Lifecycle Management is 38 pages of insights, tips, and templates. What's in the guide? 7 chapters covering all stages of the contract lifecycle from inception through to renewal and close-out Handy 10-point checklists for every stage to give you a clear playbook to work from 13 Excel templates ready to use in your business Who's it for?

In-House Legal Departments – A Comprehensive Guide to Best-in-Class Reporting


Generating reports for your in-house legal team can take days, and sometimes weeks! Collating information in word documents or spreadsheets across the team can be a giant headache. Tailoring content to consider various stakeholders may be a repetitive task. If you’re doing Legal Department reporting – make it count! If you’re not, it may be time to start.

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