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Paralegal Project Management Tip

Paralegal Bootcamp

For this Fast-Track Friday tip, let’s look at one principle of project management that you can easily apply to any of your paralegal projects. It is the concept of TRIPLE CONSTRAINTS, also known as the project management triangle. First, let’s start with the definition of project management.

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Project Management Tools for Attorneys

Attorney at Work

Project management tools can help lawyers with ongoing, chaotic, unpredictable workflows. Over the years, predictions have proliferated, with many anticipating that these product managers would come to replace project managers. An Accidental Project Manager. Project Management Tools.


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3 Project Management Tips For The New In-House Lawyer

Above The Law

If you are new to in-house and find yourself in charge of a project, here are a few tips. The post 3 Project Management Tips For The New In-House Lawyer appeared first on Above the Law.

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Project Management Essentials for Law Firms in 2023

Rocket Matter

And it’s only natural to assume that buying whatever project management software is popular at other firms you admire might help you meet that goal. . When it comes to legal project management software , many managing partners find that basic features and simple interfaces are best. . Task management .

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How Modern Paralegals Are Implementing Project Management Principles

Speaker: Michael Quartararo - Managing Director at eDPM Advisory Services and President of ACEDS

The paralegal and project management fields may seem totally unique from each other, but in reality, they have many overlapping similarities when it comes to personal characteristics and everyday tasks. In fact, they have enough in common that project management methodologies and principles can help paralegals complete essential tasks.

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10 Essential Project Management Skills You Must Have in 2021


Project management skills are easy to understand but tough to achieve. You can only achieve them with a lot of practice.

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The 5 Project Management Steps To Run Every Project Perfectly

The Process Street

Project management is the key to sticking to your budget and deadline, whilst keeping the most important tasks at the forefront of your company. For such an important process, the project management steps are a little muddy, with sources citing differing numbers of steps, timelines, etc. Project close.