You Deserve a Better Personal Injury Case Management Software

You Deserve a Better Personal Injury Case Management Software

Paralegals are the nerve center that hold the entire Personal Injury practice together. You have an extremely diverse set of responsibilities, from legal research to drafting to administration tasks, and must communicate with all stakeholders (internal and external) at the practice. Paralegals need a robust system that can organize information, automate many mundane tasks, and save time every day.

Keep everything organized — every day

Paralegals work with multiple attorneys on many cases at a time, each case often being in a different stage producing countless papers and documents. There are often too many things to do and not enough time to get everything done in the workday. With CloudLex, all firm information — matters, documents, contacts, meetings, deadlines, etc. — is in one central location, so you have all the information you need, at any time, at your fingertips.

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks

CloudLex has a host of productivity applications which ensure that managing a wide range of tasks becomes easier and more efficient. Get faster and error-free intakes. Get a firm-wide view of everyone’s calendar so you never miss a meeting or deadline, and sync expenses with QuickBooks. Allow the entire firm to contribute, so you always have the most updated information, when you need it.

Make communicating with stakeholders a breeze

With CloudLex, you can tag matters, contacts, and emails, so searching for anything is fast and simple. Tags also make contacting anyone (internally or externally) with updates in real-time with accurate case information a breeze. Consolidate your entire team’s work in a central location to implement any feedback and updates about the firm's cases.

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Discover the difference a legal software exclusively tailored for personal injury law can make. Personal injury law firms who attend a demo of CloudLex will qualify for a special Paralegal Brief discount and pricing. Take advantage of this special offer and schedule a demo today!

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