Getting Automated: An End-to-End Guide to Law Firm Automation

Save time and become more efficient and productive.

The legal tech industry faced its fair share of hesitancy and distrust at first. From fears that technology would eliminate human jobs to concerns about keeping client privacy, lawyers were right to ask a few questions before jumping into the deep end.

Today, automation-based solutions are widespread practice — nearly half of firms were using them in 2020. But law firms often don't use automation to its full potential. In our experience, the typical law firm only takes advantage of 10% to 20% of its legal software's capabilities, which is understandable— you're an attorney, not a technologist.

This guide is designed to help you understand and overcome your automation gap so you can offload all the work you don't want to do onto a cloud-based platform. We'll walk through all the tasks your firm can automate, how to implement automation and measure your success.

This free guide includes:

  • What law firm automation is — and what it isn't
  • Barriers to law firm automation
  • The parts of your law firm that can be automated
  • Where to start your law firm automation
  • How to measure your results
  • And more

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