What is Ediscovery?

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Electronic discovery (AKA eDiscovery/ediscovery/E-Discovery/e-Discovery) is in the more exclusive category of “Things that are both invaluable and tedious to learn/apply but necessary to stay relevant and effective professionally.”. Ediscovery Technology Explained. What is Ediscovery?

Top Technology Trends for Transactional Lawyers


Tremendous opportunities exist for transactional practitioners to leverage technology to optimize outcomes. Each trend has its roots in the now well-established field of litigation-support technology. ESI also results in content being created at a faster rate. using TAR.


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eDiscovery Q & A

Paralegal Bootcamp

Andrea and Kevin are with Ricoh, a global leader in technology and service delivery, that offers the best in class technology and service-based eDiscovery solutions for litigation inside of law firms, as well as corporations. It makes it much easier to review those emails.

Evolving Technology Brings New Challenges, and New Solutions


Alex Chatzistamatis, senior principal enterprise architect with Nuix, discusses the ways that technological advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence are shaping the future of e-discovery and other areas of the legal profession.

Directing the Course of an Investigation With Database Discovery Tactics


CCBJ: Databases have been a source of electronically stored information (ESI) for some time, and discovery of structured database content is not new. Data, information and facts just happen to be recorded electronically in today’s world).

ESI 52

Is Your Early Case Assessment Process Hurting Your Case?


Wendy Cole: The term ECA, or early case assessment, refers to the process of collecting and culling data and then taking a quick dive into that data to gain an understanding of the facts and evidence that will inform the case strategy.