“The (In)Sane Paralegal’s Meditation”


WARNING: If swear words offend you, click out of this post. If your ears begin to burn at the utterance … Continue reading → Crazy Paralegal Uncategorized attorney calm day entertainment funny humor job law firm meditation moment office stress work

Trademark Basics, Part Two:  How Trademark Searches Can Keep You Out Of Legal Hot Water

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In last week’s article beginning this series on Trademark Basics , we gave an overview of trademark basics and discussed why building up a strong trademark portfolio should be an important part of any media company’s overall business strategy. This week, we will discuss why identifying marks that you may use must be a key feature of your branding strategy.


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5 Reasons to Hire a Paralegal


5 REASONS TO HIRE A PARALEGAL. Increased profitability for law firms. Paralegals increase revenue and decrease expenses. Increased workload. Paralegals can free up attorney’s time. Increased client satisfaction. Paralegals are a more accessible point of contact. Assistance on pro bono cases. Paralegal’s service can benefit the attorney, the firm, the legal profession and the public good in general. Lower cost to the client. Paralegal time can be billed out separately.

Lawyerist Podcast Comes to Legal Talk Network


Legal Talk Network announces that the Lawyerist Podcast joins the network on November 16th. Denver, CO – Legal Talk Network is pleased to announce that the Lawyerist Podcast officially comes to Legal Talk Network on November 16th. Hosted by Lawyerist Editor in Chief Sam Glover and CEO Aaron Street, The Lawyerist Podcast is a weekly show about lawyering and law practice in which Sam and Aaron have conversations with successful lawyers and interesting people.

Process Serving Made Easy: Serve in All 50 States Using One Platform

Speaker: PROOF

PROOF has revolutionized service of process. Using our online platform, create serve requests nationwide and receive live updates with mapped verification of each attempt. PROOF’s technology provides users with complete transparency from start to finish.

Attorneys: Why eDiscovery Support Staff Is Critical


Attorneys: Why eDiscovery Support Staff Is Critical. By: Angela Masciulli, ACP. Legal technology and eDiscovery is here to stay, but you know that right? As an attorney, you have probably read numerous articles, case law, and attended CLEs on eDiscovery. Maybe you have even demoed out a few eDiscovery applications and integrated them into your practice. You are on top of it. You’ve got this. But, what about your support staff? Wait, what? You haven’t thought about them?

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The Nuts and Bolts of Workplace Injury Rights


Featured Post We recently talked about what you should do if you find yourself injured at work. In the minutes and hours that follow your injury, there are a number of things you must make sure get accomplished. These include documenting the accident and speaking with a qualified legal representative. It’s good to prepare to do these things before you ever get injured, in fact. Being prepared can make terrible situations like these go much more smoothly.

What's In A Word? - The Beginner's Guide to E-Discovery Terminology & Definitions

ABC's of E-Discovery

Learn the language of e-Disovery: The first step in learning a new subject is to learn the terminology of that subject. The following is the first of a list of words to be presented. Sourced from " The Sedona Conference® Glossary (Second Edition)". e-Discovery - The collection, preparation, review and production of electronic documents in litigation discovery. This includes e-mail, attachments, and other data stored on a computer, network, backup or other storage media.

Life Lesson: A Little Less Adulting and A Lot More Silly!


By: Daphne Greve Welcome back, TPS Nation! We hope this post finds you fabulous, filthy rich, and fully-caffeinated in the … Continue reading → Uncategorized adult article balance best blog career chat room daphne greve inspiration juggling kids lesson life motivation paralegal post responsiblities social forum top work

Turn the “Lights Out” on Bullying & Bad Behavior!


By: Jamie Collins (With inspiration from Chris “Lights Out” Lytle) Have you ever witnessed a person in your midst who treated other people badly on … Continue reading → Bullying Crazy Paralegal General article attorney bad bad behavior best blog bullies bulling campaign cause chat room chris lights out lytle end evil help jamie collins job law legal mean office paralegal post prevent social forum stop story top work

Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials of Wealth Management

Speaker: Vi Pham, Attorney at Law

Wealth management is a guaranteed practice: as paralegals, it's essential that you know the complexities of wealth management in order to ensure that your client's rights are protected to their fullest extent. Join Vi Pham, Attorney and educator, in this exclusive webinar that will leave you feeling brushed up and ready. This seminar meets the requirements of the NALA Certifying Board for continuing legal education credit required to maintain the CP (Certified Paralegal) credential.

To Quit or Not To Quit? That IS The Question.


By: Jamie Collins Greetings, Paralegal Nation! Have you ever mentally pondered quitting your day job? Walking away from the esquire and … Continue reading → Aspiring Paralegal Crazy Paralegal Experienced Paralegal General article attorney best blog chat room cope deal with esquire firm group jamie collins law legal office paralegal post quit social forum stress tips top

“The Post-It Apocalypse”


By: Jamie Collins Once upon a time, there was an incredibly awesome paralegal, who fielded a telephone call from another … Continue reading → Crazy Paralegal Uncategorized best blog chat room entertaining funny group humor jamie collins law legal office paralegal post social forum society top

How to Maintain Client Relationships: Like a Boss


By: Jacqueline King Guess what, TPSers? Jackie’s back! With a big ol’ helping of great tips and candid advice, served up … Continue reading → Aspiring Paralegal Employment Tips Uncategorized article attorney best blog build cases chat room clients how to jackie hernandez jacqueline hernandez keep law legal maintain office paralegal pointers post relationship social forum the paralegal society tips top

A Little Paralegal Humor – The Profanity Edition


WARNING: This post contains profanity, swear words, curse words, and other offensive words that may be off-putting to people who … Continue reading → Uncategorized attorney best blog chat room entertaining funny group humor laugh law firm legal office paralegal post relate social forum top

Top Ten Tips for Paralegals on Slaying Stress and Surviving


By: Jamie Collins Greetings, Paralegal Nation! Woot woot. We hope this post finds you doing well, and by “doing well,” … Continue reading → Aspiring Paralegal Crazy Paralegal Employment Tips Experienced Paralegal General New Paralegal Uncategorized article attorneys beat best blog chaos chat room combat esquires how to jamie collins law firm office organize paralegals post sane sanity slay stress social forum tips top win

How to Work for Multiple Attorneys and THRIVE


By: Jacqueline King Greetings, TPS Nation! Long time no blog…we know, we know. Let’s chalk it up to the fearless founder’s busy … Continue reading → Aspiring Paralegal Crazy Paralegal Employment Tips Experienced Paralegal General Uncategorized advice attorneys best blog firm how to many multiple office organize paralegals post survive tasks the paralegal society thrive tips to do top

The Reason The Best Paralegals Are Methodical


By: Jamie Collins “Stress is the negative whirlwind of emotions that gets imposed on top of our stimulation and engagement.” … Continue reading → Aspiring Paralegal Crazy Paralegal Employment Tips Experienced Paralegal General New Paralegal Uncategorized article attorney best blog chaos firm forum inexperienced jamie collins law legal manage methodical new office post stress survival survive tasks the paralegal society tips top website

“Here’s Why You Should Hire Me.”


It was on this day, March 5, 2016, that I awoke and came to the sudden realization that I have apparently become the self-proclaimed Jackass Whisperer for the legal profession. Then I hit the “publish” button. And smiled. Don't call it a come back, I've been here for years.". ~

A Little Paralegal Humor – The Latest Edition


By: Jamie Collins Helllllooooo, my paralegal friends! Finally, at long last, you made it through yet another ultra-fabulous work week. Congratulations! Perhaps, … Continue reading → Crazy Paralegal Uncategorized attorney best blog boss club entertainment funny humor jamie collins laugh law firm office paralegal post story top

What’s Up With Music Rights for Broadcasters and Webcasters? – A Presentation on Pending Issues

Broadcast Law Blog

While this summer has perhaps not brought the big headlines in trade press about copyright issues involving broadcasters – particularly in the area of music rights – there still are many issues that are active. I addressed some of those issues in a presentation earlier this month at the Texas Association of Broadcasters Annual Convention.

5 Things Broadcasters Should Know About SoundExchange Music Royalties

Broadcast Law Blog

The recent Copyright Royalty Board decision (see my summary here ) setting the rates to be paid by Internet radio operators to SoundExchange for the rights to publicly perform sound recordings (a particular recording of a song as performed by an artist or band) still raises many questions. Today, Jacobs Media Strategies published on their blog an article I wrote on the topic – discussing 5 things that broadcasters should know about music royalties.

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Full Copyright Royalty Board Decision on Webcasting Royalties Now Public

Broadcast Law Blog

The full decision of the Copyright Royalty Board on Internet Radio royalties, excluding confidential information , has now been made public and is available here. In December, we wrote about the rates and terms of the royalties that webcasters pay to SoundExchange for the public performance of sound recordings as set by the CRB decision, and about some of the ramifications of that decision for various classes of webcasters.


In Thinking About April Fools’ Day Pranks, Remember the FCC’s Hoax Rule and other Potential Liability

Broadcast Law Blog

With April Fools’ Day only a few days away, we need to play our role as attorneys and ruin the fun by repeating our annual reminder that broadcasters need to be careful with any on-air pranks, jokes or other bits prepared especially for the day. While a little fun is OK, remember that the FCC does have a rule against on-air hoaxes – and, while issues can arise at any time, broadcaster’s temptation to go over the line is probably highest on April 1.

Looking at the Decision of the Copyright Royalty Board on Internet Radio Royalties for Commercial Webcasters – What are the Issues that the Judges Considered?

Broadcast Law Blog

The text of the Copyright Royalty Board decision on Internet Radio Royalties for 2026-2020 was released last Friday. While it is 203 pages long, the basis for the decision is relatively simple. As required by the Copyright Act, the Copyright Royalty Judges looked at all of the evidence presented to determine what rate a willing buyer and a willing seller would agree to in a marketplace transaction.

It’s March Madness! Know the NCAA’s Rulebook or Risk A Foul Call Against the Unauthorized Use of Its Trademarks

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Two months ago, I wrote here about the risks of publishing ads or engaging in promotional activities that refer to the Super Bowl ” without approval of the NFL.

As The Golden Super Bowl Approaches, Be Aware of The NFL’s Efforts to Protect Its Golden Goose from Unauthorized Ads and Promotions

Broadcast Law Blog

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, broadcasters and other media companies are planning advertising and promotions around the big game.

Stephen Colbert Brews Up a Parody on Aggressive Protection of Olympic Trademarks

Broadcast Law Blog

A few weeks ago, we wrote here about the risks of using in advertising and promotions the Olympic trademarks , symbols or marks that may suggest an association with the Olympic Games.

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FCC Fines Public Broadcaster $10,000 for Missing Quarterly Issues Programs Lists – No Leniency Without Showing of Financial Hardship

Broadcast Law Blog

The FCC yesterday released an order fining a public broadcaster $10,000 for failing to prepare and place in its public file 13 consecutive quarterly issues programs lists. The licensee had pleaded that the radio station fine should be reduced given that the public file failure began when it acquired the station from a local college that was about to shut the station down as it was not financially viable for the college.


Updated Political Broadcasting Guide – Questions and Answers about Broadcasters’ Obligations During this Election Season

Broadcast Law Blog

To help broadcasters sort out the confusing rules about political advertising , we have updated our Political Broadcasting Guide for Broadcasters (note that the URL for the updated version has not changed from prior versions, so your bookmarks should continue to work). The revised guide is much the same as the one that we published two years ago, formatted as Questions and Answers to cover many of the issues that come up for broadcasters in a political season.

BMI Judge Rejects DOJ Conclusion that Consent Decree Requires 100% of Songs – What Does that Mean for Music Services?

Broadcast Law Blog

On Friday, the US District Court judge who oversees the administration of the BMI Consent Decree rejected the recent Department of Justice interpretation that the antitrust consent decree required that, when BMI licensed music to music users, that license would embody the full musical work , not just a fractional interest that might be held by the songwriter who was the BMI member.