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Text Analytics, Court Stats, and Privacy


A couple of weeks ago I shared some of “ my problems with pending case statistics ”. Before that, I posted another note regarding an alternative for analyzing criminal justice data. I generally try not to complain about things without having a solution in mind.

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Does ‘Overpolicing’ Social Media Threaten Free Speech?

The Crime Report

Illustration by Jon Bunge via Flickr. The over-policing of social media posts represents a threat to democratic debate, argues University of Florida journalism professor Frank LoMonte. .


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Top 5 Tips: Taking Depositions in a Post-Pandemic World

Attorney at Work

While much of the world stopped last year, depositions didn’t. Cases forged ahead and lawyers scrambled to establish new ways of taking depositions and handling proceedings that, for decades, had been routine.

The New Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill is Here


On Wednesday, a draft bill was released to end America’s federal cannabis prohibition and remove “marijuana” from the Controlled Substances Act. The bill, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), and Sen.

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Building a 5-Star Online Reputation for Your Business

Speaker: Brent Werbeck, GetMoreReviews Co-Founder

Trying to figure out how to turn your happy customer’s comments into 5 star reviews may seem like a daunting task. From internal feedback to Google reviews, what is "really" the way to go? Join Brent Werbeck, Co-Founder of Get More Reviews, in this discussion of how to foster and grow your business's 5-star online reputation.

Human rights groups call to stop Myanmar real estate project on military-owned land


A number of human rights groups have pleaded to Japanese businesses and property developers to terminate a proposed real estate development in Myanmar.

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Western District of Virginia Finds Jurors Accusing Latinx Juror of Applying Mexican Law Doesn't Trigger Pena-Rodriguez

EvidenceProf Blog

Federal Rule of Evidence 606(b) states the following: (b) During an Inquiry into the Validity of a Verdict or Indictment. (1) 1) Prohibited Testimony or Other Evidence. During an inquiry into the validity of a verdict or indictment, a juror may

Laws 130

Sports Leagues and Cannabis Testing: A North American Survey


On June 28, US sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson was suspended for one month by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for using cannabis, effectively disqualifying her from competing in the Olympics.

Sports 160

Update on Arizona Eviction Proceedings – July, 15, 2021

Diane Drain

Arizona Residential Eviction Actions Procedures – effective July 15, 2021.

UN report reveals increased human trafficking due to COVID-19


The UN Office on Drugs and Crime released a report Thursday revealing the negative effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on victims of human trafficking.

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Process Serving Made Easy: Serve in All 50 States Using One Platform

Speaker: PROOF

PROOF has revolutionized service of process. Using our online platform, create serve requests nationwide and receive live updates with mapped verification of each attempt. PROOF’s technology provides users with complete transparency from start to finish.

Sixth Circuit Finds Detective's Statements Didn't Violate Rule 704(a)

EvidenceProf Blog

Federal Rule of Evidence 704(a) provides that An opinion is not objectionable just because it embraces an ultimate issue. So, would it violate this Rule, in a prosecution of a defendant for possessing a firearm after being convicted of a


FREE Webinar – Cannabis in New York: The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act’s Impact on New York City


REGISTER TODAY ! In March of 2021 New York became the 15 th State to legalize recreational cannabis through the passage of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act.

Has your boss fallen out of love with you?


Brutally honest signs there’s trouble in paradise. By Chere B. Estrin. Does this sound familiar? You landed your dream job at a firm that promotes from within, has given you a salary that surpasses anything you have ever received and has all the same values you have ever sought in a position.

CTC2021 Keynote Speaker - Peter Warren Singer Announced


We’re happy to announce this year’s keynote speaker, Peter Warren Singer. Named one of the nation’s 100 leading innovators by Smithsonian Magazine, Singer is a notable influencer, global thinker, and “ mad scientist ” by organizations including Defense News, Foreign Policy, and the U.S.


Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials of Wealth Management

Speaker: Vi Pham, Attorney at Law

Wealth management is a guaranteed practice: as paralegals, it's essential that you know the complexities of wealth management in order to ensure that your client's rights are protected to their fullest extent. Join Vi Pham, Attorney and educator, in this exclusive webinar that will leave you feeling brushed up and ready. This seminar meets the requirements of the NALA Certifying Board for continuing legal education credit required to maintain the CP (Certified Paralegal) credential.

Superior Court of Pennsylvania Holds That Own Witness Impeachment Doesn't Require Surprise or a Hostile Witness

EvidenceProf Blog

Like Federal Rule of Evidence 607, Pennsylvania Rule of Evidence 607(a) provides that Any party, including the party that called the witness, may attack the witness’s credibility. Federal courts have held with regard to own witness impeachment by a prosecutor

Court 130

The California Department of Cannabis Control is Now Live


This week, Governor Newsom took a major step in reforming California’s (pretty tortured) cannabis licensing program by signing into law Assembly Bill 141 , which generally consolidates all cannabis licensing and oversight into the Department of Cannabis Control (“DCC”).

How Civil Asset Forfeiture Turns Authorities into ‘Bounty Hunters’

The Crime Report

Civil asset forfeiture gives police officers the right to seize cash, cars and homes from people who haven’t been convicted of a crime, which is why it’s time to end this exploitative practice by passing laws that prohibit it, argues the USA Today Editorial Board.

Laws 110

Europe rights court rules Russia must recognize same-sex unions


The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Russia has failed to justify the lack of legal acknowledgment for same-sex couples.

Colorado Court of Appeals Finds Fifth Amendment Guarantees the Contemporaneous Advice of Counsel on a Question-by-Question Basis

EvidenceProf Blog

The Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination provides that No person.shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself. So, does the Fifth Amendment also guarantee a testifying witness the contemporaneous advice of counsel — on a

Court 130

Colorado’s New Hemp Rules Suggest A Wave of Comprehensive State Regulations May Be on the Way


While the Food and Drug Administration (the FDA ) continues to drag its feet in forging a legal path for the manufacture, sale, and distribution of hemp-derived products, state regulators are keeping up with the demands of this evolving market and adopting increasingly more nuanced and more sophisticated regulations for these products.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Wrongful Convictions

The Crime Report

A casual reader might see Emily Bazelon’s recent lengthy New York Times Magazine piece “ I Write About the Law. But Could I Really Help Free a Prisoner? ” as just one more in what by now is a long, long parade of exoneration stories. It’s better-written than most.

Fourth Circuit rules laws barring gun sales to persons under 21 unconstitutional


In a split decision on Tuesday a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit held that federal statutes and regulations restricting gun sales to persons 21 years old and older are unconstitutional.

Remote Work Conflict: Mitigation Prevents Litigation


Conflicts for remote workers are more commonplace due to the stressors of working from home and the fact that conflicts are not addressed face-to-face as they arise. Business conflict conflict resolution WFH work from home work from home issues

New York Cannabis: The Town of Riverhead Voted Not to Opt Out (It’s a Big Deal)


As we continue to wait for Governor Andrew Cuomo to nominate a Chairperson for the Cannabis Control Board (CCB), effectively kickstarting the rule making process, a surprising and welcome piece of news came down.

Laws 149

Reducing Violence: Why ‘Simple’ Solutions Won’t Work

The Crime Report

“Libraries, parks, rec centers, pools, free internet — those are all crime prevention activities and resources,” Caterina Roman, Ph.D., a professor of criminal justice at Temple University, told the New York Times last year.

Sudan militia leader committed to trial after ICC confirms charges


The Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a decision on Friday, unanimously confirming all charges against Sudanese militia leader, Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman.

Court 158

5 Unique Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp at Any Age


There are several powerful ways to keep your memory sharp even as you age. Finding unique ways to stimulate your brain can enhance its abilities while ensuring your memory thrives well for the years to come. Positive News crossword writers diet and exercise language Memory Loss music


The Minefield of California Cannabis Labels


Over the last few years, I’ve been asked to review dozens and dozens of mockup cannabis labeling material to see whether they comply with California’s complex cannabis labeling requirements.

Are Mandatory Prison Sentences for Illegal Firearm Possession Necessary?

The Crime Report

When people hear someone has been arrested for being a “felon in possession of a firearm,” they are likely to jump to the conclusion that the person committed a violent offense with a firearm.

Felony 101