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What legal technology solutions does your firm need to succeed?


Legal technology is a must for modern firms, but which solutions should you use? The post What legal technology solutions does your firm need to succeed? appeared first on One Legal. Read on to discover what you should consider adopting.

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The Best Legal Technology & Tools for Lawyers (2024)


A must-have feature of legal practice management platforms, case management software, centralizes all your case files, communications, billing, and scheduling in one platform — it’s truly like having a command center for your law firm. Let’s get into the best legal tech and tools your firm needs to start utilizing now.


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Finalists Named for American Legal Technology Awards; Winners to be Named At Oct. 8 Event


Finalists have been named for the 2023 American Legal Technology Awards , which honor exceptional achievement in various aspects of legal technology. Also this year, because of the large number of nominees in the Access to Justice category, it was split into three sub-categories: Individual, LegalTech and Legal Aid.

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5 Key Takeaways from the 2023 ACC Legal Technology Report (Adv.)


The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and Exterro, the leader in Legal GRC software, once again partnered on an in-depth survey of in-house legal departments, this time producing the 2023 Legal Technology Report for In-House Legal Professionals. Key Takeaway #1: Legal technology is now a must-have.

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Legal Technology Providers: Choosing a Trustworthy Partner


Defining technology needs and finding a trustworthy partner to fulfill those needs is a big job for anyone. This responsibility can be tough due to the challenge of vetting new technology providers in the legal space. Below, we’ll outline the characteristics of trustworthy legal tech providers.

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Why Do Lawyers Need to Keep Up with Legal Technology?


Change is afoot in a legal sector known for its traditional working practices. The latest in legal technology may seem overstated to some. However, it is abundantly obvious that many legal technology solutions are already significantly improving the lives of attorneys.

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Legal Technology—Trends and Options to Choose From


New technologies continue to evolve the legal landscape. In this guide, we’re breaking down what attorneys need to know about legal technology, including: . A brief overview of legal technology . Different types of legal technologies and their benefits . What is Legal Technology? .