What is the Solicitors Qualifying Exam?


The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE), which will come into force in September 2021, is the new assessment that all individuals must qualify as solicitors in England and Wales. . Pass the SQE assessments. Complete two years’ qualifying work experience.

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The Student Lawyer mentorship scheme


The last few years have seen a much-needed focus on diversity in the recruitment of new solicitors and barristers, in order to address the difficulties faced by certain groups in making their way into the legal profession. What is the Solicitors Qualifying Exam?

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5 common struggles when searching for a new role – and how to tackle them


What is the Solicitors Qualifying Exam? The SQE has been proposed in light of the recent changes made to the qualification. « Complicated, time consuming applications.

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What it’s like to complete the Legal Practice Course


We recently spoke to Shivani Sehmi, Shivani is a Legal Practice Course student and future trainee solicitor. She kindly shared an insight into her studies, advice for others to complete the LPC course, and the steps she has taken to secure a trainee solicitor position.

The Step by Step Guide on How to Become a Solicitor in 2021


Thinking of becoming a solicitor? As a solicitor, you will play a big part in life for many people. In some cases, solicitors have rights of audience, meaning they are able to represent the client in court. Would I Be a Good Solicitor? The Route to Becoming a Solicitor.

How to become a paralegal if you have a law degree


So, you have completed a law degree and the likelihood may have been that you were considering becoming a solicitor or barrister. You should also learn the differences in working as a professional paralegal as opposed to a solicitor or barrister.