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New Hampshire Supreme Court approves new redistricting plan


The New Hampshire Supreme Court Tuesday approved a plan to redraw New Hampshire’s congressional districts. Theresa Norelli, the former House Speaker for New Hampshire, brought a lawsuit alleging that the current congressional map violates the New Hampshire Constitution.

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New Hampshire Bar Association endorses ALPS Insurance


We are thrilled to announce that as of December 1 st , 2023, The New Hampshire Bar Association (NHBA) has named ALPS Insurance as an endorsed provider of legal malpractice insurance for its members. When asked why the NHBA chose ALPS as their partner, Executive Director George Moore pointed to the company’s “.proactive

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Supreme Court of New Hampshire Finds Rule 609(b) Does Not Apply if a Supervised Release Violation Happened in the Past 10 Years

EvidenceProf Blog

Similar to their federal counterparts, New Hampshire Rules of Evidence 609(a)-(b) read as follows: (a)General rule. The following rules apply to attacking a witness's character for truthfulness by evidence of a criminal conviction: (1) for a crime that, in the.

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New Hampshire voters ask court to draw congressional district map


New Hampshire voters supported by the National Redistricting Foundation (NRF) Thursday filed a complaint asking the Hillsborough County Superior Court to step in to draw updated congressional districts for the state based on population changes.

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New Hampshire GOP Candidate Loves Voting So Much He Did It Twice

Above The Law

The post New Hampshire GOP Candidate Loves Voting So Much He Did It Twice appeared first on Above the Law. So civic minded!

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“New Hampshire Supreme Court issues its second 2-2 decision in a week”


New Hampshire Supreme Court issues its second 2-2 decision in a week”: Mark Hayward of The Union Leader of Manchester, New Hampshire has this report. ” You can access yesterday’s order of the Supreme Court of New Hampshire at this link. .”

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New Hampshire Hikes Penalties for Drunk Driving

The Crime Report

Under a law signed by New Hampshire Gov. Under the new law, drivers with one previous DWI conviction who cause a crash that kills or seriously injures another person can now get 10 to 20 years in prison; those with two or more can receive a 15 to 30-year sentence. Of those individuals, seven people had at least four convictions.

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