Modern TAR Solutions –Considerations for selecting the right approach


It is not possible to talk about eDiscovery or document review heading in to 2021 without mention of technology-assisted review. In its broadest use as a technical term, TAR can refer to virtually any manner of technical assistance. TAR 2.0 TAR 1.0.

Demystifying TAR And Advanced AI To Up-Level Your eDiscovery [Sponsored]

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Learn how adopting new technologies built for big data can help to maximize budgets, optimize resources, and make strategic business decisions. The post Demystifying TAR And Advanced AI To Up-Level Your eDiscovery appeared first on Above the Law.

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Manoomin Case is a Compelling Legal First


Civil Rights Lawsuits & Litigation Anishinaabe Enbridge indigenous people legal personhood Line 3 manoomin minnesota Native Americans Oil Pipeline Ojibwe rights of nature tar sands treaties usufruct rights water White Earth Ojibwe wild rice

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E-Discovery Company Casepoint Enhances Its CaseAssist Active Learning Technology


One of the first companies to offer a cloud-based, end-to-end e-discovery platform when it launched in 2008, Casepoint was granted three patents last October related to its technology assisted review (TAR) technology, including two linked patents specifically tied to its CaseAssist technology.

What is Ediscovery?

Paralegal Bootcamp

is the understanding of preserving, processing, reviewing, and producing electronically stored information (ESI). If your profession includes anything related to litigation (paralegal, attorney, support staff, technology person, project manager, etc.), Ediscovery Technology Explained.

Top Technology Trends for Transactional Lawyers


Tremendous opportunities exist for transactional practitioners to leverage technology to optimize outcomes. Each trend has its roots in the now well-established field of litigation-support technology. Another important tool in the litigator’s toolbox is Technology Assisted Review (TAR).

United States: Three Pointers For College Athletes And Businesses To Keep NCAA Marketing Legal - Phelps Dunbar


Fans of the Jayhawks and the Tar Heels are both hoping for a blowout victory in tonight's championship game

An E-Discovery Acquisition, As Lighthouse Acquires H5


Lighthouse said that this acquisition marks its first entry into document review, with the addition of advanced search and analytics technology, and experts who can help clients use these tools to find and classify sensitive data and automate key review workflows.

eDiscovery Q & A

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Andrea and Kevin are with Ricoh, a global leader in technology and service delivery, that offers the best in class technology and service-based eDiscovery solutions for litigation inside of law firms, as well as corporations. It makes it much easier to review those emails.

Seven Ways to Ease the Pain of Second Request Responses


Larger transactions can involve millions of documents requiring hundreds of reviewers to power through the task on time. Use advanced technologies. Technology is a foundational enabler for meeting the scale and speed challenges of second requests while avoiding exorbitant costs.

Israel court imposes seven-day gag order on media reporting of huge oil spill


Israel’s Haifa magistrate court on Monday placed a seven-day gag order on the investigation into the source of a huge oil leak that caused Israel’s entire Mediterranean shoreline to be polluted with tar.

Is this the Fastest Document Search in Legal?


A product launched this week claims to be the fastest search and review platform in legal for matters involving large document collections — discovery, investigations and compliance — and the first to seamlessly combine keyword and algorithmic search. Merlin Search Technologies Uncategorized

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Evolving Technology Brings New Challenges, and New Solutions


Alex Chatzistamatis, senior principal enterprise architect with Nuix, discusses the ways that technological advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence are shaping the future of e-discovery and other areas of the legal profession.

Homeless Face Hate Crimes After Killings in LA and NY: Expert Warns

The Crime Report

Eric Tars, legal director for the National Homelessness Law Center, said labeling all homeless “as people we should be afraid of, rather than have compassion for, actually sets them up for hate crimes and vigilante violence and other mistreatment.”.

India Court holds Youtuber Savukku Shankar guilty of criminal contempt for comment on Indian judiciary


He cannot tar the entire institution with a single brush. India’s Madurai Madra High Court Thursday held YouTuber Savukku Shankar guilty of criminal contempt and sentenced him to a six-month imprisonment in a suo moto petition against him for his remark on the Indian judiciary.

Sheriffs Block Access to Pipeline Resistance Camp

The Crime Report

The Minnesota Sheriff’s office has blocked access to one of the protest encampments set up to resist the Enbridgement Line 3 Tar Sands pipeline, reports The Intercept. The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office stated that it would no longer be allowing vehicular traffic on the small strip of county-owned land between the driveway and the road, in a notice delivered to pipeline opponents.

Next Generation E-Discovery: Portable AI


Especially when it comes to technology, many lawyers are reluctant to put their confidence in workflows and solutions that seem to operate in a black box. Privilege review is another useful application for corporate legal teams that have years’ worth of privileged documents stored.

When Sharks “Interact”: Professors Call for Ending the Use of the “A-Word”


“The beautiful Boy, just disentangled from the ravenous bloody Monster, which had tore away one of his Legs, cries for that Assistance, which every one of the honest Tars hurries to give without Loss of Time.”

More on Myanmar arrests: ‘Right now, they’re targeting the lawyers’


U Lin Nyo Tar Yar (South Oakkalapa, Yangon). JURIST EXCLUSIVE – One of our law student correspondents in Myanmar sends this update on the latest arrests of protestors and dissidents opposed to the new military government that seized power in the country in the February 1 coup : Right now, they’re targeting the lawyers. Dr. Ye Lwin (now former mayor of Mandalay city) is my [relationship redacted]. He’s now being chased too.

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Myanmar: police open fire on protesters in Yangon as law students march to denounce judiciary in Mandalay


A law student correspondent reporting for JURIST in Myanmar says that trouble began in Tar Hmway Township when.

Supercharging Operational Efficiency with Nick Sonnenberg (Leverage CEO)

The Process Street

Bad processes are like “superstar tar” Even superstar employees can’t produce ideal results if they have a bad process.

Is Your Early Case Assessment Process Hurting Your Case?


Fundamentally, unlike a litigation document review, where critical facts are known and issues defined, in ECA or an investigation often there is little information to go on or none at all. Early case assessment (ECA) is crucial to developing a winning strategy.

Directing the Course of an Investigation With Database Discovery Tactics


Content, such as what is written in the body of an email, is something that you would typically have a human being review, but the context can help you go beyond that. It’s very widely known that the most expensive part of the discovery process is the reviewing of documents.

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Three Inefficiency Traps That Drive the Cost of Document Review


Legal document review is often viewed as the most expensive part of eDiscovery, and many attorneys believe that there’s no way around it. If you hold that belief too, then I have good news for you: Document review doesn’t have to come with such a high price tag.

Should Meta Be the One Setting Ethical Guidelines for Virtual Influencers?

The Fashion Law

Meta’s announcement on January 12 notes the “rising phenomenon” of synthetic media – an umbrella term for images, video, voice, or text generated by computerized technology, typically using artificial intelligence (“AI”) or automation. Last month, Meta, Inc.

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Use Emerging Technology to Advance Strategic Imperatives


In a nutshell, modern law refers to the idea of taking a business-centered approach to legal practice by embracing emerging technologies and new partnerships to increase efficiency and make smarter operational decisions. The Survival of the (Technologically) Fittest.

Investigations With E-Discovery


With workplace and regulatory investigations on the rise, leveraging e-discovery technologies are no longer exclusively a litigation-specific endeavor. As such, the principles and criteria guiding the management of investigations differ from those guiding a responsive review.

Fact Crashing Speeds Up Dispute Resolution


We can use AI, TAR, clustering, threading, offshore coding, onshore coding. All these are great techniques that are very economical, but at the end of the day, the volume of documents continues to increase at a rate that seems to outpace the efficiencies gained by technology.

Warren’s Wealth Tax: How A New Bill Would Convert The Tax Code Into A Canned Hunt


Of course, not only will many consider leaving before such a tax is imposed, but many billionaires are likely to have second thoughts about coming to the United States (and investing here) if they will be captive to the Warren tax like some money mastodon stuck in a tax tar pit. Below is my column in the Hill on introduction of Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax.

December 2020 Updates to the Climate Case Charts


Federal Court Approved Voluntary Remand of Decisions on Oil and Gas Leases for Additional NEPA Review. California Appellate Court Dismissed Appeal Concerning Greenhouse Gas Analysis for Logistics Campus After City Completed New Review. Oil pump, ( Creative Commons ).

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July 2017 Updates to the Climate Case Charts

Law Columbia

Circuit concluded that the administrative stay constituted reviewable final agency action because it was consummation of EPA’s decision-making process with respect to the standards’ effective date even though EPA’s underlying decision to reconsider portions of the standards would not by itself be subject to review. Circuit also rejected EPA’s argument that the court did not have authority to review stays issued under Section 307(d)(7)(D) of the Clean Air Act.

Court 40

January 2021 Updates to the Climate Case Charts


Ninth Circuit Said NEPA Review for Offshore Drilling Project Should Have Considered Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Foreign Oil Consumption. Supreme Court granted a petition for writ of certiorari seeking review of a Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that vacated U.S.

Court 52

November 2017 Updates to the Climate Case Charts

Law Columbia

The court said the trade group had satisfied the stringent requirements for a stay pending judicial review and stayed the rule “insofar as it purports to regulate trailers.” Montana Federal Court Allowed Some Coal Mining Activity to Take Place While Federal Agency Completed Required NEPA Review. California Appellate Court Upheld Climate Analysis in CEQA Review for Residential Development. Circuit to stay the delay pending judicial review.

Laws 40

March 2018 Updates to the Climate Case Charts

Law Columbia

The court also found that the plaintiffs had demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits of their claims that environmental assessment documents did not provide assurance that the mitigation plan would be successful in achieving the Clean Water Act’s restorative goals and that the Corps’ review did not adequately assess cumulative impacts. Lawsuit Filed Challenging Environmental Review of Florida Passenger Railroad, Including Failure to Assess Sea Level Rise Impacts.

Laws 40