Mexican Gov’t Files Lawsuit Against American Gun Manufacturers, Distributors


Political Litigation baretta barrett crime drag war firearms manufacturers gun makers Mexico United States weapons traffickingThe Mexican government claims that American gun makers have knowingly adopted business practices that facilitate firearms smuggling.

Biden proposes ‘Buy American rule to support US workers, manufacturing


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Alaska files lawsuit against chemical compound manufacturers


The State of Alaska sued over thirty chemical compound manufacturers Wednesday after it was discovered that the state’s groundwater was being contaminated by toxic chemicals.

Mexico sues US gun manufacturers in federal court over claims of fueling violence


The government of Mexico filed a complaint on Wednesday against eight gun manufacturers, holding companies and distributors, alleging tort claims based on a “deadly flood of military-style and other particularly lethal guns” across the border from the US into Mexico.

Most Popular Design Patent Articles of Manufacture


This moving chart shows the most popular "article of manufacture" claims in US Design Patents since the 1970s. — Dennis Crouch (@patentlyo) September 11, 2021. Patent

The Illusion of Action: Cuomo’s New Gun Manufacturer Liability Law is a Colossal Misfire


The centerpiece of Cuomo’s plan is a new law to allow victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers under a nuisance theory. The highlight of the package, though, is a new law allowing people harmed by firearms to sue the manufacturers.

London Company is Manufacturing Fully Biodegradable Plastics


Polymateria has developed an environmentally friendly plastics option.

What is an Article of Manufacture for Design Patent Law?


USPTO is seeking public comment on the meaning of an “article of manufacture” as used in 35 U.S.C. 171(a): Whoever invents any new, original and ornamental design for an article of manufacture may obtain a patent therefor, subject to the conditions and requirements of this title. The Federal Circuit’s recent decision in Curver Luxembourg refocused attention on the importance of the particular article of manufacture in the design patenting process.

Manufacturing Company Culture - Employee Retention | iHire


Use these three tips for manufacturing company culture to boost employee retention To compete for talent, you need to offer more than just a paycheck.

Victims of Deadly Dayton Shooting Sue Manufacturer of Large-Capacity Firearm Magazine


Shooter Connor Betts was killed by Dayton police officers less than a minute after he opened fire outside a bar--but he was able to kill nine people within 20 seconds.

“Manufactured Finality in Arbitration Appeals: The Ninth Circuit held that plaintiffs can no longer voluntarily dismiss their claims and manufacture finality after a district court orders arbitration.”


Manufactured Finality in Arbitration Appeals: The Ninth Circuit held that plaintiffs can no longer voluntarily dismiss their claims and manufacture finality after a district court orders arbitration.” ” Bryan Lammon has this post at his “final decisions” blog

Sixth Circuit Decision on Appellate Jurisdiction and Manufactured Finality (Guest Post by Andrew Pollis)

LPB Network

the Sixth Circuit issued a split decision on the vexing question of manufactured finality. Andrew Pollis presents the following guest post on a very interesting Sixth Circuit decision: * * * Last week, in Rowland v. Southern Health Partners, Inc.,

New York Opioid Trial Jury Heard Manufacturers Joking About Epidemic

The Crime Report

During opening statements at a Long Island trial seeking to blame the pharmaceutical industry for a wave of opioid addiction, the first-ever jury to hear allegations against the industry were read emails in which employees at AmerisourceBergen Corp.

Australia: Can Government incentives for local processing of critical minerals bring manufacturing back to Australia? - McCullough Robertson


Australia hopes to become a regional hub for critical minerals processing and manufacturing, with R&D advancements

Manufacturer has no duty to warn regarding products it did not make, sell or distribute.

Day on Torts

Plaintiff brought this products liability claim against numerous defendants, including several industrial equipment manufacturers who made and sold equipment used by the deceased husband at his job.

United States: EMA Reflection Paper On Good Manufacturing Practices And Marketing Authorisation Holders - Arnold & Porter


After a public consultation last July, the EMA published its Reflection Paper on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAH) on 23 July 2021

10 Reasons to Choose American-Made Products


When you buy goods manufactured in the USA, it's a win-win for the nation and its people. Business American jobs american manufacturing American-made buy American national debtBegin adjusting your shopping style today. Choose an American-made product whenever possible.

How to Make Money with 3D Printers


Business 3D modeling 3D Printers additive manufacturing resin three dimensional printingThere is no better time to earn cash with your 3D printer machine.

OTC Drug Manufacturers are Required to Pay FDA Facility User Fees by May 10, 2021

Customs & International Trade Law

This is the first year FDA has expanded user fees to OTC Drug Manufacturers and submitters of OTC monograph order requests. These new provisions authorize FDA to assess and collect user fees from 1) qualifying manufacturers of OTC monograph drugs and 2) submitters of OTC monograph order requests. Contract manufacturing organization (CMO) facilities are being assessed a reduced facility fee of two-thirds: OTC Facility. Manufacturer. Contract Manufacturer.

Walmart is Rolling Out a Lower-priced, Private Label Insulin Drug


Drugs & Medical Devices diabetes drug Drug Companies drug manufacturers expensive insulin lawmakers lower price Nordisk price private label supply chain Type 1 Diabetes U.S. Walmart now has a lower cost insulin option for diabetics.

Opioid Drug Makers Made Large Donations to Nonprofits


Report finds opioid manufacturers donated to pro-drug nonprofits in order to increase sales.

Iowa AG Makes Plans for Opioid Settlement Funds


Opioid Drugs AG agreement AmerisourceBergen attorney general Cardinal CDC distributors funds Iowa J&J Johnson & Johnson manufacturers McKesson plans proposals settle settlement Settlements state Tom Miller U.S.

New York’s Opioid Case Will be Heard by a Jury


Opioid Drugs addictive opioids crisis drug makers drug manufacturers first time government jury jury trial Nassau County New York New York State opioid drug makers opioid epidemic state Suffolk County trialNew York's opioid case marks the first government jury trial during the epidemic.

United States: Labor Shortage: How Manufacturers Can Attract And Retain Qualified Workers - Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams


The CFO Survey, a collaboration of Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and the Federal Reserve Banks of Richmond and Atlanta, tracks CFO optimism and top concerns

Canada: Defences Available To Manufacturers In Product Liability Claims - Cox & Palmer


Product liability claims are often rooted in provincial sale of goods legislation. Sale of goods statutes afford consumers a set of protections, which are fairly uniform across jurisdictions

How to Build a Gun Club: A Guide to Organizing and Starting Your Own Local Gun Club


Civil Rights firearms second amendment Gun gun dealers Gun Law gun laws gun manufacturers gun ownership gun ranges gun safety history of second amendment second amendment second amendment rightsSaying “start a gun club” is only a good idea – it’s not practical advice.

United States: Southern District Of New York Dismisses Putative Class Action Against Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Manufacturer For Failure To Allege Loss Causation And Materiality - Shearman & Sterling LLP


Paul Oetken of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed a putative securities class action against a Chinese manufacturer On July 8, 2021, Judge J.

Jen Diaz to Moderate FCBF Webinar on IPR featuring CBP Branch Chief and UL

Customs & International Trade Law

Importers, Manufacturers and Customs Brokers , and o thers interested in CBP and IPR matters, regardless of affiliation or membership, are invited and encouraged to attend.

HHS Won’t Enforce Surprise Sanitizer Fee


News & Politics brewery Brian Harrison cares act civic responsibility coronavirus Distillery drug manufacturers FDA fees hand sanitizer HHS pandemic sanitizer small business

United States: Can Biologics Manufacturers Face Antitrust Risk For Pointing Out That Biosimilars Are Different? - Haug Partners


Biologics are revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry, and in doing so, garnering an increasing share of antitrust attention. In recent years, the FTC, FDA, and antitrust plaintiffs' bar have raised concerns about a

Canada: Clipping Wings And Stalling Engines: The Proposed Canadian Federal Luxury Tax Raises Issues For Vendors, Manufacturers, Service Providers And Consumers - McMillan LLP


On August 10, 2021, the Canadian federal government released for consultation details of its proposed luxury tax that will apply to the acquisition of certain new aircraft

Conquer Process Improvement With These 9 Lean Six Sigma Tools


The principle of lean Six Sigma is simple: it combines the waste reduction and workflow efficiency of lean manufacturing with the defect-elimination process of Six Sigma. “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” – Peter Drucker.

Germany: Not Patentable To Patent-eligible: Redesigning Product Based On User Feedback – Not Technical, But Controlling The Manufacture Of A Product – Technical - Bardehle Pagenberg


This decision concerns a patent application for a method of redesigning a product based on customer feedback. In the appeal, the Board considered that claim of the Main Request was so abstract that it

United States: Precedential No. 21: TTAB Upholds Fraud Claim Against Distributor Of Massage Chairs Who Registered Manufacturer's Mark FUJIIRYOKI - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.


For only the second time since the CAFC's 2009 decision in In re Bose, the Board upheld a claim of fraud, ordering cancellation of a registration for the mark FUJIIRYOKI for massage chairs

United States: Fixing The Nix: FTC Set To Target Manufacturer's Warranty Restrictions On Independent Repairs - Kelley Drye & Warren LLP


Following the momentum of President Biden's sweeping competition executive order, the FTC now wants in on the action

India: The Indian Competition Authority Fines A Leading Automobile Manufacturer €26 Million For Its Discount Control Policies In Only The Second Case In A Decade Finding RPM Practices Anticompetitive (Maruti Suzuki India) - Khaitan & Co


On 23 August 2021, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) found Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) liable for adversely impacting competition in the passenger vehicles segment

Logistics & Inventory Management: How To Do it With a “No-Contact” Policy


Because raw materials and manufactured goods have been prevented from reaching ports, the demand for raw materials has dropped drastically. Keep your options by having multiple logistics companies, manufacturers, or carriers on board. This is a guest post by Reese McKnight.

Oregon Psilocybin: Advisory Board and Licensing Update


Since then, the Board has met monthly and created five subcommittees to study facets of the emerging psilocybin industry including research, equity, manufacturing, training, and licensing.

China: SPC Overturned Its Earlier Opinion On Whether OEM Constitutes Trademark Infringement - ELLALAN


Many foreign companies engage original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") in Mainland China to manufacture their products exclusively for exports purpose only and do not distribute their products

Smokable Hemp: Hemp Companies Partially Successful in Challenge to Smokable Hemp Ban


Among the statutes was a law prohibiting any state agency from authorizing a person to manufacture a product containing hemp for smoking. The first was that the legislature clearly spelled out a statutory ban on the manufacture and processing of products containing hemp for smoking.