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Gilead Must Foot $1.8M Bill For 'Egregious' Litigation Conduct

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for "glaringly egregious" litigation conduct, ordering the company to pay nearly $1.76 million in attorney fees for shareholders who battled Gilead's "overly aggressive" efforts to shut down investigations into its potential malfeasance regarding its AIDS drug development.

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DOJ Signals New Strategy For ‘Environmental Justice’

The Crime Report

Kim signaled that ENRD will “prioritize” prosecuting individuals who commit and profit from corporate malfeasance. “Development of that strategy is underway,” Kim added, “and is something that corporate compliance officers and outside counsel will want to consider upon its release.”


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Making Crypto Available to Everyone


Since that time, I’ve parlayed my early litigation and investigation experience into non-traditional legal jobs. Corporate malfeasance, embezzlement, things that were happening inside very large corporations that required attention. That’s how I moved out west. I knew early on I wasn’t cut out to be a traditional attorney.

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‘Invisibility’ of Prosecutor Misconduct Erodes Trust: PA Report

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In the absence of oversight boards and civil litigation, criminal charges against prosecutors and ethics board disciplinary measures are the only means of incentivizing appropriate prosecutorial actions.

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Third-party arbitration funding – Comparative analysis and Indian Perspective


It was clearly pronounced that “there appears to be no restriction on third parties (non-lawyers) funding the litigation and getting repaid after the outcome of the litigation” [18]. Litigation is a never-ending process and is only increasing in numbers as the hours pass by. Balaji [17]. It was observed in Otech Pakistan v.

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State Hid Criminal Referrals of Other Chemists, Supervisors at Hinton Drug Lab for Years

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Cunha, who now teaches at Boston College, declined to comment, stating in an email: “I cannot comment on pending litigation as the rules of professional responsibility prohibit me from doing so.” That 121-page report, the result of a 14-month “top-to-bottom” probe of Hinton, stated Dookhan was the “sole bad actor” at the lab. history.

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Despite constitutional violation, court rejects broad relief for shareholders of mortgage giants


In Seila Law , the court struck down restrictions that said the CFPB director can be removed only for “inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance while in office.” So I join the Court’s opinion,” Kagan concluded, “on the understanding that this litigation could speedily come to an end.”.

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