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Now View More Case Law As You Draft Legal Documents in Clearbrief, through Partnership with Fastcase


Lawyers and legal professionals using the AI-powered document drafting tool Clearbrief to create a legal brief or document will now be able to seamlessly view any case law they cite thanks to a partnership with the legal research and intelligence company Fastcase , the companies announced today.

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How Does An LDA Help To Draft A Notice To Quit For Non-Payment?


It is where a legal document assistant (LDA) can help. An LDA can provide valuable guidance and assistance in drafting a notice to quit for non-payment of rent that meets legal requirements, helping you take the necessary steps to remove the non-paying tenant and regain control of your property. So contact us !

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Exploring AI’s Role In Legal Drafting: Can AI End The Blank Page Curse?

Above The Law

Let’s look at the benefits and challenges of using trained AI models to instantly generate contextually appropriate legal documents. The post Exploring AI’s Role In Legal Drafting: Can AI End The Blank Page Curse? appeared first on Above the Law.

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International Working Group Creates Best Practices Guide for Drafting Legal Documents


An international working group of academics, vendors, lawyers and other legal professionals is today releasing the legal industry’s first comprehensive guide to best practices and workflows for creating effective legal documents in Microsoft Word. Seven Stages of Drafting. Finalizing the document.

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Legal Document Automation Software Explained


There are few industries that can benefit more from automation than legal. . Running a proficient law firm requires consistent drafting, editing, and sharing of documentation. Lawyers can automate many of these necessary but non-billable tasks by relying on legal document automation software. . Fewer Errors.

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Tricks for Using Microsoft Word AutoCorrect to Speed Up Legal Document Drafting

Attorney at Work

These tips, adapted from Affinity Consulting Group ’s “Microsoft Word for Legal Professionals,” will speed up your document drafting. You can also add custom AutoCorrect entries to make drafting faster. How Microsoft Word AutoCorrect Works. There are two columns in the matrix.

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New Product Uses GPT-4 for Immigration Law Research, Drafting and Summarization


A new generative AI product for immigration lawyers announced today is designed to help them conduct research, draft and summarize complex legal documents, and engage with potential clients through a chat interface. The Engage and Draft products remain in development. Called