10 Essential Project Management Skills You Must Have in 2021


Project management skills are easy to understand but tough to achieve. Business leadership leadership skills project management project management software project managersYou can only achieve them with a lot of practice.

Paralegal Project Management Tip


For this Fast-Track Friday tip, let’s look at one principle of project management that you can easily apply to any of your paralegal projects. It is the concept of TRIPLE CONSTRAINTS, also known as the project management triangle. What is legal project management?


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Master Project Management with the Critical Path Method


Project management requires a wide spectrum of skills , organizational abilities, and attention to detail to make sure everything moves forward according to plan. A good project manager is able to keep all the plates spinning in sync while making it appear effortless at the same time.

Apps built on SaaS platforms make project managers’ lives easier


The wide variety of applications built on top of these platforms makes life easier, especially for project managers (PMs) who work in e-discovery. “As The post Apps built on SaaS platforms make project managers’ lives easier appeared first on Law Technology Today.

7 Useful Tips for Clearing CCBA/CBAP on Your First attempt


Business BABOK business analysis CCBA project management project managersAttending training can help you to prepare faster and also in a streamlined manner.

Marketing Agency vs. Marketing Consultant: Which is Better for Project Managers?


According to a recent survey by The Digital Project Manager , the two biggest project management challenges of 2020 can be neatly summarised as people problems and project problems. 27% of those surveyed experienced challenges with their project stakeholders (i.e.

7 Ways to Transform Your Business via Efficient Business Process Automation


If you can implement a BPA for your company, you’ll be able to manage your clients efficiently, track your employees’ output, organize your projects better, and enhance communication among team members. Business attracting customers BPA communication customers project management

Double Play: Lawcus Delivers Lead and Client Management in a Single Suite

Attorney at Work

Lawcus Review: Lawcus has aggressively cross-pollinated lead and client management features across a single platform for law firms. . It’s kind of the same deal with joining a law practice management software and a lead management software.

Project Onboarding Hacks for a Successful Project Launch


She’s an author and mentor who loves demystifying project management, cats, and growing vegetables. Your boss hands you a new project to run and mentions that some people are already lined up to help get it done. Project onboarding: Getting the team engaged.

13 Types of Project Proposals That Get Approved (and How to Write Them)


Project proposals are how you can get management to act on your ideas. They’re the bottom-up version of a project request form. Using a template for your proposals gives you a document which you can reference throughout the entire project. Plot a project roadmap.

Can Today’s COO Still Benefit from Hammer and Champy’s Reengineering the Corporation?


I view most management gurus with the same wariness and suspicion the average person might approach a traveling medicine show peddling sparkling water as a miracle cure. Or, in this case, basic common sense as innovative management techniques.

How Process Street Facilitates Teaming and Retains Company Knowledge


Team dynamics can make or break a project. This model is very effective in the design and management of effective teams – provided those teams and their leaders have the time to learn each other’s behaviors and establish trust over the long term.

Default to Action & Overcome the Toolbox Fallacy


The toolbox Fallacy is self-deception disguised as excuses or a lack of “tools” The issue with these tools is that you believe that you need them and thus, can’t (or won’t) start a project without them. Yet I still managed to hit myself in the face with it just last week.

5 Essential Lessons I Learned From GitLab’s Marketing Playbook


“GitLab started as an open source project to help teams collaborate on software development. Just about every app you use asks for permission to access your data, share your data, and/or manage your data. Writers are inherently nosy curious.

Smart Construction and the Future of the Construction Industry


Smart Construction” is a loose term but generally refers to the development and use of processes and applications that improve construction planning and the management of projects (thereby potentially streamlining costs of construction). by Caroline A. Harcourt , James W.

5 Critical System Failures of the Coronavirus Pandemic


Once you start documenting your processes , you’ll want to build a knowledge management system to keep your systems organized and accessible.

How to Prepare an Ediscovery Project Budget


At first, preparing an ediscovery project budget can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Eventually, as you grow into your role as an ediscovery project manager , you will realize that the ediscovery project budget can be your tool to: measure efficiencies.

Types of Litigation Software to Know


We will break down the paralegal technology skills into three categories of software: administration, matter management, and practice-specific applications. Billing Conflict Checks Calendaring Docketing Document Management Cybersecurity. Matter Management Software.

Paralegal Case Management Tips


Most likely, you did not have a class on case management in your paralegal certificate program. When you’re starting a new career as a litigation paralegal, these case management tips will help you if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Develop a case management methodology.

Allegory Founder Alma Asay Joins Crowell & Moring In Practice Innovation Role


Alma Asay , the former litigator who founded the litigation management platform Allegory Law, has joined the law firm Crowell & Moring as senior director of practice innovation and client value.

Connection Corner: Kevin Yaich of Shikun & Binui USA Energy


They are focused on owning and operating solar, wind, and battery storage projects under long-term contracts with creditworthy counterparties. We manage the construction of the plants, we produce electricity, and we insure proper maintenance of those power plants long-term.

15 Alternative Paralegal Career Options


Professional Development and Training Manager. Project Manager for legal support vendor. Then maybe a sales position for a legal vendor would be a better fit than managing document review projects as a litigation paralegal in a typical law firm setting.

Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal


If you are currently working in a practice area that does not provide any opportunity for exposure to e-discovery projects, then ask if you can assist another team on one of their projects. How to Transition from Litigation Paralegal to E-discovery Paralegal.

With Expansion, Lawyer Marketplace Priori Is Now Also A Legal Tech Marketplace


The expansion means that inhouse legal teams will be able to use Priori not only to hire lawyers to help with projects, but also to find and access “new law” and legal technology options suitable to the project.

Legal 87

How to Become a Virtual Legal Assistant


Here is a partial list: • Email management. Calendar management. Social media management. Project management. Virtual Technical Assistance Manager – Nationwide position working remotely. Is there a brand new career just waiting for you?

Apps, Services, and Software for Working Remotely


Project Management – Use project management apps like Liquid Projects, Teamwork, or Zoho Projects to assign responsibility, schedule tasks, and track status. Use Password Manager apps like Dashlane, Last Pass or 1Password to keep your passwords secure.

LexFusion Adds Casetext To The Collective of Companies It Represents


Casey Flaherty , another industry veteran who was most recently director of legal project management at global law firm Baker McKenzie. With this news, the full roster of companies represented by LexFusion is: Agiloft , for contract lifecycle management.

Three Steps to Effective Delegation: What, Who and How

Attorney at Work

Examples: Administrative tasks (such as organizing files, getting docket updates and so on); routine project management tasks; data gathering on the opposing party and their attorneys. (We Julia is a star senior associate and soon-to-be partner.

‘Proven Innocent’ & Our Co-Productions with FOX TV


Interviewed in these episodes are Proven Innocent executive producer and creator Danny Strong, real-life exoneree and show consultant Jason Strong, ‘Proven Innocent’ creator and writer David Elliot, California Innocence Project managing attorney Michael Semanchik, ‘ Making A Murderer ‘ attorney Jerry Buting, and former Jefferson Parish prosecutor Jackie Maloney. We just completed a co-produced three part series of podcasts with FOX TV and our media partner Above The Law.

Iran court tries British-Iranian aid worker on new charge one week after sentence completion


Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a project manager with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, was arrested in April 2016 on charges of spying and later convicted of plotting to overthrow the clerical establishment. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Court on Sunday tried British-Iranian aid worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe on a new charge of making “propaganda against the system” one week after she completed a five-year jail sentence.

Paralegal Career Growth


Include a plan that breaks the overall goal down into smaller, more manageable steps. To do that, I need to meet the following objectives: By August 2021, I will complete a course on ediscovery project management to better understand the ediscovery process.

AI CLM Platform Lexion Raises $11M; Targeting Smaller Corporations


Positioning itself as offering a simpler and more affordable AI-driven contract management system for mid-market corporate enterprises, startup Lexion has raised $11 million in an oversubscribed Series A round.

Deposition Summary


50:22 – 53:6 He worked directly for Smith as a project manager. Ann started her paralegal career as a litigation paralegal and then was a manager of paralegals for many years prior to starting the Paralegal Boot Camp in 2010. Fast-Track Friday Tip.

How Content Allies Saves $5000 a Month Using Process Street To Manage Their Core Operations


They’ve benefited from implementing Process Street by: Expanding their capacity for growth; Streamlining processes to save time ; Reducing business chaos and error via improving efficiency ; Reducing operating costs; Improving remote-team management.

What is Ediscovery?


If your profession includes anything related to litigation (paralegal, attorney, support staff, technology person, project manager, etc.), But one thing we can’t do is manage technology without technology. to use from start to finish on all of your e-discovery projects.

Alternative Legal Service Providers – An ally to embrace


Legal operations facilitate data-driven analytics for better case management decisions, streamline external counsel billing, and enforce billing guidelines. IP or Data Protection management to help safeguard a company’s intellectual assets and stay on top of compliance requirements.

How to Train Legal AI Faster?


Organizations are using this technology to increase accuracy and speed across different stages of contract management, including drafting, review, and negotiation stages. Not to mention, training and managing the AI models for optimal performance.

How to Improve ROI of Contract Lifecycle Management Platforms


While contract lifecycle management platforms continue to increase in sophistication and popularity, they are still plagued by end-user dissatisfaction and low adoption rates that rob the investment of value. In Depth Software CLM Contract Lifecycle Management feature

CLM providers leverage ALSPs to increase tech adoption and implementation


One of the areas most affected is contract lifecycle management (CLM). With remote work and distributed workforce models, the onus lies squarely on companies to manage ongoing risks, such as adoption, communication, and change management a few of the biggest killers for CLM implementation.

The Key to Productive Meetings? Cancel Them! 7 Meetings to Scrap


He leads a 100% remote team that builds time tracking and productivity tools, including the Agile project management software, Hubstaff Tasks. As a project manager or team lead, this is the opposite of what you want.