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MDMA and the FDA Approval Process


Excitement abounds about the status of MDMA, otherwise known as Ecstasy. And for good reason.


‘Zero-Tolerance’ Policies on Homeless Draw Criticism from Advocates

The Crime Report

Are efforts to help the homeless by diverting them to mental health services doing more harm than good? Over the weekend, several advocacy organizations based in Venice, Ca.,

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Do Mandatory Workplace Drug Tests Invade Our Privacy?


Drug tests benefit both employers and employees in terms of safety and productivity. However, the rights and privacy of the employers shouldn’t be violated. Business abusing drugs alcohol abuse Drug Abuse drug testing mandatory drug testing


Grammar Giggle – I’ll Explain This Best To My Ability!


This was in a local breaking news post I received. I initially caught the “best to their ability” error–which should be “to the best of their ability”–and noticed that the last part of the last sentence could be rewritten to make much more sense.

Building a 5-Star Online Reputation for Your Business

Speaker: Brent Werbeck, GetMoreReviews Co-Founder

Trying to figure out how to turn your happy customer’s comments into 5 star reviews may seem like a daunting task. From internal feedback to Google reviews, what is "really" the way to go? Join Brent Werbeck, Co-Founder of Get More Reviews, in this discussion of how to foster and grow your business's 5-star online reputation.

Federal Legalization: The New MORE Act


Second verse, same as the first, a whole lot louder and a lot MORE woke. The House of Representatives passed the first version of the MORE Act at the end of 2020. The bill promptly died in the Republican-controlled Senate.

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Why I Hate "Pending Case" Statistics?


One of my more strongly held observations from working with court data is the statistical perceptions of case backlogs, or “pending cases” as they are generally used are simply wrong. I think that this is because they often do not really describe the court’s caseload situation. I explain.

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Types of Litigation Software to Know


Litigation Software as a New Litigation Paralegal. We will break down the paralegal technology skills into three categories of software: administration, matter management, and practice-specific applications.

California Cannabis is Still Dealing With Growing Pains. Throwing Money at the Problem Won’t Help.


Hard to believe that it’s been five years since the passage of Prop. 64, which legalized the distribution and sale of cannabis for adults 21 and up in the State of California.

District of Idaho Notes That the Ninth Circuit Has Limited the Scope of Rule 704(b)

EvidenceProf Blog

Federal Rule of Evidence 704(b) states that In a criminal case, an expert witness must not state an opinion about whether the defendant did or did not have a mental state or condition that constitutes an element of the crime


Process Serving Made Easy: Serve in All 50 States Using One Platform

Speaker: PROOF

PROOF has revolutionized service of process. Using our online platform, create serve requests nationwide and receive live updates with mapped verification of each attempt. PROOF’s technology provides users with complete transparency from start to finish.

50th Anniversary of the NCSC


Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the incorporation of the National Center for State Courts. The " founding moment happened on March 11, 1971.

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Justice Mahmud Jamal becomes first person of color to sit on Canada Supreme Court


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named the Honorable Mahmud Jamal to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) on Thursday. Jamal will replace the retiring Justice Rosalie Abella, and becomes the first person of color to sit on Canada’s highest court.

Chile’s New Constitution: An Opportunity for Cannabis?


This past May 15 and 16, Chile elected a constitutional convention, tasked with drafting a new basic law for the South American country. Cannabis observers should take note, as the resulting document could have positive implications for cannabis.

Exonerated Defendants Lost 25,000 Years to Wrongful Imprisonment

The Crime Report

Exonerated defendants have collectively served over 25,000 years in prison as of June 1, according to a report released by The National Registry of Exonerations (NRE). Black defendants were imprisoned more frequently and for more time than white defendants, the report found.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials of Wealth Management

Speaker: Vi Pham, Attorney at Law

Wealth management is a guaranteed practice: as paralegals, it's essential that you know the complexities of wealth management in order to ensure that your client's rights are protected to their fullest extent. Join Vi Pham, Attorney and educator, in this exclusive webinar that will leave you feeling brushed up and ready. This seminar meets the requirements of the NALA Certifying Board for continuing legal education credit required to maintain the CP (Certified Paralegal) credential.

Court holds that city’s refusal to make referrals to faith-based agency violates Constitution


Share In a clash between religious freedom and public policies that protect LGBTQ people, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Philadelphia violated the First Amendment’s free exercise clause when the city stopped working with a Catholic organization that refused to certify same-sex couples as potential foster parents.

Texas governor signs bill prohibiting teaching critical race theory in public schools


Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 3979 into law Wednesday, banning Texas public schools from being able to teach students critical race theory.

Harris Bricken Attorneys on Psychedelic M&A Trends Panel


Register HERE ! The path forward for psychedelics will not mirror that of cannabis, although one similarity may be rapid industry growth. A byproduct of that growth will be mergers and acquisitions.



As a landlord, it would be nice to have tenants who always pay on time, take care of your property, and provide ample notice before moving out. However, the reality is often very different. When the situation becomes untenable, there’s sometimes no choice but to go through an eviction process.

Fairfax Board Member Rails Against The Dangers Of “Excessive Individualism” In High School Graduation Speech


There has been a great deal of controversy over the graduation address of Fairfax County school board member Abrar Omeish to the Justice High School in Falls Church on June 7th.

Senate unanimously approves bill to make Juneteenth federal holiday


The US Senate unanimously passed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act Tuesday to commemorate the end of slavery in the US by establishing Juneteenth as a legal public holiday.

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The Mexican Senate Disappointed Us By Refusing to Consider Recreational Cannabis Legislation: Here’s What Cannabis Businesses Should Do Now


In my last post I reported the Mexican Senate’s refusal in its just-ended legislative session to address the Supreme Court’s 2018 directive to pass reforms legalizing recreational use of cannabis.

Four most asked questions about probate


Probate involves locating a decedent’s assets, determining its value, paying the dues through the estate funds, and distributing the remaining property among the rightful beneficiaries. The procedure might seem easy and effortless, but in reality, it is both complex and time-taking.

Wisconsin Student Accused Of Arson In Hoax Hate Crime


Viterbo University in Wisconsin has been the scene of protests for months over alleged hate crimes committed on campus. The police however has charged a student, Victoria Unanka, with what it says was a hoax hate crime involving the setting of a fire in her dormitory.

Hungarian parliament adopts bill banning LGBT content in schools


The National Assembly of Hungary adopted Bill Number T/16365 on Tuesday, effectively banning sexual orientation and gender identity related discourse in schools.

California Cannabis Tenant Improvements: Top 7 Issues


Every single business that wants a cannabis license in California needs to buy or lease property, because licenses are tied to properties.

Justices scuttle lawsuit against Nestlé, Cargill for allegedly aiding child slavery abroad


Share The Supreme Court on Thursday threw out a lawsuit alleging that two U.S.-based based companies, Nestlé and Cargill, facilitated human-rights abuses on cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast.

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2021 Distinguished Paralegal Award Winner: Alicia Mitchell-Mercer


Alicia Mitchell-Mercer has been selected to receive the 2021 Distinguished Paralegal Award. The award will be presented at the 2021 NCBA Annual Meeting, which will take place virtually on Thursday and Friday, June 17-18.

Switzerland voters reject three environmental laws


Swiss citizens voted against three environmental laws Sunday, rejecting proposed initiatives that sought to improve their long-term quality of life. The first initiative sought to ensure clean drinking water and healthy food by eliminating subsidies for the use of food pesticides and antibiotics.

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How the FBI Caught the Unabomber

The Crime Report

When FBI agents led a shackled, unkempt Ted Kazcynski out of his Montana cabin in 1996, they brought to an end the longest and most expensive manhunt in the agency’s history.