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Investment Committee Best Practices For ERISA Plans: Part 2

Law 360

Eric Altholz at Verrill Dana discusses how investment committees that manage retirement plans governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act can get the most mileage out of meeting minutes and avoid self-incrimination if they’re obtained by someone seeking to hang the committee by its own documentation.

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Australia: National cabinet unlocked: AAT issues Freedom of Information ruling - Holding Redlich


AAT meeting minutes do not fall within the Cabinet documents exemption under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).


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How to Run Remote Meetings That Don’t Suck

The Process Street

Free Meeting Minutes Template and Top Tips to Effectively Record Your Meeting Minutes : This blog highlights the value of recording meeting minutes and provides actionable checklists to help you run your meetings. Meeting Minutes Template. Meeting Minutes Template.

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Illinois Jails Overcrowded and Boiling Over

The Crime Report

According to a review of internal meeting minutes, inmate logs and interviews with local and state officials by the Brown Institute for Media Innovation’s Documenting COVID-19 project , a current back-log of over 1,000 inmates in Illinois jails is resulting in over-extended imprisonments, overcrowding, strained budgets, and violence, reports the Chicago (..)

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What’s a Sponsor to Do?: The Curious Case of “Disputes” Over Phase 3 Study Design

FDA Law Blog

Advice communicated in meeting minutes and other correspondences is not a regulatory action taken by CDER or CBER; therefore, it would not be an appropriate subject for a formal dispute resolution request (FDRR) by a sponsor.”).

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Office Hours: Top Tips on How to Create an Effective Open Door Policy for Your Remote Team

The Process Street

For every meeting held, we document a written transcript of what has been discussed during the meeting. These meeting notes – otherwise known as meeting minutes – are vital to convert the meeting into an action plan. Meeting minutes provide transparency and accountability.

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USCIS Authorized Signers for Corporations and Other Legal Entities

Chugh LLP

Some forms of evidence can include company bylaws, articles of organization, letter of authority, board of directors meeting minutes, or other similar documentation. USCIS will request further verification if needed. conclusion.

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