8 Benefits of Automatic Lawyer Time-Tracking Software

Capture all your billable time and grow more efficient and profitable. Using the right tech tools for your firm can be a real game-changer — especially if you want to grow more efficient. And if you buy a piece of software with a specific goal in mind, you’ll often uncover even more benefits for your business.

That’s the case with automatic lawyer time-tracking software. Yes, this built-in Smokeball feature captures all the work you do in our case management software, eliminating the need to manually track your time. But when you pair automatic time tracking with our other features, you’ll unlock a host of other benefits for your firm.

Download our FREE resource to explore eight ways Smokeball’s automatic lawyer time-tracking software benefits your entire firm.

This guide will help you:

  • See how Automatic Time Tracking can benefit your firm.
  • Learn how your firm can start saving hours every day.
  • Then, spend all that valuable time focused on your clients.

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