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Is It Legal? Lots of Legal Software Isn’t Original, But That’s Okay

NCBA Law Practice Management Blog

Because lots of software is derivative – including within the legal vertical, where there are uncountable numbers of copycats of Clio and RocketMatter , which introduced the first cloud-based case management softwares to lawyers. Is any legal version of a CRM going to be as impactful , widely-used or feature-rich as Salesforce is ?

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The Confusion of Legal Assistant vs. Paralegal Titles

Paralegal Bootcamp

What is a Legal Assistant vs. Paralegal? Can we end the confusion with the use of the legal assistant vs. paralegal job title? It’s also because every law firm has a different definition of what a legal assistant is. It’s also because every law firm has a different definition of what a legal assistant is. Probably not.

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Women of Legal Tech:


The Legal Technology Resource Center ’s Women of Legal Tech initiative is intended to encourage diversity and celebrate women in legal technology. Danielle regularly teaches continuing legal education on many topics including lawyer well-being, ethics, and law practice management and technology use in the law office.

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UK High Court hears legal challenges to recently enacted Northern Ireland Troubles Bill 


The UK High Court began hearing on Wednesday 16 legal challenges, filed mostly by victims’ families, against the recently enacted Northern Ireland (Troubles & Reconciliation) Act. JURIST spoke to one of the victims’ legal representatives, Gavin Booth, on Wednesday.

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Generative AI for Contracts Is Here: New Tools to Accelerate Drafting and Editing

The emergence of generative AI is reshaping the landscape of contract management, enabling businesses to generate and negotiate legal agreements with greater ease and speed.

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Legal Career Growth: Why Continuous Engagement With Legal Recruiters Is Key [Sponsored]

Above The Law

Discover how engaging with a legal recruiter, even when you're not actively job hunting, can offer unparalleled insights, guidance, and opportunities to advance your legal career. The post Legal Career Growth: Why Continuous Engagement With Legal Recruiters Is Key appeared first on Above the Law.

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Legal Tech Meets Recruitment: Navigating Tomorrow’s Legal Landscape [Sponsored]

Above The Law

Discover how the synergy of legal tech and recruitment expertise is shaping the future of legal operations, with insights from Lateral Link and The post Legal Tech Meets Recruitment: Navigating Tomorrow’s Legal Landscape appeared first on Above the Law.

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10 Must-Have Features of Plaintiff Personal Injury Case Management Software

But the truth is: not all legal software is created equal. From being able to consolidate medical treatment and expense details to comprehensive settlement management, your legal software should be specialized for your primary practice area. In 2022, there are dozens of case management software options for law firms to choose from.

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You Deserve a Better Personal Injury Case Management Software

You have an extremely diverse set of responsibilities, from legal research to drafting to administration tasks, and must communicate with all stakeholders (internal and external) at the practice. Discover the difference a legal software exclusively tailored for personal injury law can make. What are you waiting for?

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Personal Injury Law Firm Paralegal Toolkit

PDF guide on how the right legal software can move you up in your career trajectory. Document templates and other personal injury forms for the demand, negotiation, and other phases. Other resources to help you manage documents, tasks, and more!

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Legal Operations 101: A Blueprint for Modern Legal Departments

Legal departments are no longer asking whether to invest in legal operations. This whitepaper will provide insight into: Key factors required for strong legal operations. Opportunities for legal ops to work cross-functionally throughout the organization. Ways to optimize and modernize your current processes.

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Legal Software Buyer's Guide for Personal Injury Law Firms

The right legal software has the potential to help Personal Injury firms focus more on the most important elements of their “jobs” and help streamline and automate the administrative side of the business. The most important features to look for in a legal software. Tips on migration and data management. Much more!

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In-House Legal Departments – A Comprehensive Guide to Best-in-Class Reporting

Generating reports for your in-house legal team can take days, and sometimes weeks! If you’re doing Legal Department reporting – make it count! Collating information in word documents or spreadsheets across the team can be a giant headache. Tailoring content to consider various stakeholders may be a repetitive task.

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Optimizing Contract Management and Enhancing Team Collaboration: Insights from a Legal Operations Perspective

Speaker: Adina Marta Newman

You'll discover practical strategies and tips that legal professionals can use to streamline contract processes and enhance collaboration, making significant impact across legal and corporate departments. Navigating Complex Projects: Learn how to adapt legal requirements as projects evolve using tested change management techniques.

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The Law Firm Billing Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Automated Billing

In this guide to legal billing, we uncover what it takes to create an efficient billing process that optimizes your time while improving the accuracy of your billing. From the basics down to the intricacies of legal accounting, learn how to effectively gain control of your law firm's.